Parabola 1.0 is yours to take home!

Our latest WordPress theme, Parabola, has finally reached version 1.0. Apart from increasing stability and greatly improving responsiveness, this version also introduces preset color schemes. You can now switch between 12 different looks for your site with just one mouse click.

A more detailed intro and full changelog after the jump.

Mantra fixes the menu

Always when changing things around (theoretically improving) there’s bound for something to go wrong.

In this case, the main menu dropdown functionality failed on Wordpress installations that used the automatically-generated menu (not custom menus). But this is now fixed.

The new PARABOLA theme is out now!

You probably haven’t been waiting for it that much but nevertheless here it is. The newest Cryout Creations theme is finally available for download. We’ve tested it as much as we could but it’s still practically a beta until you guys get a go with it.

Parabola is just as free as Mantra, the forum is already live and we’re looking forward to getting feedback from you guys. Download link after the jump.