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Are you happy with the WordPress theme you’re using? Would you consider yourself and your theme as best buds? Would you take your theme out drinking on a Saturday night? How would you feel about watching a late movie with it on your living room couch? Is your theme that friendly?

Or do you think of your theme as sexy? Would you pay money to see her strip? Would you cheat on your wife with it should that opportunity arise? Or maybe… do you think your wife would jump in on the fun? Is your theme that hot?

Would you kill for your WordPress theme? Would you go to prison and share a prison cell with a guy named Butch just for her? Do you really think she’ll wait for you? That she’ll be there when you get out? Is your theme really worth it?

And what about the very nature of your theme? Isn’t her free spirit so unbearable that it makes you sick to the stomach? How can you stand the fact that others get to put their filthy hands all over her? Don’t you hate it that she’s not all yours? And do you really think she does all those *naughty* things just with you? Is your theme that original?

wordpress-love-iconTo theme or not to theme, that is not really the question is it? Themes are a big part of what makes WordPress great and the search for that perfect one is a long and winding road. And although we don’t have that many themes, we like to think that for many of you that road ends up at our site’s doorstep.

But why don’t you tell us yourselves how things are? The possibility to review themes has been around for quite some time now over at and we’d like you guys to head over there and give your favorite theme a quick review.

If you feel like you have something to say that may help others in making a decision about one of our themes, please do so. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy review, it just has to be an honest one.

Mantra is a clean, highly configurable and totally free WordPress theme. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Though I’m still sort of wrestling to finish my first WordPress site using the Tempera theme, I like its features that distinguish Tempera from other themes I have considered. It’s not love yet, let’s call it – as I’m still struggling – fatal attraction. I hope that it will become real love in the end.

  2. i am Khansariamirreza the first one who review this them because i very liked the theme and also its rtl support come very handy too me.
    i post this comment to THANK YOU ONE MORE TIME

  3. This has been already posted in Still re-posting the same as You Guys deserve it.

    I have been installing & stripping 100s of themes, thanks to my non-compromising attitude. All came to a screeching halt when I activated Tempera. The first thing I noticed was the theme was as it appears in the demo without any extra effort. For adding a slider in some themes you have to go to posts, mark a category, break your head etc.. This is absolutely amazing. I am working on a current site for my Client and sure to get appreciation once it finishes.

    Cryout, I want to cry out and say ‘I LOVE YOU!!!’. Not exaggerating, but you have made my day. Useless themes are there in the market selling for minimum 30$, but you guys have put lot of coffee and blood and given it free? Kudos team. You perfectly rock.

    I don’t know about those half-bakes who criticise this beautiful theme just because the ‘Continue reading’ button is big, IP address got locked, the boy next bench pinched, blah blah blah etc… but I am sure this very theme has helped me and will help more people in the near future. I encourage you guys to make more upgrades and keep this beautiful theme free forever. I will be soon buying you a coffee for you great guys. Thanks a lot BROs.

  4. Love Tempera (only using for blogging). So much flexibility. Ive disabled most of the features for now but even with just some of the basics installed – its a million times better than previous themes and looks & feels more like my main website!

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