New site and other goodies

Our site has received a major overhaul. It has a brand new look, a new static front page, new theme pages and a lot more.

Everything is a lot more user friendly and things like support and theme information are a lot easier to find. Check it out if you haven’t already.

Nirvana 1.2.5 has another déjà-vu

Yes, you are seeing right – two Nirvana updates in (about) two weeks – such a quick release cycle hasn’t happened in a while. This must be due to the warmth helping code move around and settle itself faster (as it’s almost summer for us here in the northern hemisphere).

For the full list of changes…

Nirvana 1.2.4 learns new things about microformats

While the school year is coming to an end, learning time is never over for Nirvana.

This is a maintenance update which improves microformats support, adds new theme tags (and removes old ones) and fixes several CSS and content issues. For the full list of changes…

Nirvana 1.2.3 gets along with notifications

Although new blood is in town, Nirvana still strides to stay ahead and updated. As such, 1.2.3 made a quick pass to drop in the latest improvements and fixes.

This round: better caching handling, better notices handling, some easier styling customization, some missing stickies, some homepage and functionality usage clarifications…

Nirvana 1.2(.1/.2) loses part of its soul

The saddest moment in Nirvana’s life has come: the settings page – it’s gone! Due to higher forces that are beyond our control, the theme has just lost part of her soul.

However, do not panic. We have prepared for this moment and set up an alternative solution. As we have previously announced, we decided to retain the settings page functionality and move it to the separate Cryout Serious Theme Settings plugin.