Cryout Creations is getting older

We’ll break the update posts streak with a quick ‘Happy Birthday’ that we’d like to say to ourselves. Exactly 6 years ago we bought the domain name not knowing exactly what to do with it. We just knew it was going to be something web related.

Well 6 years have passed and a winding road has brought us to creating themes and modules for WordPress and OpenCart. We did a lot of custom work in between, which we still do but we’re not gonna bother you with the tedious details. It was really fun and hopefully it will always be ’cause if it ever stops being fun you’ll see a giant “Out of Order” sign right where this post is.

Anyway, the memories have come back to haunt us, especially since Autumn has always been our favourite season (after Winter of course) and there’s this sweet sadness mixed with bitter joy in the air. And so we remembered where and how it all started and we’d like to share that with you by showing you the two previous versions of the site you’re currently on. Click on the images to browse the actual live versions.

2007 – 2010 The joy in mixing Flash with HTML. A presentation site that nobody really saw. And maybe it should’ve stayed that way.
2010 – 2012 A professional looking site offering a huge array of web services. Originally built for the national market it was later translated in English for the whole world to see.

The third version for Cryout Creations is the site you’re currently on – a slightly modified version of our own theme Mantra. But we’re working on changing that so stay tuned for Cryout Creations v4. Until then we’ll keep the patch updates and new themes coming up 😉


  1. Hi guys, Just a few words from France to thank you for your themes !
    Je trouve vos thèmes simple, efficace et élégant, et cela devait être dit.
    Continuez ainsi, et surtout,
    Prenez soin de vous !

  2. Hey people at CryoutCreation.

    You guys make really top-notch themes. Can’t believe you guys are giving these away for free, they’re more than above average. Anyway, really like the way you guys are running this place! (and you’re funny people too haha ;))

    Keep it up!

    Take care,


  3. Thanks for the awesome themes and hardwork! I recently discovered Cryout Creations when I made my foray into working with WordPress and I am thoroughly impressed as soon as I get some $ to spare I’m going to be hitting up your donate button! I’m excited to see what kind of premium WP themes you may release in the future.

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