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Arcanum is a fresh and colourful child theme which expands on the already superb Esotera.

The plethora of features and timeless love for gradients are still here, with a little twist.

Responsiveness, Search Engine Optimization, a light framework and WooCommerce support are the pillars on which great design and clean typography flourish. And as always, the level of customization is unmatched.

Free WordPress Theme

Free WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme that includes all the features and functionality out of the box, for free. We don't hide half the theme behind a paywall.

Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

With well over one hundred theme customization options it will be a piece of cake* to make it your own.

Up To Date

Up To Date

Constantly updated and upgraded to the latest design trends, web standards and WordPress versions.

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Arcanum News

Bravada – A Brand New Full Screen WordPress Theme

Our latest WordPress theme – Bravada is just like fine wine. It has a great texture, the amazing color is envied by all others and you get a soft buzz every time you’re using it. And just like wine, only people with great taste will appreciate it at its fullest.

Follow us after the jump to find out more!

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Reservoir – a bigger, bolder and rounder Fluida

Bigger is always better. And rounder is always smoother. And Reservoir is both of those things. And as Fluida’s second child theme, Reservoir is taking things into a new direction, making all of Fluida’s thin lines and curves wider and rounder. Check it out!

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Arcanum – Our second official child theme

Arcanum is an official child theme for our latest WordPress theme – Esotera. It retains all the features and settings from Esotera as well as its everlasting love for gradients, adding just a bit more… roundness.

We cut no corners with this child theme; we rounded them. We also changed the default color scheme and fonts, and changed the look of articles on blog pages. Quite a few other changes are present but they’re all minor and style related.

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Esotera 1.1.0/.1



  • Fixed extra top margin on body when no header image is used
  • Improved fixed mobile menu functionality to only execute when fixed menu option is enabled
  • Fixed mobile side menu close button not usable in some instances since 1.1.0
  • Fixed some landing page elements missing effects on older Edge releases due to :focus-within changes in 1.1.0


  • Fixed paragraphs indentation option not working
  • Fixed boxes ratio issue
  • Added esotera_header_image and esotera_header_image_url filters to allow custom control over featured images in header functionality
  • Fixed breadcrumbs missing link on home icon on WooCommerce pages
  • Added option to disable default pages navigation and improved mobile menu functionality to hide toggler when main navigation is empty
  • Fixed wp_body_open action hook support for WordPress versions older than 5.2
  • Improved main navigation usability on tables by adding the option to force the mobile menu activation
  • Fixed Gutenberg lists displaying bullets outside of content on landing page sections
  • Improved list bullets styling in landing page text areas
  • Improved dark color schemes support for HTML select elements
  • Added visibility on scroll functionality on the fixed menu on mobile devices
  • Improved mobile menu dark color schemes support by using non-link texts to use the configured menu text color
  • Updated fixed menu styling to account for WordPress admin bar responsiveness breakpoints changes
  • Improved keyboard navigation accessibility:
    • Added skip to content link
    • Added focus support for post featured images, landing page featured boxes, landing page portfolio, main navigation search form
    • Converted menu close element to button
  • Added support for future official child themes
  • Updated to Cryout Framework
    • Optimized options migration check to reduce calls
    • (Finally?) fixed ‘Too few arguments’ warning in breadcrumbs on Polylang multi-lingual sites
    • Removed news feed from theme’s about page per TRT requirements

Esotera 1.0.0


  • Added option to enable/disable the static slider title animation
  • Fixed sub-submenus under-menu indicators being always visible on the right margin
  • Fixed sub-submenus having an extra bottom border
  • Fixed items with sub-menus having no right padding
  • Fixed hamburger menu button in the main navigation not being clickable in some cases
  • Updated style.css description

Esotera is a new, free and colorful WordPress theme

Esotera is our latest, and most likely our best WordPress theme yet. It’s full of color and spunk and you can now check it out for yourselves – Esotera is now available to install from or directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Or, if you’re feeling particularly lazy today, you can just read the post and browse the images. Just remember that an image is worth a thousand words, but a demo has a lot more images.

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Arcanum Stats

  • Current Version: 1.0.0
  • Last Updated: 16 Oct 2019
  • Rating: 
  • Downloads: 18 815
  • Active installs: 1 000+