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A sharp WordPress theme with Sci-Fi graphics

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Parabola has a huge assortment of theme settings that enable you to take a fully responsive, clean and elegant design to even newer heights.

A greatly customizable WordPress theme, everything about Parabola is highly editable to suit your every need. You can customize all text and background colors, font families and sizes, site widths and layouts. You can also show or hide various elements of the theme’s design and choose from over 30 social media icons.

Harnessing the power of HTML5 and CSS3 you will enjoy a great design, subtle animations, a great landing page fully equipped with a slider, columns and text sections, all with HTML tags and shortcode support.

The totally free WordPress theme also includes other goodies such as post formats, Google fonts, magazine and blog layouts, 8 widget areas, translation-ready text, WooCommerce support and much more.

Free WordPress Theme

Free WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme that includes all the features and functionality out of the box, for free. We don't hide half the theme behind a paywall.

Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

With well over one hundred theme customization options it will be a piece of cake* to make it your own.

Up To Date

Up To Date

Constantly updated and upgraded to the latest design trends, web standards and WordPress versions.

Parabola Theme Features

Highly customizable

Hundreds of theme options for almost infinite personalization.

Totally Free

Includes all the features and functionality from start, for free. Just download and install.

Fully Responsive

Our themes use the latest standards for the perfect browsing experience on all mobile devices.

Landing Page

Personalize your home page with customizable sliders, boxes, text areas and latest posts

Color Schemes

Jumpstart your site with preset schemes with the broadest color ranges.


Easy link to your favorite social networks and profiles in multiple theme locations.

Google Fonts

Applying any of the 700+ Google Fonts on a theme element is just a copy-paste away.

Translation Ready

Easily translatable theme that fully supports WordPress' language packs.

RTL Language Support

This theme has been thoroughly tested and curated to look perfect with right-to-left languages.

WooCommerce Ready

Our theme has built-in support for the widely used WooCommerce e-commerce plugin.

Free support

Supported by extensive theme documentation, FAQs, tutorials and an active forum.

Priority support

Backed up by a priority support service that can answer even the toughest of questions.

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Parabola News

Parabola 2.4.1 is late to the party


  • Added site title text on header image title and alt attributes
  • Added support for locally embedded custom fonts and improved handling font inheritance between options
  • Improved inner paragraphs spacing in blockquotes
  • Improved breadcrumbs section detection to fix invalid breadcrumbs on non-home blog page
  • Improved handling of posts without featured images when generating the presentation page posts-based columns and slider
  • Improved inner-content padding/margin/border styling support for custom post types
  • Fixed header image non-clickable on mobile devices (since 2.2.2)
  • Fixed Notice: Undefined index: WP_Widget_Recent_Comments in includes/theme-comments.php with WP CLI
  • Fixed PHP 8.1 deprecation notice in includes/theme-comments.php
  • Fixed PHP 8.1 deprecation notice in includes/theme-styles.php

Parabola 2.4.0 cooperates



  • Fixed Google fonts not working in 2.4.0


  • Fixed tables hide option not disabling all borders
  • Fixed sidebar links color options not working
  • Fixed parabola_nextpage_links() defined twice
  • Fixed Fitvids sometimes interfering with Masonry layout
  • Fixed color picker not working and rendered inline in the settings
  • Fixed top menu accent triangles misplaced when a background color is used for the menu
  • Fixed settings tooltips unreadable due to jQuery UI transparency and color changes since WordPress 5.6
  • Fixed jQuery functions deprecation warnings from jQuery 3.5 update brought by WordPress 5.6
  • Fixed mobile menu dropdowns not working correctly with jQuery 3.5
  • Fixed jQuery functions deprecation warning in bundled NivoSlider
  • Fixed jQuery undefined functions errors with WordPress 5.7
  • Fixed admin page styling applies outside its elements (on media upload form)
  • Added required extra sanitization and tested up to/required PHP headers
  • Added parabola_mainnav_id and parabola_mainnav_class filters to ease support for mega menu plugins
  • Updated bundled FitVids script to v1.1.0
  • Cleaned up some unused code and moved some settings page code to the companion Serious Settings plugin (in v0.5.12)
  • Removed legacy favicon functionality completely as this is no longer allowed in repository themes
  • Rewrote theme styles enqueue code to use current WordPress standards – this can result in styles loading in incorrect order if you’re using a child theme with old code and may require updating the child theme – see this forum thread for more info

Bravada – A Brand New Full Screen WordPress Theme

Our latest WordPress theme – Bravada is just like fine wine. It has a great texture, the amazing color is envied by all others and you get a soft buzz every time you’re using it. And just like wine, only people with great taste will appreciate it at its fullest.

Follow us after the jump to find out more!

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Parabola 2.3.2(.1/.2)



  • Added support for WordPress 5.2 wp_body_open() hook
  • Extended content image border option to apply to Gutenberg inserted images


  • Fixed a typo in functions.php that caused unexpected output in v2.3.2


  • Added shortcodes support in the custom footer text field
  • Fixed featured images not being responsive in post excerpts
  • Fixed some fonts not being selectable in the Typography options
  • Fixed comment paragraphs lacking margins

Parabola 2.3.1 conspires with Gutenberg


  • Added ‘parabola_header_crop’ filter for ‘header’ image size crop position attribute
  • Adjusted general lists bullet styling to improve compatibility with plugins and Gutenberg
  • Improved large images support in sidebars
  • Gutenberg editor tweaks and improvements:
    • Improved list appearance in blocks
    • Improved horizontal ruler (hr) styling to work with Gutenberg
    • Adjusted aligned elements styling to improve compatibility with Gutenberg
    • Fixed captions alignment and sizing in Gutenberg blocks
    • Fixed block galleries margins
    • Fixed cover image blocks text appearance

Septera Plus – our latest premium WordPress theme

Septera Plus brings loads of pure awesomeness to a theme that was already brimful with awesome. All the features that were not allowed for themes hosted on have now found their way into the premium version of theme!

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Anima Plus – A brand new premium theme

Anima gets bitten by a radioactive spider… and so Anima Plus is born. And Anima Plus is bigger and better in almost every way. It has all the features and extra functionality that the free version simply couldn’t handle.

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Parabola 2.3.0


  • Added WooCommerce breadcrumbs support
  • Improved ‘comments moderated’ text positioning
  • Improved slider captions by making the slides clickable through the captions
  • Improved slider administration interface by hiding unused fields when slider shortcode is used
  • Changed default excerpt ellipsis value to avoid settings page issues on some servers
  • Cleaned up use of obsolete constants
  • Fixed moderated comments not being displayed
  • Fixed quantity input being too short for double digits with WooCommerce 3.3+
  • Fixed create_function() deprecation usage notifications in widgets.php with PHP 7.2+
  • Fixed comment form fields center alignment on checkboxes and radio controls
  • Fixed theme’s column widgets cannot be saved after selecting a different image
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Parabola Stats

  • Current Version: 2.4.1
  • Last Updated: 31 Dec 2023
  • Rating: 
  • Downloads: 634 461
  • Active installs: 10 000+

Parabola Support

  • Support Status: Legacy
  • This theme receives updates on a reduced cycle to address freshly discovered issues or incompatibilities with new WordPress versions. New feature or new functionality updates are not actively planned. Priority support and link removal are still available.