Mantra 2.3.0 gets some extra attention

Mantra received attention in the form of new responsiveness enhancements, a new media uploader, smaller social icons, updated comments and form design, updated admin interface design and some other small fixes.

More about Mantra’s revieved attention and the full changelog for this update after the jump.

Mantra 2.2.2 loves twos

And since good things come in pairs, today both our Parabola and Mantra updates got published (almost at the same time) by Wordpress.

The triple-two release of Mantra is a maintenance update providing fixes for some issues discovered since the last release.

Mantra 2.2.1 took the scenic route

You might have thought we were goners after such a long pause in new posts… but we did not go quietly into the night… we did not vanish without a fight… we’ve fought the cold and now we’re back!

Between fighting viruses and running noses, we actually found some time to update both Mantra and Parabola and also prepare a surprise to all creation lovers out there…

Mantra 2.2.0 blends in

Keeping to the weekly update schedule, Mantra 2.2.0 comes with the often requested options to include latest posts on the presentation page (the number of posts is independently configurable) and select the menu items alignment.

See the changelog…

Mantra 2.1.1 is still young

And a new first: two theme updates in the same day. No, we didn’t go mad (yet), this is just how Wordpress’ review theme decided to do the checks and approvals.

Just to prove it isn’t that old, Mantra makes a dash, catches up and gets a new (minor) version update, with several small changes and additions detailed in the changelog.

Mantra 2.1 is all grown up

Mantra is all grown up now. The latest 2.1 update brings a cosmetic update of the settings page, together with quite a few other general fixes and improvements.

Responsiveness, performance and ease of use have all been polished for a better all-round user experience.

Parabola 1.0 is yours to take home!

Our latest WordPress theme, Parabola, has finally reached version 1.0. Apart from increasing stability and greatly improving responsiveness, this version also introduces preset color schemes. You can now switch between 12 different looks for your site with just one mouse click.

A more detailed intro and full changelog after the jump.

Mantra fixes the menu

Always when changing things around (theoretically improving) there’s bound for something to go wrong.

In this case, the main menu dropdown functionality failed on Wordpress installations that used the automatically-generated menu (not custom menus). But this is now fixed.

Mantra 2.0.7 is going forward

Preparing for the next big step in Mantra’s life (namely v2.1) which should bring along a surprise (or more), we’re releasing a maintenance update in the form of 2.0.7.

When updating to Wordpress 3.6, also update Mantra to at least 2.0.7 otherwise the theme configuration page will misbehave (due to a limitation in our jQuery version checking function)

Mantra 2.0.6 and it’s still alive

Although we’ve been busy with Parabola lately, we haven’t abandoned Mantra at all. In fact, we are releasing a new minor update today, fixing and improving little details.

Read the rest to see the changelog.