Serious Slider

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Serious Slider is a highly efficient SEO friendly fully translatable free image slider for WordPress.

Create beautiful, responsive slideshows within seconds. Use minimum styling and JavaScript with hardware accelerated CSS3 transitions to create a really fluid experience. Serious Slider works with all WordPress themes and has been designed to integrate seamlessly with our own selected themes.


  • Create unlimited sliders with unlimited slides. The only limit is your imagination on how to use them.
  • Add titles, texts, buttons and links to each slide. All slide texts support HTML tags and even other shortcodes.
  • Easy to use media button. Effortlessly add slideshows in posts, pages or custom post types via the “Add Slider” media button in the WordPress text editor. Then just select your desired image slider from a dropdown list, no need to remember or copy slider IDs
  • Auto-generated Shortcodes and PHP integration. Use the auto generated shortcode to include slideshows with themes or other plugins. Copy-paste the auto generated PHP code to integrate with custom code.
  • Serious Slider Widget. Display slideshows in sidebars via the provided Serious Slider widget
  • Use multiple sliders in the same page.
  • Familiar admin user interface. Create sliders and slides with the familiarity of managing posts and categories, without having to learn another user interface
  • Lightweight and powerful. Only minimum JavaScript and CSS3 are being loaded on your site
  • Fast slider creation. Create awesome, responsive WordPress slideshows in a matter of seconds
  • Browser compatibility. The image slider looks and behaves great on various devices and browsers
  • 7+ Appearance Styles. Choose from different appearance styles to make the navigation arrows, bullets, buttons and colors match your site.
  • 7+ Transition Effects. Fade, Slide, Overslide, Underslide, Parallax, Horizontal flip and Vertical Flip.
  • 5+ Caption Text Animations. Choose how caption text appears on the slide: Fade, Slide, Blur and Zoom In/Out.
  • Highly customizable. Customize image sizes, timings, text size and alignment, text shadow, background color and accent color.
  • Individual options for each slider. All the customization options and set individually for every slider.
  • Translation ready. Every single line of text in the slider is translatable both in the front-end as well in the back-end. Compatible with multi-language plugins (WPML, qTranslate, PolyLang).
  • SEO friendly. Built with search engines in mind, the slider uses correct HTML semantics.
  • Accessibility ready.
  • Once click demo content. It’s that easy, you’re one click away from a working image slider to get you started.


  • Add individual URLs to target specific pages
  • Add slide buttons with customizable link, link text and “open in new window” option
  • Choose how to make text over images more visible: either add text shadow, multiline text background or full caption background
  • Choose from 7 slider styles, 7 transition effects and 5 caption text animations
  • Customize your slider’s transition duration and delay
  • Choose between auto-height and fixed size for your images
  • Customize your slider’s font size, text alignment, caption size and accent color


  • Our image slider uses WordPress core functionality only, providing you with the familiar WordPress interface for creating both slides and slides.
  • Easily transfer existing slides from one slider to another
  • Schedule slides to automatically become visible at any time in the future.
  • Quickly restore deleted slides from the Trash
  • Use WordPress’ text editor to add HTML content and even shortcodes to your slides
  • Bulk edit slides and sliders