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Access to the support system requires an active Priority Support subscription, Plus theme license or Developer or Creator Club membership.

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What does Priority Support include?

Topics covered under our priority technical support include (but are not limited to):

  • priority 24 hours answer time (faster during our work hours: 10:00 – 18:00 UTC+2)
  • guidance for theme features, options and functionality
  • advice on how to configure theme options to obtain a particular result
  • test and identify possible reported bugs in the theme and (where possible) provide a temporary solution until the possible issue is corrected in the theme
  • verify compatibility conflicts with third party plugins and provide (where possible) a temporary solution until the issue is corrected in the theme
  • advice on plugins for specific functionality
  • simple (up to 10 lines of code) styling tweaks
  • simple (up to 10 lines of code in up to 3 files) functionality tweaks
  • simple (several lines of code) page templates
  • a base child theme

Support is provided via email only and is handled through our ticketing system.

What does Priority Support not include?

Our technical support is not a customization service. As a result, technical support does not cover:

  • customizing the theme to fit your design or functionality specifications
  • customizing the theme to compensate or correct for issues created by a third party extension, hosting limits or old WordPress versions
  • writing custom child themes, plugins or code
  • adding new theme functionality, options or controls for a particular site

These services can be provided through our separate customization service. For an estimate on a custom project:

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