Mantra fixes the menu

Always when changing things around (theoretically improving) there’s bound for something to go wrong.

In this case, the main menu dropdown functionality failed on WordPress installations that used the automatically-generated menu and not custom menus. But this is now fixed.

The short changelog for this update:

  • fixed the issue with dropdown menus failing to work on automatically generated menus
  • fixed the layout widths slider failing to work in WP 3.6
  • fixed/improved mobile menu where it used to select incorrect item when the viewed page was not in the menu


Mantra is a clean, highly customizable and totally free WordPress theme. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Hi,

    I have the latest version installed. However, the dropdown menus are still failing to work. I have gone in and created a menu and designated it to be ‘Primary’. But still, the drop down child pages do not show. Is there a step I missed somewhere?

    I have emptied caches for the browsers (Firefox, Chrome & Safari). There are times while the page is still loading that the drop down will show briefly but then is gone.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. One of your plugins is breaking WordPress’ jQuery by loading its own version.
      Disable all plugins one by one to figure out which one it is, and then kindly ask its author to fix it.

    2. I also had that issue on all my site where I build in a menu and after that made a child theme.. I just saved the newest version of Mantra, child theme in trash and made a new Child theme.. no problem.. Child themes are not the best for a menu.. nice to prevent the layout and texts to change… good luck!

      1. Child themes are basically considered separate themes by WordPress. Because of this you need to redo any configuration you did for the parent/other theme, like setting the background, assigning the menus…

  2. Am I the only one having trouble with the background for quoted material? After the double update I get an unbalanced amount of space around quoted material, with extra occurring on the bottom. It’s ugly, but it will go unnoticed except on sites like mine where quotations get a different background color.

  3. Leave the “Featured Images as POST Thumbnails” option enabled. The theme will use the featured image if you have one or will display the first post image if you turn the “Auto Select Images From Posts” option on as well.

  4. Absolutely love this theme, thank you so much. There’s only 2 issues that I’ve noticed that stop this theme from being perfect. 1) In Mantra Setting -> Post Excerpt Settings, changing “Number of Words for Post Excerpts” doesn’t work anymore. 2) Pagination works great on my homepage but in posts, there’s a large space between numbers 2 & 3, and the overall pagination is very small and plain – very easily overlooked by my readers.

    I thought I’d bring those to your attention. Thanks again for a great theme. I haven’t tried Parabola yet, but I will as soon as I start up my second website. Cheers.

  5. Belated thanks for the prompt attention to the menu problem.

    I just noticed what appears to be another subtle problem with the previous Mantra update.

    Quoted material now has an extra line of padding at the bottom (I hope I’m using the right term). This gives quoted material an unbalanced appearance (ugly).

    Why do I think it’s from the most recent update? I have a version of my site on my computer, using MS WebMatrix. The appearance of quoted material was normal without the latest updates. I did the latest WP update and looked at a page. The quoted material looked normal. I then did the Mantra update. The extra padding appeared when I next loaded the page.

    Thanks again for a great theme. A professional site that does the same type of subject matter as mine recently updated its look, and the basic design elements are very similar to what Mantra allowed me to achieve.

    1. Do the posts have featured images? If not, set featured images or enable the “Auto Select Images From Posts” option under Featured Images Settings to make the theme automatically display the first image it finds in the post.

  6. Hey. Prior to this update, I had been using bullets in my blog posts, and for each bullet was in its own separate list in order to have a half of line of space between each bullet. I think it looks a little better and easier to read.

    However, this update seems to have cleaned up that so I can no longer use that trick, and now all of my bullets are single spaced once more (you can see this at the bottom of my post on the first page today). Is there any way for me to alter the CSS so that there is line spacing in bulleted lists again?

    Thank you!

  7. Just installed and text formatting in posts seems to have been somewhat screwed up. Bullets on text next to images no longer display (altho immediately below the images the bullets reappear) and I lost a lot of the paragraph breaks. Also, immediately after a bullet, the next line of text is now right below the bullet with no spacing and below a line of text, there’s a big gap before bulleted text starts. Looks weird and it wasn’t like this before

    Otherwise, thanks for a great theme. These are minor cosmetic glitches in the greater scheme of things, but it’d be nice to see them tidied up in the next fix release.

      1. Cleared EVERY cache possible…still have the issue where the menu shows and then disappears (just as the page finishes loading….very confusing); what browser are you using, perhaps it’s a Firefox add-on conflict, though I don’t use many??
        Appreciate your help

        1. Also…just checked out “” from the post above mine, how do you limit the main menu bar from showing on the presentation page, like theirs(or is this their “problem”) and the cast shadow from the dropdown menu, can I enable this function, or is it their css that creates this?? Also can I center the main menu instead of adjusting it to the left, which I think is standard?? …Thanks in advance!!- TL

        1. I see what’s happening. I had a re-direct on my site (the hosting company set it up). My menu’s are working…I hate the re-direct! Thanks for a great theme and for support!

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