Mystic – A colorful new child theme

Built with design in mind, Mystic will attract your users with great use of color, curves, lines and shadows while tasteful animations will enhance the browsing experience.

Esotera 1.2.3/.4

Changelog: v1.2.4 Added configuration hint for header image when the theme’s slider / banner image is active on the homepage …

Esotera 1.2.2

Changelog: Added lazy loading for featured images and landing page elements Optimized frontend.js structure Improved preloader handling when JavaScript is …

Bravada – A Brand New Full Screen WordPress Theme

Our latest WordPress theme – Bravada is just like fine wine. It has a great texture, the amazing color is envied by all others and you get a soft buzz every time you’re using it. And just like wine, only people with great taste will appreciate it at its fullest.

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Arcanum – Our second official child theme

Arcanum is an official child theme for our latest WordPress theme – Esotera. It retains all the features and settings from Esotera as well as its everlasting love for gradients, adding just a bit more… roundness.

Esotera 1.0.0

Changelog: Added option to enable/disable the static slider title animation Fixed sub-submenus under-menu indicators being always visible on the right …