Bravada WordPress Theme

Bravada WordPress Theme
Bravada WordPress Theme

Bravada WordPress Theme

Bravada – the name says it all. It’s a free, highly customizable WordPress theme that’s not afraid of anything. It will look amazing, behave flawlessly and scale to any screen. Bravada goes anywhere, it’s for everyone and everything.

Bravada is clear, clean and simply gorgeous. It has CSS powered animations that will bring your users to their knees. Being designed as mobile-first, it’s as responsive as you’ll ever get.

Everything is customizable!

Everything is customizable!

Being highly customizable, Bravada comes with a plethora of options that will truly make it your own while still being extremely easy to use. Google fonts are supported, and you can also use your own fonts if GPPR is giving you trouble. You can dynamically change every aspect of your fonts for many site elements (size, line height, font styles, etc.).

You have multiple layouts to choose from, the site, content and sidebar widths are also customizable, magazine layouts with masonry are enabled by default, but you can also edit those. Widget areas galore, place your widgets almost anywhere you want, the theme doesn’t discriminate.

Customizable Landing Page

Customizable Landing Page

And then there’s a fully customizable landing page with countless sections including icon blocks, featured boxes, text areas and a slider (you can use our own or paste in a shortcut from any other slider). We also thought about socials and you can choose from a seemingly countless number of socials to populate your site with.

Even more customizability

Even more customizability

Colors are also editable and, if you want, you’ll have a great time making your own color schemes.

Metas like author, date, tags, categories and comments are toggle-able, you can decide which ones to show on blog pages and which ones to show on single pages. Back to top button, post navigation, breadcrumbs and other sections are also toggle-able.

But wait, there's more!

But wait, there's more!

Gutenberg blocks? They feel right at home in our theme! Of course Bravada is also translation ready and Right To Left (RTL) languages are fully supported out of the box.

Oh, and just like with our other themes, the updates will keep on coming, constantly improving and keeping the theme relevant for years to come. Bravada is a WordPress theme for all types of sites out there: blogs, businesses, presentation or photography sites, news or portfolio sites.

There are no limits – there is only Bravada.

eComerce ready

eComerce ready

WooCommerce feels right at home with our theme, we’ve taken all measures to seamlessly integrate it. Product pages, checkout and basket pages, all Woocommerce widgets are fully integrated into the theme so the jump from the theme's pages to WooCommerce will be flawless.

Feature comparison

Main Features
Bravada Plus
€45 EUR / yr
Customize Options Options list is available in the theme documentation.
100+ options
150+ options
Configurable Layouts and Widths Easily customize layouts, content and sidebars widths; magazine layout (masonry bricks) with up to 3 columns per row.
On-page SEO HTML5 tags, microdata and microformats.
Advanced Shortcodes Grid, Tabs, Accordion, Alerts, Buttons, Labels, Well, Lead, Pullquote, Tooltip, Clear, Divider, Map, Icons, Portfolio
Advanced Widgets About, Contact, Socials, Tabbed Featured Content (recent, popular, comments, tags), Featured Posts, Portfolio, Get in Touch
Page Templates Portfolio, Contact, About, Blog, Blank
Related Posts
Individual Layout Options
Pages, posts, search, archives, portfolio, WooCommerce
Page and Post Metas Configurable color, background image and position
Hide/show individual elements (header, main navigation, breadcrumbs, footer widgets, footer)
Portfolio Support Built-in support for Jetpack Portfolios
Testimonials Support Built-in support for Jetpack Testimonials
Landing Page
Bravada Plus
Custom Post Type Companion plugin for the landing page featured elements (icon blocks, featured boxes, text areas) sources
Custom Links Configurable custom links support for all landing page elements
Icon Blocks Sections
Icon Blocks per Section
Up to 4
Up to 9
Featured Boxes Sections
Featured Boxes Layouts
Text Areas Sections
Sections Order Drag & drop interface for reordering landing page sections
Background Colors Individual background color options for all landing page sections
Posts Layout and Filtering Independent layout and filtering options for landing page posts list
Bravada Plus
GPL Licensed, DRM Free Downloaded files are yours to keep
Category Description Advanced Editor WYSWYG editor support for category description
Mobile Menu Responsiveness Breakpoint Configurable responsiveness activation for the main navigation
Article Animations
Script Fields Unfiltered JavaScript input fields for header, body and footer scripts
Options Import/Export Easily backup, migrate and import theme options
Using plugins
Addon Plugins Quickly install and activate companion and suggested plugins
Options Migration Easily migrate options from existing free installation
Customizable Footer Link
Included with
active subscription
Technical Support
In the Forum
Priority Support
€45 EUR / yr

Bravada Theme Features

Highly customizable

Hundreds of theme options for almost infinite personalization.

