Tempera is LIVE and waiting for you!

TemperaFor all those of you that find it too much of a hustle to download and manually install themes, well, our latest theme Tempera is now live at WordPress.org so you’re really just a click away from it – Tempera is now officially part of the WordPress Theme Repository! Here it is!

So now you have absolutely no reason not to drop by your new next-door neighbour, knock on her door and welcome her to the WordPress neighbourhood. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask your wife to bake a cake or maybe a plateful of her famously delicious brownies. Take the wife with you, bring the kids as well and the family dog and you can all greet her the best way you can. Make an impression!

Sure, the wife may get a little jealous, the other neighbours said she’s quite a fox: still single, looks great, very flexible, goes to the gym regularly and is a vegetarian. Nobody knows what she does exactly but you get the impression that she could do pretty much anything and be great at it. And now that you’re standing at her doorstep, looking at her slender figure, man oh man, the things you’d do to with her.

First thing that comes to mind is leave the wife, disown the children, quit your day-job and run away with her. Start a new adventure. Force yourself into a mid-life crisis, risk everything for her and no mater what happens you know there will be no regrets.

You can start a life on the road, you’ve always wanted that. You’ll become a full-time blogger, she’ll be your muse and you’ll write articles of the places you’ll see, the people you’ll meet. Hell, you may even become a published writer at a certain point. There’s poetry coming out of her pores, all you have to do is put that in writing and you have enough material to last you a lifetime.

And there would be love. Oh yes, there would be passionate love; you’ll learn to push all her buttons and she’ll adjust to your every need. Two will become one and one will divide into infinity. Your children will be born out of pure love and complete freedom and you’ll grow into a family. You’ll all become a caravan of love, spreading joy and freedom into the world. Through your love for Tempera, you writings and your offspring, you will become eternal – a transcendent entity that will stand even after existence itself becomes deprecated.

And for those that manually installed the theme, you can now update to the latest version. The changelog since v0.9 follows:

Tempera 0.9.3

  • improved presentation page columns sizing
  • fixed XSS vulnerability in frontend.js
  • checked and corrected WordPress 3.8 readyness (admin styling and theme tags)

Tempera 0.9.2

  • Fixed excessive pagination in custom category pages
  • Replaced query_posts with WP_Query in page-with-intro and blog-page templates
  • Removed the focus to the search form in 404 pages
  • Fixed search input on Google Chrome

Tempera 0.9.1

  • All external links in the Tempera Settings page now open in a new tab
  • All info boxes in the Tempera Settings page can now be hidden
  • Added pagination to the Presentation Page if Show Posts is enabled
  • Removed leftover default.mo from the theme directory
  • The ​http:// protocol has been removed when enqueuing Google fonts
  • Fixed back to top button not changing to the color of the content 

Tempera Theme Tempera is a free WordPress theme, created by Cryout Creations, that is responsive and extremely customizable. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Hi I started using Mantra and I am not sure if to keep it, to change it to Parabola or to your new development. I never created a child page but I guess I do not have many customization right now but I would like to. Regardless, Mantra, Parabola, Tempera???

    1. Zed

      Parabola and Tempera are more mature as far as settings are concerned. The final choice is dependent on the looks of the theme as well and this is something only you can decide.

  2. Hello,
    Thank you very much for the theme.
    My Tempera theme layout does not work. I have chosen different layouts and they do not seem to do any changes. Please let me know what to do.
    Once this is resolved, i will like to donate the $25 so that u remote the copyright notice. Thank you!

    1. Zed

      It really depends on how you checked the layouts. The general Layout option does not affect pages that uses a specific layout page template.
      Make sure you are checking your changed layout on a category / archive / tags / standard page (and also make sure you are not using a caching plugin).

  3. Not sure if this is the right spot for this but…. I’m having issues trying to get jquery to work with Tempera. I am putting a simple script inside the “Custom Javascript” field but it never works.

    $( document ).ready(function() {
    console.log( “ready!” );

  4. Samantha

    Hi! Thank you so much for this theme! I have been working on it for about a week and absolutely love it! It has everything I need. One question though… How do I disable comments on the pages? I thought it would be on the edit section of the page but I can’t find it. Thank you!

  5. mrozendaalmrozendaal

    Brilliant theme, and even the custom css works great but…
    How van i make the slider background transparant, because the slider it self is in the div of the frontpage??, so that the slider shows the body’s background.

  6. Hello 🙂 I’m using this theme and it is fine, but.. it is not very responsive on iphone 🙁 Some of text is disappearing on the right side and is not possible to it it even if you could move content to the right. What to do? or is any solution to that?

    Thanks 😉

      1. I was also looking for a way to remove ‘powered by Tempera and WordPress’ from the footer of my blog, but after going through the A1 to A4 of your FAQ, I think not removing it is actually the least we can do in return for the wonderful works you guys are doing, and not just that alone, for giving them away for free. Kudos!

  7. michal

    Many thanks for the theme. i use it for one week and i find it fantastic, however i ve got a problem using polish fonts. tempera changes them into another font. Do You have any suggestion?

  8. Paul

    I’m trying to add 3 columns to a page to insert coupons(html) I was able to do it easily with mantra theme but cannot for this new site I’m doing.[mantra-multi]
    [mantra-column width="1/3"]row 2, col 1[/mantra-column]
    [mantra-column width="1/3"]row 2, col 2[/mantra-column]
    [mantra-column width="1/3"]row 2, col 3[/mantra-column]

    Am I Missing something here? any help appreciated

    1. Zed

      Hi. Tempera does not include shortcodes (as this functionality is not longer accepted by WordPress in themes).
      We are working on a complementary plugin to provide this functionality in Parabola and Tempera.

  9. Joe

    This theme is just fantastic. Thank you! I am cold-running it on WP.org locally (on my computer) before going online. However, I am not finding where to insert links on a side bar (or footer) – here I mean, links to other pages, blogs, etc. Is this due to the local installation?

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