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A free and responsive WordPress theme for all tastes

 WordPress Theme

Tempera is a free WordPress theme with a responsive boxed layout.

The theme is also highly customizable with the help of a solid framework of over 200 settings, a very light user interface, responsive elasticity, over 50 fonts, support for all Google fonts and 12 widget areas.

It also packs a customizable landing page with a slider, unlimited columns and WordPress posts. A completely free WordPress theme it also features all post formats, 8 layouts including magazine and blog, 40+ social icons, and much, much more.

Tempera is also a translation-ready and Right-to-Left WordPress theme with full WooCommerce support.

Free WordPress Theme

Free WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme that includes all the features and functionality out of the box, for free. We don't hide half the theme behind a paywall.

Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

With well over one hundred theme customization options it will be a piece of cake* to make it your own.

Up To Date

Up To Date

Constantly updated and upgraded to the latest design trends, web standards and WordPress versions.

Tempera Theme Features

Highly customizable

Hundreds of theme options for almost infinite personalization.

Totally Free

Includes all the features and functionality from start, for free. Just download and install.

Fully Responsive

Our themes use the latest standards for the perfect browsing experience on all mobile devices.

SEO Friendly

Highly optimized theme for search engines by using the right HTML5 tags, microdata and microformats.

Landing Page

Personalize your home page with customizable sliders, boxes, text areas and latest posts

Color Schemes

Jumpstart your site with preset schemes with the broadest color ranges.


Easy link to your favorite social networks and profiles in multiple theme locations.

Google Fonts

Applying any of the 700+ Google Fonts on a theme element is just a copy-paste away.

Page Templates

Create unique looking pages with the help of the theme's many custom page templates.

Translation Ready

Easily translatable theme that fully supports WordPress' language packs.

RTL Language Support

This theme has been thoroughly tested and curated to look perfect with right-to-left languages.

Fast & Lightweight

Front-end resource files are as small and as few as possible and queries are kept to a minimum.

WooCommerce Ready

Our theme has built-in support for the widely used WooCommerce e-commerce plugin.

Free support

Supported by descriptive option hints, collections of theme FAQs, tutorials and an active forum.

Priority support

Backed up by a priority support service that can answer even the darkest of questions.

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Tempera News

Tempera 1.6.0 takes a leap


  • Added Github and TripAdvisor social icons
  • Added styling to disable Chrome’s built-in blue border on focused form elements
  • Added explicit support for WooCommerce 3.0 new product gallery
  • Fixed logo getting cut off at the top on mobile devices
  • Improved options sanitization save procedure
  • Fixed some color options not being protexted to plugin interference
  • Fixed menu items displayed in wrong order on RTL
  • Fixed continue reading button missing on posts with manual excerpts on the Presentation Page
  • Fixed RTL style being enqueued too early
  • Fixed checkbox options cannot be disabled when they default to enabled
  • Fixed using HTML excerpt option disabling continue reading button
  • Deprecated HTML excerpt option and disabled it on new theme installs
  • Improved main menu search box appearance to better fit in
  • Improved formatting of and cleaned up the sanitization code
  • Moved main presentation page code to function
  • Removed the use of individual global options variables and adjusted all functions to use the global options array instead
  • Renamed global $fonts and $socialNetworks variables to use ‘tempera_’ prefix
  • Cleaned up theme-loop.php; renamed several functions for consistency:
        tempera_custom_excerpt_more()   -> tempera_excerpt_morelink()
        tempera_continue_reading_link() -> tempera_excerpt_continuereading_link()
        tempera_auto_excerpt_more()     -> tempera_excerpt_dots()
        tempera_trim_excerpt()          -> tempera_excerpt_html()
        tempera_posted_on()             -> tempera_meta_before()
        tempera_posted_after()          -> tempera_meta_after()
        tempera_author_on()             -> tempera_meta_author()

If you have customized any of these functions in your child theme, you may need to rename them in your code as well.

Tempera 1.5.0/.1/.2 gets a facelift

Tempera receives a well deserved cosmetic update. This update brings lots and lots of small changes, edits and fixes making Tempera an even more gorgeous and stable theme.

This being a pretty big update, you may want to check out the theme’s demo before making the update, just so you know what to expect.

View Changelog



  • Fixed changing ‘mobile’ to ‘temobile’ class to improve plugin compatibility
  • Fixed header widget overlapping site title/logo (due to changes added in 1.5)
  • Fixed notice of missing $post variable in frontpage.php


  • Fixed paragraph indent applying to continue reading button
  • Fixed line height option resetting to smallest value after saving theme options since 1.5.0
  • Fixed headings still using fixed pixel-based values; also relaxed the headings CSS identifier to resolve an overlap with WooCommerce
  • Fixed site title / tagline height issue since 1.5.0