Totally Free

Includes all the features and functionality from start, for free. Just download and install.

Fully Responsive

Our themes use the latest standards for the perfect browsing experience on all mobile devices.

Constant updates

Our WordPress themes are periodically updated with the latest improvements, additions and fixes.

Maintenance updates

Our themes are updated when necessary to maintain compatibility with new WordPress releases.

SEO Friendly

Highly optimized theme for search engines by using the right HTML5 tags, microdata and microformats.

Landing Page

Personalize your home page with customizable sliders, boxes, text areas and latest posts

Color Schemes

Jumpstart your site with preset schemes with the broadest color ranges.

Configurable Colors

Light or dark, green or yellow, your site's color scheme is completely in your own hands.


Easy link to your favorite social networks and profiles in multiple theme locations.


Left? Right? No sidebar? With the theme's multi-layout personality you've got them all.

Google Fonts

Applying any of the 700+ Google Fonts on a theme element is just a copy-paste away.

Page Templates

Create unique looking pages with the help of the theme's custom page templates.

Translation Ready

Easily translatable theme that fully supports WordPress' language packs.

RTL Language Support

This theme has been thoroughly tested and curated to look perfect with right-to-left languages.

Child Themes

Fully supports child themes for all those extreme customization scenarios.

Clean Code

Find your way around with appropriately named, organized and documented files and functions.


When creating our WordPress themes we use the latest web development standards.

Multilanguage Ready

Built-in support for the most popular multi-language plugins in the repository.

Fast & Lightweight

Front-end resource files are as small and as few as possible and queries are kept to a minimum.

Easy To Use

Completely integrated into WordPress, configuring and customizing the theme is a breeze.

Typography Options

Completely configurable font typefaces, sizes, and styles for all theme elements.

WooCommerce Ready

Our theme has built-in support for the widely used WooCommerce e-commerce plugin.

WooCommerce Optimized

Our theme is optimized for the widely used WooCommerce e-commerce plugin.

Jetpack Portofolio

Showcase your services and products portfolio with the built-in support for Jetpack's Portfolio.

Jetpack Testimonials

Get your satisfied users' voices heard with the built-in support for Jetpack's Testimonials.

Free support

Supported by extensive theme documentation, FAQs, tutorials and an active forum.

Priority support

Backed up by a priority support service that can answer even the toughest of questions.

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Bravada News

Bravada 1.1.2


  • Added ‘bravada_navigation_compat‘ filter to allow overriding the “access” id on menu container and improve uber/mega menu compatibility
  • Improved behaviour of site title and logo with custom height sticky menu bar
  • Rewrote and fixed the content headings accent effect and also added option to control the effect with the previous homepage-only setting being the default by (un)popular demand.
  • Fixed missing YouTube icon in v1.1.1
  • Updated Cryout Framework to v0.8.6.5:
    • Updated rich text schema support for comments
    • Precognitively fixed erroneous white square in customize screen panels with Zynith SEO plugin

Plus changelog:

  • Added links functionality on phones/email in contact template and widget
  • Fixed Plus specific translations not loaded correctly
  • Fixed collapsible panel shortcode being broken due to the content headings accent effect changes in v1.1.1

Bravada 1.1.1 extends her social skills


  • Improved main menu accessibility (tab navigation)
  • Fixed theme reset styling overriding block file buttons
  • Added new social icons: AliPay, Apple, Behance, Bootstrap, Git, Gitlab, Google, Mastodon, Messenger, Microsoft, Teams, Person (simple, circle, square), QR Code, Rumble, Signal, Snapchat, Sourceforge, Substack, Telegram, Threads, Trello, Unity, WhatsApp, Xbox, and one that shall not be named
  • Updated existing social icons: Twitter (X), Facebook, GitHub, Google Play, PayPal, Skype, Stripe, Steam, Spotify, Linkedin, Reddit, YouTube, WordPress (old icons are still available by adding the -old suffix to the classnames)
  • Changed default social icon for tel: links
  • Improved theme defaults to make all default configurable texts translatable

Plus changelog:

  • Added meta option to remove main content background color on individual posts and pages
  • Added search functionality in the icons shortcode editor UI

