The new PARABOLA theme is out now!

You probably haven’t been waiting for it that much but nevertheless here it is. The newest Cryout Creations theme is finally available for download. We’ve tested it as much as we could but it’s still practically a beta until you guys get a go with it.

Parabola is just as free as Mantra, the forum is already live and we’re looking forward to getting feedback from you guys. Download link after the jump.

Mantra 2.0.3 …aaand fonts

Pending the release of Parabola, Mantra version 2.0.3 brings a new wave of small enhancements and fixes.

Unfortunately, it also brings a tiny itsy bitsy bug which will render the built-in font options unusable. This has already been fixed and version is pending Wordpress review. In the meantime, the manual steps to fixing this issue…

Mantra 2.0.1 is tiny

Mantra v2 was so big that all future updates will live in its shadow. And it’s cold and damp in the shadow of Mantra, let me tell you that.

So, although very brave to come right after it, version 2.0.1 has a lackluster feel to it. It’s from missing all that sunlight.

Mantra 2.0 is gonna rock your world

Mantra 2.0 is almost here! In a few days you’ll be able to get your hands on a fresh copy of your favorite WordPress theme.

You’ll have plenty of new options to get your hands on, plus a better settings page. Improved plugin compatibility and responsiveness and a lot of bug fixes abound in this new version.

Mantra multiple small fixes

The latest update to the Mantra theme just became live. It’s a pretty big update that both adds a few small things and fixes quite a few more. As most of these bugs were reported on the forum, it now proves its efficiency in digging up Mantra’s darkest secrets.