Kahuna WordPress theme – our latest addition

Kahuna WordPress theme

Kahuna WordPress Theme

Have you met Kahuna yet? She’s been available on our site for about a week now and yet you haven’t been introduced.

We wanted to give you a chance to meet her ‘by accident’ while browsing our site. This way you could get acquainted at your own pace. But just in case some of you are shy, we decided to finally make the proper introductions.

Kahuna is a single WordPress theme looking for somebody to have a relation-site with. Her interests are typography, long walks on the beach, responsive layouts, reading, sleeping outdoors and modern, minimalist designs. She’s looking for somebody that’s creative, honest and caring. Somebody that would make her feel special in the vast sea of average, plain looking WordPress themes.

She’s also very skilful, with a degree in web design and many other certifications like HTML5, CSS3, Search Engine Optimization, Typography and Responsive Design.

Kahuna has also provided a couple of images so you can get a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into. This is Kahuna all dressed up for a night out (also known as the landing page):

Kahuna Landing Page


And this is our beloved Kahuna WordPress theme from a different angle, this time on a casual TV dinner night (also known as a single blog page):


Kahuna Single Post

Kahuna Useful Links

If you’re still not sure whether Kahuna is right for you or not you could have a more in-depth look via our live demo. Just don’t stare.

If on the other hand you’re convinced and would like to take our theme out on a date, you can do so by downloading Kahuna. Make sure you have her back safe by 11pm.

Having a bit of trouble, and not quite sure how to push all her buttons? The support forum should give you an extra hand with that.


Kahuna is the big kahuna among WordPress themes. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. I’ve just discovered Kahuna and am in love!
    After endless searches and trying out so many other “free themes”, I found Fluida and then Kahuna.
    I am amazed at the absolute control I have over so many details in a simple user friendly interface. From changing the menu/header height, to paragraph spacing to selecting typography. This is the BEST FREE theme I have come across with so many features. On top of that, it executes so smoothly (no bugs so far) and is simply beautiful to look at. You have set a new standard in the features found in ‘free themes’. Thanks so much for creating it. I am sure it will be a hit once people discover it.

  2. I just added the Kahuna theme to a clients wordpress install and gave it a look. I was very sad to see that you got rid of the Cryout theme settings plugin and moved to the wordpress customizer (which I absolutely hate). Your retention of the theme settings as a plugin was one of the main reasons I love your themes Parabola and Tempera are 2 of my all time top favorites I really dug your way of doing settings.. wp customizer… ewww

    1. The decision to no longer include a theme settings page was not ours to make. On all existing themes we’ve had no option but to create the addon settings plugin to be able to keep providing the settings page. But having new themes that had no options available until the plugin would be installed and activated would have been counter intuitive for most users.

      I totally agree that the customizer interface is far from being the right place for an extensive options collection (like we provide with our themes), but I believe we did the best we could at integrating and arranging our theme options in there.

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