Tempera Theme sneak preview

It may seem that Cryout Creations turned into a one man team lately, but the truth is that while Zed has been making update announcements and provided (some) support, Mr. Kay in true creative mind and spirit has been investing almost all time in constructing his latest masterpiece: the Tempera theme.

Currently in (almost) beta state, Tempera is a siamese twin of Parabola options wise but a wealthy distant cousin as features and functionality are concerned. With just a few more things to put into place, the Tempera theme should be released in the upcoming days.

Read more to see the sneak preview screenshots…

Mantra 2.3.0 gets some extra attention

Mantra received attention in the form of new responsiveness enhancements, a new media uploader, smaller social icons, updated comments and form design, updated admin interface design and some other small fixes.

More about Mantra’s revieved attention and the full changelog for this update after the jump.

Parabola 1.3.0 touches responsiveness again

In this update we addressed the responsiveness issue again. With new browser detection and a responsive check for resolutions below 1100px, responsiveness has been greatly improved.

This version also comes bundled with improved plugin compatibility and a new media uploader for the theme settings page. Full changelog after the jump.

Zombie Apocalypse requiem III and update 1.41

Three is a magic number. And everything comes in threes in this special edition post celebrating our first ever WordPress theme.

And it was 3 years ago when yours truly wrote his first ever WordPress post simply entitled “Zombie Apocalypse Theme”.

Cryout Creations is getting older

We’ll break the update posts streak with a quick ‘Happy Birthday’ that we’d like to say to ourselves on Cryout Creations’ sixth birthday.

Nothing fancy, join us after the jump if you want to see what the previous incarnations of Cryout Creations used to look like.

Parabola 1.0.1 patches things up

The latest album entitled “Parabola: Patching things up” is a collection of previously unreleased tracks from your favourite band: The CryOuts.

Live recordings of fixes and bootleg releases of patches come together in a never before heard compilation.

Parabola 1.0 is yours to take home!

Our latest WordPress theme, Parabola, has finally reached version 1.0. Apart from increasing stability and greatly improving responsiveness, this version also introduces preset color schemes. You can now switch between 12 different looks for your site with just one mouse click.

A more detailed intro and full changelog after the jump.

Parabola 0.9.9 is one step closer to “gold”

Well here’s something new: both me and Zed wrote intros for Parabola’s latest release. Somebody didn’t check existing drafts (not pointing any fingers… because it was me) and so we each wrote something and we can’t just throw that away.

So while there’s nothing really that special about this release, here are the two intros for it:

Parabola 0.9.8 is boiling hot!

Just like we promised, we bring you a fresh new version of Parabola right at your doorstep. Careful how you handle it cause this one’s hot!
Apart from extra sugar and extra cream we also included a couple of responsiveness fixes, updated to the newest version of Nivo Slider, moved a few options around and added a dropdown menu shadow setting.

Delicious, I know! But check out the complete list of ingredients.

Parabola and the quick fix

Are you in need of a fix? Well you’ve come to the right place. We just happen to have a quick one. The Parabola version we previously released came really close to perfection. But since something perfect never has something like version next to it, you were probably expecting this.

So here’s the changelog for this version.