Tempera 1.5.0/.1/.2 gets a facelift

Following the trend started with our Parabola theme a while back, Tempera receives a well deserved cosmetic update. This update brings lots and lots of small changes, edits and fixes making Tempera an even more gorgeous and stable theme.

Visually the theme is now a tad wider, the featured images are bigger, font sizes vary in different ways, padding has been added to many elements, line height is now constant (and cascading) throughout the theme, the sidebar titles are darker and the continue reading button is lighter.

And under the hood all CSS has been formatted and cleaned up, the right-to-left styling has been redone, responsiveness highly improved and compatibility with plugins increased.

So this being a pretty big update, you may want to check out the theme’s live demo before making the update, just so you know what to expect.



  • Fixed changing ‘mobile’ to ‘temobile’ class to improve plugin compatibility
  • Fixed header widget overlapping site title/logo (due to changes added in 1.5)
  • Fixed notice of missing $post variable in frontpage.php


  • Fixed paragraph indent applying to continue reading button
  • Fixed line height option resetting to smallest value after saving theme options since 1.5.0
  • Fixed headings still using fixed pixel-based values; also relaxed the headings CSS identifier to resolve an overlap with WooCommerce
  • Fixed site title / tagline height issue since 1.5.0


  • Changed defaults: site width, slider sizes, featured image sizes, some default colors (submit and reset inputs and widget titles)
  • Changed titles, headings, metas and menus font sizes and line heights
  • Changed most font size and line height units from px to em
  • Increased padding for site content, metas, pagination, comments, header, footer and other elements
  • Increased the default content left/right padding and the value set for Graphic Section > Content Margins > Padding left/right now also applies between content and sidebars
  • Adjusted the comments’ look, brought back reply arrow animation and fixed the missing nested comments
  • Slightly altered the continue reading button’s design
  • Headings now get their font sizes from the general h1-h6
  • Removed blockquote from the presentation page’s text areas for better shortcut/HTML tags support
  • Removed CSS declarations with old browser prefixes, cleaned up ‘!important’ declarations
  • Changed social icon animations to use CSS instead of JS
  • Altered <code> and <pre> tags design (<code> is now inline)
  • Removed main menu top margin
  • Added support for external sliders in the Presentation Page using shortcodes
  • Renamed .mobile body class to .temobile to avoid styling overlap with plugins
  • Renamed all icon-* classes to crycon-* to avoid styling overlapping with plugins
  • Improved responsiveness
  • Improved RTL support
  • Updated theme screenshot
Tempera is a free WordPress theme, created by Cryout Creations, that is responsive and extremely customizable. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Thanks for the reply. It is.my first post after the update. I always use 900x600px image size and landscape and not sure why my recent uploaded feature image is bigger. I then changed the feature image to an older uploaded image and it was fine. You can check it out on my blog: http://www.thebeautyhiker.com you’ll see my most recent blog is kauai and see the difference in image size. Any feedback would be great.

    1. If you’ve updated to the latest 1.6.0 version, go into the theme’s Featured Image settings and disable the Crop images to exact size option. Then regenerate one of the problematic thumbnails and check if the problem is resolved.

  2. With the last update, there was a search inserted at the end of the navigation menu. Please inform me how I can remove it. Please answer. This is my second post concerning this issue.

  3. Only one entry in my settings (Headings font) is a percentage; the rest are in pixels. Changing the pixel values after the update does nothing.

  4. My client is running 1.4.7, and the responsive setting doesn’t seem to be on – but I can’t find this setting anywhere. Please advise? I looked at the FAQ and it didn’t help.

  5. It says in your post that Tempera now does all fonts in ems, not pixels. Why then are you only given a choice of pixel size in the Tempera Settings dashboard? My general text is now TINY.

    1. In the settings you choose the base font size value in pixels and other specific elements in percentages. All other font sizes that are not directly configurable are relative (by using em units) to the configurable ones.

  6. since the upgrade, whenever I make the smallest change to the theme settings the sub-menu background disappears and I cannot read the submenu anymore (i.e. the background is the same colour as the text). it doesn’t even want to change the colur of the sub-menu text .How can I correct this?

  7. I love the Tempera theme. The weird problem I have is with the quantity button of the WooCommerce basket page, but only on Chrome: I cannot see the quantity, only 2 arrows… It works fine on Edge, Internet Explorer, Ipad, and Iphone! Can someone help me please?

  8. Yes, your child themes will be affected. I have quite a few sites using Tempera child themes (heavily customized) and have spent the last 3 hours making fixes since upgrading Tempera.

    Still worth the use of this excellent theme, but I wish I had read this post before updating.

  9. Thank youfor this great theme! I’m running it on two of my sites. I updated it on one of the, and now my my general text font is tiny and even I can barely read it. I’m afraid to update it on my other site.

  10. Congratulations on an excellent update! However, I do have one small problem. Since the update, I have trouble customising my Site Identity properly (my site is http://corvinus.nl/). The Site Title is just fine, but the Tagline has somehow “sunk” below the header image and is now almost invisible. Any clues on how to fix this?

  11. I love your template, however your last update enlarged my woo commerce shop titles to three times their size! How in the world do I find where to put them back to the way they were??? It has to be a default setting somewhere, but my limited knowledge has just put me in freak out mode. Help please?

  12. First things first!
    BIG Thank You for all your great themes! I have them all and it’s hard for me to choose one, because I like them all. I hope that they’ll be free forever because I like all of the features!

    For a long time I used my child theme of Parabola. Parabola was the very first theme and it’s my favourite. After some time I configered and lifted up my page I choose Tempera. And my side looks pretty well now.

    Thank You again for making these great themes and the impressive Slider plugin!

    My site and I are Fangirl’s from your great work 😀

    Septera will be a nice option too. I have to try it out after I’ve learned to use the ugly customizer via WordPress. I like your theme option side…it’s much easier…for me.

    The changes for Tempera are good but I have a very dump question…If I use a child-theme only with an own functions.php and little css corrections for myself and the parent theme got an update…my child-theme will be updated too? I know it’s a very dump question but sometimes I have a knot in my head…

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