Nirvana 1.6(.1/.2) rises from its ashes



  • Fixed missing Fitvids conditionality check causing videos to be enlarged on desktop browsers as well
  • Restored ‘entry-content’ class on ‘pp-afterslider’ container to restore missing styling on presentation page elements since 1.6.0


  • Added Skip to Content link
  • Added underline to content links
  • Added keyboard navigation to main menu and mobile menu


  • Added comment labels/placeholder option (to improve compatibility with comments-related plugins)
  • Added nirvana_mainnav_id and nirvana_mainnav_class filters to ease support for mega menu plugins
  • Added required extra sanitization and tested up to/required PHP headers
  • Added site title text on header image title attribute
  • Cleaned up some unused code and moved some settings page functionality to the companion Serious Settings plugin (v0.5.13)
  • Updated bundled FitVids script to v1.1.0
  • Fixed color picker not working and rendered inline in the settings
  • Fixed settings tooltips unreadable due to jQuery UI transparency and color changes since WordPress 5.6
  • Fixed jQuery functions deprecation warnings from jQuery 3.5 update brought by WordPress 5.6
  • Fixed mobile menu dropdowns not working correctly with jQuery 3.5
  • Fixed jQuery functions deprecation warning in bundled NivoSlider
  • Fixed jQuery undefined functions errors with WordPress 5.7
  • Fixed admin page styling applies outside its elements (on media upload form)
  • Fixed general font selector including itself
  • Fixed header elements line height discrepancy when header image is set to maintain ratio
  • Fixed linked images with captions sometimes not being clickable
  • Fixed presentation page hint link invalid with subfolder WordPress installs
  • Removed built-in JS/styling protection, variables count and jQuery version alerts from settings page code
  • Removed legacy favicon functionality completely as this is no longer allowed in repository themes
  • Removed <head> title backwards compatibility
Nirvana is a customizable and responsive WordPress theme, with both wide and boxed layouts. For more info check out the theme's page.

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