Anima Plus – A brand new premium theme

Anima Plus WordPress Theme

Anima gets bitten by a radioactive spider… and so Anima Plus is born. And Anima Plus is bigger and better in almost every way. It has all the features and extra functionality that the free version simply couldn’t handle. All these great features and powers… but at what cost? Find out on theme’s page.

Because when Anima gets into a phone-booth and takes off her thick framed glasses she becomes a super theme – Anima Plus. And she has amazing super powers like theme-specific shortcodes, advanced widgets, page templates and portfolios.


Anima Plus - A Highly Customizable WordPress Theme


And when those powers aren’t enough, she puts on her cape and brings out an array of powerful gadgets. Gadgets such as a bigger and sortable landing page, page/post specific metas and related posts section. Her utility belt includes other secret weapons such as mobile menu responsiveness breakpoint, script and analytics fields, a new admin page and more.

You wouldn’t like to see Anima when she’s angry. But you’d sure like to see her when she’s a Plus: so take a look at it in the theme demo. Or get get all the necessary info on the new and updated (now with a Buy button) theme page.

Have fun and remember, with a great theme comes great responsiveness!

Anima is a highly customizable WordPress theme created for both personal and business sites. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Wow! I’m a user of Anima (free edition) in China. This is the most beautiful theme I’ve ever meet, it offers some very useful customization which benefits me a lot. I really love Anima, and I can’t wait to see more features in the future! Really a good artwork, Anima makes me love WordPress again (You know, WordPress is sometimes too complex to use, but Anima makes me feel easy again!). Well, this is my first time writing comment, aha. Thanks to Anima and your excellent team!

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