Mantra 2.4.1(.1) has an inner conflict

So Mantra 2.4.1 saw the light of day a couple of days ago and brought with it a couple of fixes, support for WordPress 4.1+ title-tag and the addition of our social media links to the theme’s admin page. In the process however a small bug emerged that creates a conflict with one of our child themes. We fixed that as well and submitted the soon-to-be-live version that fixes that.

So if you’re using a child theme provided by us you may want to wait until version becomes available to make the update.


  • fixed a conflict in 2.4.1 with one of our provided child themes


  • added our social links to the settings page
  • added title-tag theme support (for WordPress 4.1)
  • fixed a weird save issue affecting only some servers caused by an apostrophe in the sample in custom footer text
  • fixed images issues in WooCommerce caused by a max-width styling
  • reverted bullet list styling changes done in 2.4
  • fixed text inside footer widgets not covered by general text options (and using styling defaults)
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