Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • Priority Support

    • Footer Link Removal for one theme
    • 1 Year Priority Support for one theme
    • Unlimited theme updates
    • A warm and fuzzy feeling
    • More goodies to come
  • Developer Club

    • Footer Link Removal for all themes
    • 1 Year Priority Support for all themes
    • Unlimited theme updates
    • Support and early access for our future themes
    • A warmer and fuzzier feeling
    • More goodies to come

What does Priority Support include?

Topics covered under priority technical support include (but are not limited to):

  • priority 24 hours answer time (usually 1-4 hours during our work hours)
  • theme features, options and functionality guidance
  • information on how to configure theme options to obtain a particular result
  • testing and identifying possible reported bugs in the theme and providing a temporary solution (when possible) until the issue (if confirmed) is corrected in the theme
  • testing and identifying possible compatibility conflicts with third party plugins and providing a temporary solution (when possible) until the issue (if confirmed and possible) is corrected in the theme
  • suggestions of plugins for specific functionality (when available)
  • simple (several lines of code) styling customizations
  • simple (several lines of code) functionality tweaks
  • simple (several lines of code) page templates
  • providing a base child theme

Support is provided via email only and is handled through our ticketing system.

What does Priority Support not include?

Technical support is not a customization service. As a result, technical support does not include:

  • extensive code/styling customizations for your site
  • customizing the theme to fit your design specifications (beyond the limits mentioned above)
  • customizing the theme to compensate for issues created by a third party extension
  • writing custom child themes, plugins or extensions
  • adding new theme functionality, options or controls for a particular site

These services can be provided through our separate customization service. For an estimate on a custom work project,

contact us

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit and debit cards through our PayPal and 2Checkout payment processors.



*For subscription services (like our Club Membership) PayPal requires an account – you can create one at the moment of payment.

Purchased Premium Support before August 2016?

If you have made a payment for premium support before August 2016, to migrate past purchases and gain access to the link removal information we’ll need you to register for an account and order the free ‘Premium Support Migration’ service (by clicking the button below). You will not need to make a payment.

Request Migration

Please include any helpful information (such as the name, email, company name – if different; payment date or a previous ticket number) that will help us in identifying previous payment(s) in the order’s Additional Information field.

We will manually process and migrate previously purchased support services to your account in up to 5 work days. You will receive an automated confirmation email once the procedure is complete. We may contact you for further information.

Migrating the premium support service will restore access to the link removal child theme and instructions information, but not to the support system. The restore access to the support system you will need to renew your support subscription.

Renew support subscription

We also provide free support in our forums.