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What does Priority Support include?

Topics covered under priority technical support include (but are not limited to):

  • priority 24 hours answer time (usually 1-4 hours during our work hours)
  • theme functionality guidance
  • advice and suggestions on how to configure theme options to obtain a particular result
  • testing and identifying possible reported bugs in the theme and providing a temporary solution (if possible) until the issue (if confirmed) is corrected in the theme
  • testing and identifying possible compatibility conflicts with third party plugins and providing a temporary solution (if possible) until the issue (if confirmed and possible) is corrected in the theme
  • suggestions of plugins for specific functionality (if available)
  • simple (several lines of code) styling customizations
  • simple (several lines of code) functionality tweaks
  • simple (several lines of code) page templates
  • providing a base child theme

Support is provided via email (and is handled by our ticketing system).

What does Priority Support not include?

Technical support is not a customization service. As a result, under technical support we don’t:

  • provide extensive code/styling customizations for your site
  • customize the theme to fit your design specifications (beyond the limits mentioned above)
  • customize the theme to compensate for issues created by a third party extension
  • write custom child themes, plugins or extensions
  • add new theme functionality, options or controls for your particular site

These services can be provided through our separate customization service. For an estimate, use the custom work form to contact us.

Additionally, the following tasks do not fall under our theme support service (this list is not exhaustive):

  • general WordPress functionality and issues (eg: configuration, moving, URLs, password recovery, user management)
  • third party plugins functionality and issues
  • server issues (white pages, errors in the logs or on-site that do not include a theme filename)
  • SEO / content sharing (meta titles, descriptions, keywords, the site’s appearance in social services – Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

For such activities we offer a separate monthly WordPress maintenance and support service.