Bravada 1.1.0 was sculpted


  • Added interactive hint to WordPress’ Homepage Settings panel while using the landing page with a static homepage
  • Added support for displaying descriptions as an intro to category sections
  • Improved support for bare homepage content by removing the minimum height
  • Renamed ‘striped‘ tables option and CSS classname
  • Fixed previous/next post navigation images linking to incorrect posts due to discrepancy in same_term parameters
  • Fixed empty space after slider image when header image / slider is not set to be displayed full-screen
  • Fixed edit button missing on (static) pages
  • Fixed support for longer titles in the title accent position option
  • (Hopefully) fixed comments markup inconsistency on WordPress themes demo
  • Improved accessibility:
    • Hamburger menu / mobile menu toggler
    • Main menu search
    • Back to top button
    • Loading of the built-in icon font
    • Width and height attributes for portfolio images, featured images and testimonials
  • Updated to Cryout Framework
    • Fixed whitespaces in font control title hint due to spaces in markup

Plus changelog:

  • Integrated the Sculpt personality
  • Added separate control option for Featured Image in Header for custom post types (like Jetpack portfolios, WooCommerce products)
  • Added separate section layout option for the 404 page
  • Improved shortcodes styling compatibility with WordPress blocks using the same .row classname
  • Fixed ‘hide title‘ meta option applying too broadly on categories/search results

Bravada 1.0.8


  • Added generated bravada-accent-1/2 and bravada-accent-1/2-bg classnames and bravada-accent-1/2 CSS variables for the main accent colors
  • Improved styling to support more than two banner/slider caption buttons
  • Improved video header centered alignment
  • Improved compatibility with ShiftNav plugin by removing focus interception from buttons
  • Fixed Google fonts always getting enqueued from remote URL regardless of configured font options
  • Fixed page/category titles visibility option not working as expected
  • Fixed header overlay appearing on top of the slider caption when slider appearance style is set to Cryout theme
  • Fixed caption displayed off-screen when slider appearance style is set to Cryout theme
  • Cleaned up some leftover sidebar layout detection code

Bravada 1.0.7(.1)



  • Improved Safari mobile browser detection for iPhones and iPads (for better handling of rendering quirks in social apps)
  • Improved single posts next/previous navigation by limiting links to same taxonomy
  • Updated to Cryout Framework
    • Fixed fatal error on Customize screen due to inconsistent handling of empty categories since WordPress 6.0
    • Fixed ‘Disable’ and ‘All Categories’ options not available in category selector options on sites with no categories defined


  • Added support for using the associated featured images as header images on WooCommerce’s main shop page
  • Extended full screen header image option with homepage only setting
  • Improved compatibility with script name collision in deferring check by increasing specificity
  • Improved compatibility with sub-optimal SSI configurations
  • Fixed featured images using the incorrect width in 3 post columns / left sidebar only configuration
  • Fixed top navigation always displaying default pages menu
  • Fixed main content incorrectly aligned on mobile devices with 3 post columns setting

Bravada 1.0.6(.1)



  • Fixed a notice displayed in some instances related to the header image since 1.0.6
  • Fixed blog homepage sometimes displaying wrong featured image in header since 1.0.6
  • Updated to Cryout Framework
    • Added static blog page detection function (for featured images in header)


  • Added bravada_box_readmore filter for landing page featured boxes read more texts
  • Added support for using the associated featured images as header images on the static home and blog pages
  • Renamed Singe Post Titles options to Header Titles for clarity
  • Fixed portfolio type lists displaying slugs instead of properly formatted names
  • Fixed shortcodes being processed twice on landing page featured boxes read more fields
  • Fixed landing page banner image not horizontally centred on very wide screens when not set to be displayed full-screen
  • Fixed header title animation glitch on very specific Safari versions
  • Updated to Cryout Framework
    • Added Polylang support for featured boxes category filtering (thanks to espasso)
    • Improved PHP 8.0 compatibility

Bravada 1.0.5


  • Fixed menu in over-image mode overlapping content when header image is not available
  • Added configuration hint for header image when the theme’s slider / banner image is active on the homepage
  • Added visibility control options for byline on single posts and post lists
  • Fixed site title accent option not being visible when only site title is displayed
  • Fixed ‘lighter’ font weight typo
  • Added ability to hide when navigation area is empty to the main menu toggler
  • Added support for anchor (or empty) links in main navigation
  • Fine tuned header socials alignment
  • Fixed to-top button position when configured to be displayed in the footer and its display/hide animation
  • Fixed alignment classes no longer working for some block elements due to their styling removal from WordPress 5.7
  • Improved single posts fixed next/previous navigation by moving it to hookable bravada_fixed_nav_links() function and limiting link to same taxonomy
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Bravada Plus Stats

  • Current Version: 1.1.2
  • Last Updated: 14 Jul 2024

Bravada Stats

  • Current Version: 1.1.2
  • Last Updated: 13 Jul 2024
  • Rating: 
  • Downloads: 376 889
  • Active installs: 20 000+

Bravada Support

  • Support Status: Active
  • This theme is actively maintained and new updates are released periodically to add new features, improve existing functionality and to fix issues or incompatibilities.