Bravada – A Brand New Full Screen WordPress Theme

Our latest WordPress theme – Bravada is just like fine wine. It has a great texture, the amazing color is envied by all others and you get a soft buzz every time you’re using it. And just like wine, only people with great taste will appreciate it at its fullest.

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Esotera is a new, free and colorful WordPress theme

Esotera is our latest, and most likely our best WordPress theme yet. It’s full of color and spunk and you can now check it out for yourselves – Esotera is now available to install from or directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Or, if you’re feeling particularly lazy today, you can just read the post and browse the images. Just remember that an image is worth a thousand words, but a demo has a lot more images.

Nirvana 1.5.2

Changelog: Added shortcodes support in custom footer text Added support for WordPress 5.2 wp_body_open() hook Extended content image border option to apply to Gutenberg inserted images Fixed featured images getting cropped due to overflowing their container in some cases Fixed comments text using fixed line-height value

Roseta – A brand new WordPress theme for 2019

Roseta is a brand new free WordPress theme to get you started in 2019. The theme was supposed to be a nicely wrapped present for you to find under the tree on last year’s Christmas morning but, alas, a few last moment tweaks and improvements delayed things quite a bit. But boy oh boy was it worth it.

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Nirvana 1.5.1(.1) gets the Gutenberg update

Changelog: version Fixed content images something being distorted (since 1.5.1) version 1.5.1 Added ‘nirvana_header_crop’ filter for ‘header’ image size crop position attribute Adjusted general lists bullet styling to improve compatibility with plugins and Gutenberg Adjusted aligned elements styling to improve compatibility with Gutenberg Fixed horizontal ruler (hr) missing styling …

Nirvana 1.5 metamorphosizes

Changelog: Nirvana v1.5 includes structural changes that can result in appearance hiccups on the site when using a child theme. In such cases we strongly recommend taking a look at this forum topic for more information before installing the update. v1.5.0.3 Fixed standards compliance cleanup sometimes breaking some generated CSS …

Nirvana 1.4.5(.1)

Changelog: v1.4.5.1 Fixed a code typo causing WooCommerce sections to fail Fixed comment form center alignment on checkboxes and radio controls Fixed comment form label hiding applying too broadly v1.4.5 Improved slider administration interface by hiding unused fields when slider shortcode is used Improved handling of overflowing images and selects …