Verbosa 1.0.0 feels complete

After a long time hanging at the very edge of version 1.0, Verbosa gets some much needed attention and becomes a complete WordPress theme.

Follow us after the jump to see what goodies (*ahm* landing page *ahm*) this version brings.

Anima – a brand new WordPress theme is out now!

Anima, our latest free WordPress theme has everything our previous themes have accustomed you to, from responsiveness to SEO, plus a few extra perks.

Find out what those perks are, as well as all the download and demo links after the jump.

How to regenerate thumbnails when changing image sizes

WordPress generates the appropriate image sizes and crops at the time the image files are uploaded to the Library (directly or to a post or page). Once all the crops and resizes are generated they will be used as-is and not be re-generated again, regardless of any image size options changes. Our themes support a lot of customizability related to their general and elements sizes and as a result the images displayed (header, slider, featured) all have configurable sizes as well.

However this can be problematic when switching themes or when you decide the current sizes don’t really work and need adjusting. The solution to make sure these crops/resizes are at the appropriate (current) configured values is to use a thumbnail regeneration plugin.

Tempera 1.5.0/.1/.2 gets a facelift

Tempera receives a well deserved cosmetic update. This update brings lots and lots of small changes, edits and fixes making Tempera an even more gorgeous and stable theme.

This being a pretty big update, you may want to check out the theme’s demo before making the update, just so you know what to expect.

Website maintenance

This weekend we are performing a bit of website maintenance. Some services will be temporarily affected.

Septera – Our newest WordPress theme is here

Starting our new trend to create more, bigger and better WordPress themes, Septera brings even more style to our current themes line-up.

Follow us after the jump for some theme images, demo and download links and other useful info.

How to use the new social menu

Fluida and Verbosa introduced a different method for defining the social icons in the theme using menus, allowing practically an infinite number of icons and quick reordering functionality.
To find out how to easily add your own social profiles icons jump right in.

How to edit theme strings with translations

The vast majority of the text on your site comes from your own content. However there’s a small amount that comes with the theme and that in very few instances you’d wish to change to something else.

The first though would be to dive right into the theme files and search for that text to edit it right there, right? That usually works, but just not always. Luckily, WordPress provides for a way to do this more easily…

Fluida 1.0.0 is too good to be true

This latest theme update finally brings a fully customizable landing page to Fluida designed to make your content shine. Enhanced page layouts, improved performance and loading times are also part of the update.
The complete theme changelog after the jump.