Mantra 2.4 celebrates 4 years of existence

It’s a time for joy and celebration, not just because a new Mantra update is here to correct and improve some long outstanding issues but also because this month, 4 years ago, our little Mantra opened its digital eyes and met with the Wordpress repository for the very first time. And boy what I ride it has been since…

Mantra is now 4 years old and although her little sisters are starting to surpass her, she’s still older, wiser and still has a few issues up her sleeves.

One of the most important changes in the latest update is the removal of shortcodes. The keep the [mantra] or [cryout] shortcodes working on your site, we’ve moved this functionality to a separate plugin…

Mantra 2.3.4 still breathes

Yes, it is still alive! Despite such a long break in releases (the longest break yet), Mantra still has some breaths left.

One of these breaths is the 2.3.4 update, bringing the eagerly awaited (and fiercely requested) social icons bugfix (bug kindly bundled by yours truly with the previous update).

Mantra 2.3.3 stays in line

Mantra receives a small maintenance update, tweaking and changing things here and there.

The most noteworthy thing related to the 2.3.3 update (but not part of the update itself) is the corrupt Mantra archive lurking around on Wordpress’ servers. One of its evil purposes is to leave your pages content-less (but be ready for other nasty surprises as well). The fix?

Tempera is LIVE and waiting for you!

For all those of you that find it too much of a hustle to download and manually install themes, well, our latest theme Tempera is now live on so you’re really just a click away from it.

For those that manually installed it, you can now update to the latest version. Join us after the jump for the changelog and the LIVE celebration.

Mantra 2.3.2 is retracing its steps

Mantra has second thoughts and decided to redo two of the changes it has already done, but in a different way. Additionally, it fixed some responsiveness issues and got half ready for Wordpress 3.8.

Continue reading for a complete list of changes…

Mantra 2.3.1 and the cosmetic changes

Another update keeping up with the trend started in v2.3.0 which means more cosmetic changes.

This version also fixes the search form, adds a new Steam icon and removes the auto-redirect to the theme’s settings page after theme install / update.

Mantra 2.3.0 gets some extra attention

Mantra received attention in the form of new responsiveness enhancements, a new media uploader, smaller social icons, updated comments and form design, updated admin interface design and some other small fixes.

More about Mantra’s revieved attention and the full changelog for this update after the jump.

Mantra 2.2.2 loves twos

And since good things come in pairs, today both our Parabola and Mantra updates got published (almost at the same time) by Wordpress.

The triple-two release of Mantra is a maintenance update providing fixes for some issues discovered since the last release.