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A modern and grid based WordPress theme

 WordPress Theme

Fluida is a modern, crystal clear and squeaky clean HTML5/CSS3 WordPress theme. It shines bright with a fluid and responsive layout and carries under its hood a light and powerful framework with over 100 customizer theme settings that enable full control of your site.

All the theme’s graphics are created using HTML5, CSS3 and icon fonts so it’s extremely fast to load. It’s also SEO ready, using microformats and Google readable Schema.org microdata.

Also included with the theme are icon fonts, 100+ social icons, 3 menus, 6 widget areas, 8 page templates, all post formats, SEO, translation and RTL ready, using microformats and Google readable Schema.org microdata.

If you want to take things further via a child theme you’ll find clean code, either hookable or pluggable functions with clear descriptions and over 25 action hooks ready for action.

Free WordPress Theme

Free WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme that includes all the features and functionality out of the box, for free. We don't hide half the theme behind a paywall.

Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

With well over one hundred theme customization options it will be a piece of cake* to make it your own.

Up To Date

Up To Date

Constantly updated and upgraded to the latest design trends, web standards and WordPress versions.

Fluida Theme Features

Highly customizable

Hundreds of theme options for almost infinite personalization.

Totally Free

Includes all the features and functionality from start, for free. Just download and install.

Fully Responsive

Our themes use the latest standards for the perfect browsing experience on all mobile devices.

Constant updates

Our WordPress themes are periodically updated with the latest improvements, additions and fixes.

SEO Friendly

Highly optimized theme for search engines by using the right HTML5 tags, microdata and microformats.


Easy link to your favorite social networks and profiles in multiple theme locations.

Google Fonts

Applying any of the 700+ Google Fonts on a theme element is just a copy-paste away.

Page Templates

Create unique looking pages with the help of the theme's many custom page templates.

Translation Ready

Easily translatable theme that fully supports WordPress' language packs.

Clean Code

Find your way around with appropriately named, organized and documented files and functions.

Free support

Supported by descriptive option hints, collections of theme FAQs, tutorials and an active forum.

Priority support

Backed up by a priority support service that can answer even the darkest of questions.

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Fluida News

Fluida 1.3.1(.1) learns srcsets

Fluida 1.3.1 includes an important improvement concerning responsiveness – the theme now uses srcset attributes to improve featured images responsiveness. Read more for the full changelog.

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  • Changed H1 to H2 in the static slider
  • Fixed post titles wrong size in the landing page posts list (since 1.3.1)
  • Added site title always present in the source of the site (for SEO purposes)
  • Fixed WordPress’ “Display Site Title and Tagline” option not hiding tagline


  • Added srcset support for featured images and two additional featured image sizes to improve responsiveness and cross-device compatibility
  • Added colour option for the H1-H4 content headings
  • Extended Featured Image Alignment option to apply to all featured image crop variants added by the new srcset feature
  • Slightly adjusted headings font sizes generator function and added separate distinct styling for h5 and h6
  • Increased page/post titles default value to 250% and made post titles in page list 60 units smaller
  • Fixed responsive styling arranging footer widgets in two columns even when option was set to one column
  • Added site title accent position option
  • Fixed pages manual excerpts not working and added support for <!–nextpage–> tag in icon blocks
  • Fixed search results showing meta information for pages
  • Fixed floats in content not clearing properly
  • Updated Cryout Framework to v0.6.4
  • Updated translation files

Fluida 1.3.0 brings self containment


  • Improved landing page behaviour for the contained and wide theme layouts
  • Added support for <!–more–> tag in landing page text area pages
  • Fixed author pages displaying broken titles in certain cases
  • Added landing page slider shortcode field to translatable fields in WPML / Polylang
  • Made header video centered on wide layouts
  • Removed wp_kses() filtering from landing page blocks, boxes and texts titles/contents
  • Extended fitVids status option to add separate control for mobile devices
  • Improved content_width internal handling to take layouts into account (for better handling of embedded media sizing)

Fluida 1.2.8(.1) learns new tricks



  • Fixed header image visible on landing page after the addition of video header support


  • Fixed colophon margins and border on left layouts
  • Added WordPress 4.7 video header support
  • Fixed main menu enlarging when set to fixed and a shorter height than the resized on
  • Fixed icon blocks customizer controls not displaying the icons in Chrome / Safari
  • Adjusted the landing page block/text areas title and text retrieval functions to work with qTranslate
  • Fixed missing pagination on Category page with intro template
  • Fixed breadcrumbs and content padding padding on Category page with intro template
  • Updated theme screenshot

Fluida 1.2.7 is in good shape


  • Fixed previous/next navigation links appearing on the Landing Page
  • Added disable functionality to landing page box excerpt by settings excerpt length to zero
  • Added disable functionality to landing page box read more button by letting the label field empty
  • Added alt attribute on featured images and header image
  • Fixed hardcoded line height in the theme’s style
  • Improved menu styling for compatibility with menu-related plugins
  • Added shortcode functionality on all landing page text fields for compatibility with qTranslate (thanks Jari)
  • Fixed naming inconsistencies in social icons classnames
  • Added fluida_thumbnail_image_width/fluida_thumbnail_image_height, fluida_featured_image_width/fluida_featured_image_height filters on the registered image sizes
  • Fixed comment icon misalignment, extra padding on date and author layout on RTL

Fluida 1.2.6 sobers up


  • Added ‘disabled’ option for icon blocks content
  • Fixed blocks/boxes excerpts issue due to incompatibility with plugins that added custom content filters
  • Added extra font values for general font option
  • Fixed CSS inconsistencies in fontfaces.css
  • Removed alt attribute from header logo anchor
  • Fixed masonry posts order on RTL
  • Extra RTL fixes: posts read more button animation, customizer maximize arrow direction, customizer maximized sidebar wrong margin on RTL, landing page box read more arrow animation, landing page read more posts button icon position
  • Added menu walker to support social menu elements classes
  • Updated Cryout Framework to version 0.6.3

Fluida 1.2.5 is all grown up


  • Added structured markup data
  • Redesigned the mobile menu
  • Updated Cryout Framework to 0.6.2
  • Adjusted customizer panels for compatibility with WordPress 4.7
  • Fixed Google fonts with weights and subsets simultaneous usage
  • Added Custom CSS hint for WordPress 4.7
  • Fixed main navigation search icon out of line with menu items and social icons
  • Added auto-scroll option in the Miscellaneous section
  • Fixed anchor links scrolling when fixed menu is used
  • Made breadcrumbs function pluggable again
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