Cryout Serious Theme Settings

This plugin is designed to inter-operate with our Mantra, Parabola, Tempera, Nirvana themes and restore their advanced settings pages which we had to remove due to the Customize-based settings enforcement.

Additionally, it returns the themes’ settings pages to working condition in older Mantra, Parabola and Tempera version on WordPress 4.4-RC1 and newer.

It is provided as a free download for everyone using our themes to restore the theme configuration ability. The plugin is compatible with all the mentioned themes and can be installed only once no matter which theme is used.


Customizer-based settings

The plugin will reactivate the settings page in the following theme releases:

  • Mantra version 2.5 and newer
  • Parabola version 1.6 and newer
  • Tempera version 1.4 and newer
  • Nirvana version 1.2 and newer

You can read more about the mandatory Customizer-based settings and our decision in this announcement.

WordPress 4.4

On WordPress 4.4-RC1 and newer it will restore the settings pages to working condition in:

  • Parabola versions 0.9 – 1.5.1
  • Tempera versions 0.9 – 1.3.3
  • Mantra versions 2.0 –

You can read more about the WordPress 4.4 compatibility issue in this announcement.


You do not need this plugin if you do not use one of the listed themes.