  • Changed defaults: site width, slider sizes, featured image sizes, some default colors (submit and reset inputs and widget titles)
  • Changed titles, headings, metas and menus font sizes and line heights
  • Changed most font size and line height units from px to em
  • Increased padding for site content, metas, pagination, comments, header, footer and other elements
  • Increased the default content left/right padding and the value set for Graphic Section > Content Margins > Padding left/right now also applies between content and sidebars
  • Adjusted the comments’ look, brought back reply arrow animation and fixed the missing nested comments
  • Slightly altered the continue reading button’s design
  • Headings now get their font sizes from the general h1-h6
  • Removed blockquote from the presentation page’s text areas for better shortcut/HTML tags support
  • Removed CSS declarations with old browser prefixes, cleaned up ‘!important’ declarations
  • Changed social icon animations to use CSS instead of JS
  • Altered <code> and <pre> tags design (<code> is now inline)
  • Removed main menu top margin
  • Added support for external sliders in the Presentation Page using shortcodes
  • Renamed .mobile body class to .temobile to avoid styling overlap with plugins
  • Renamed all icon-* classes to crycon-* to avoid styling overlapping with plugins
  • Improved responsiveness
  • Improved RTL support
  • Updated theme screenshot

Tempera 1.4.9 has a good memory


  • Hid mobile menu placeholder when menu visibility disabled on Presentation Page
  • Fixed social icons URL double sanitization (breaking special cases)
  • Fixed automatically generated menu dropdowns inaccessible on mobile devices with WordPress 4.7+
  • Added plugin interference failsafe for color codes in the theme settings
  • Improved menu styling to fix double arrow and extra padding when menu-related plugins are used
  • Added ‘tempera_pp_nosticky’ filter for sticky posts inclusion in Presentation Page posts list

Tempera 1.4.8 slides through


  • Fixed font names with spaces on Safari limitation
  • Added Fitvids on/off option for compatibility
  • Re-bundled de_DE, fr_FR translations due to WordPress’ 90% completeness requirement
  • Improved styling of the search box in main navigation on mobile devices
  • Added filters for slider post-based excerpt length and more text

Tempera 1.4.6/.7 drops some weight



  • Added searchbar options to all 3 menus (top bar, footer and main menu)
  • Merged frontpage CSS into the main CSS
  • Moved inline slider JS scripts from frontpage.php to theme-styles.php and loaded properly
  • All JS scripts are now loaded in the footer
  • Added minified Nivo slider JS
  • Added more specific declaration to comment reply buttons (for increased compatibility with bbPress)


  • Escaped all theme options output
  • Escaped all URLs in theme with esc_url()
  • Escaped all get_bloginfo() instances
  • Updated code to use the_title_attribute() inside HTML attributes

Tempera 1.4.4/.5 feels less important



  • Cleaned up CSS ‘!important’ usage
  • Improved comments display function to take languages with multiple plural forms into account
  • Updated translations


  • Updated TGM-PA
  • Removed input[type=”file”] styling
  • Fixed RTL stylesheet missing in child themes
  • Added implicit label and HTML5 ‘button’ input to search in searchform.php (accessibility)
  • Fixed search aspect on Safari
  • Added screen reader text for breadcrumbs home icon (accessibility)

Verbosa 0.9.4 is LIVE on WordPress.org

Verbosa theme is now LIVE on WordPress.org, ready to download, install, review, preview and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Everything you need to know about the theme is now available in the changelogs.

View Changelog



  • Removed “Category page with intro” template


  • Made all text in About Verbosa page translatable
  • Removed default copyright text
  • Removed front-page-post-form and food-and-drink style.css theme tags
  • Removed inline CSS from verbosa_master_footer()


  • Removed verbosa_socials_menu_preset() function
  • Restored default customizer Colors section
  • Removed constant from translation string (Customizer > About Verbosa)
  • Added text from verbosa_master_footer() and Verbosa Page links to translation
  • Replaced “get_category(get_query_var(‘cat’)” with core “get_queried_ojbect”
  • Removed HTML5Shiv from header.php
  • Escaped all outputs in custom controls from customizer.php
  • Escaped all URLs in theme with esc_url()
  • Escaped get_bloginfo( ‘name’ ) and get_bloginfo( ‘description’ )
  • Escaped all theme options output
  • Updated verbosa.pot


  • Fixed widget titles line not spanning all sidebar
  • Added auto-detection of RSS link in social icons
  • Added margin botton for multi-line socials menu
  • Fixed mobile menu out of frame on narrow screen (<400px), horizontal scroll on chrome, removed .noscroll position:fixed
  • Improved mobile menu animations
  • Fixed colophon flex compatibility with IE9
  • Removed template-blog.php page template, license.txt, bundled masonry.js
  • Improved arhive.php to handle archives, categories and tags (removed category.php and tag.php)
  • Updated Cryout Framework to 0.5.5
  • Rearranged customizer section overrides to account for autofocus issue
  • Improved plugin/child theme styling override support by changing #main ID to .main class
  • Removed social links (and respective scripts) from the admin area
  • Removed import/export settings from admin area
  • Renamed ‘Latest News’ section in admin to ‘Theme Updates’
  • Added unminified resources/js/html5shiv.js
  • Fixed cryout_schema_microdata() call in author info page HTML
  • Renamed _default.pot to verbosa.pot
  • Added WordPress 4.5 site logo support
  • Added second textdomain support for WordPress’ language packs (also deleted languages folder under cryout and removed redundant loading of text domains in admin area)
  • Fixed social menu and turned off social menu locations by default
  • Switched to loading JS files as deferred to improve load speed
  • Switched to using core WordPress ‘jquery-masonry’
  • Removed deprecated style.css tags and added new ones
  • Fixed social icons placement options not refreshing in Customizer
  • Fixed ‘Display Site Title and Tagline’ option not affecting the tagline
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