Verbosa 1.0.0 feels complete

Verbosa WordPress theme
After a long time hanging at the very edge of version 1.0, our Verbosa WordPress theme gets some much needed attention and becomes a complete WordPress theme.

Main changes

Version 1.0 brings a much needed landing page that incorporates a slider area (and support for our Serious slider plugin) that can also be used as a static image, call-to-action buttons, and three text areas. You can also choose if you want to show posts or the content of a static page on it. You can set up the landing page from the theme’s customizer settings.

Other changes in this great theme update include the addition of a third widget area that gets hidden on mobiles, renaming the sidebars, merging the responsive styles with the theme’s main style, improved media embedding and lots of fixes. Check them out in the changelog:



  • Added landing page functionality (disabled by default) that features three text areas (which draw their content from pages) and a slider location ***To enable the new landing page feature turn it on from the theme’s landing page options panel and assign a static homepage from WordPress’ reading settings
  • Added a third widget area that is hidden on small mobile devices and made the existing two widget areas visible on mobile devices by default; renamed sidebar handler files
  • Merged responsive styling into the theme’s main style ***This may create issues with caching; make sure you clear the cache after updating the theme
  • Improved content_width internal handling to take layouts into account (for better handling of embed media sizing)
  • Changed the default magazine layout option to 2 columns
  • Fixed footer widgets responsiveness when footer layout is set to more than one column
  • Fixed search form using wrong colours in footer widgets
  • Added social menu usage tutorial link
  • Added styling to disable Chrome’s built-in blue border on focused form elements
  • Adjusted mobile menu to use the configured main menu colours
  • Fixed mobile menu dropdown arrows slightly out of vertical centering
  • Fixed image vertical alignment in main menu items
  • Fixed search box submit not working (due to fix sidebar script)
  • Updated Cryout Framework to 0.6.5
  • Moved back-to-top button from sidebar to new ‘after_footer_hook’ to avoid intermittent overlapping issues with fixed sidebar
Verbosa is a customizable, responsive and free WordPress theme by Cryout Creations, designed for artists, authors and creators in general. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Hear hear! I’ve been using Verbosa on my site since day one, and it’s been up for almost a year now. With your help, I made some tweaks to get the UX just right for my needs — and I keep loving the classy look & feel of Verbosa!

  2. It’s a great theme, which makes you creative and satisfied at the same time. I use it with pleasure. I am happy to see this extensive update. Keep up the good work, thank you!

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