Nirvana is just around the corner

Come on, take a look! Don’t be afraid to tilt your head a bit and take a quick peek.

We really don’t know who put that corner there but we’ve been using it to place our latest themes around it for quite some time now.

Tempera 1.0.0 brings preset color schemes

It’s that time again. It’s the moment one of our babies turns into a grown-up. Tempera’s not only responsive – it’s also responsible now.

The new preset color schemes carry a lot of weight in this new and important update. Find out more after the jump.

Tempera 0.9.9 is on the edge

The latest Tempera version has been available for some time now and as many of you have probably noticed, it brings some neat enhancements.

Find out what it fixes, what it enhances and what new ideas it brings to the table, right after the jump.

Tempera 0.9.8 is all about the presentation page

By far the biggest change this update is the new ‘More Posts’ Ajax button that replaced the pagination on the Presentation Page.

There are a few other Presentation Page fixes in this update and you can check them out in the full changelog.

Tempera 0.9.7 is on the counter

Another round of tiny fixes and small additions! On the house, of course. Careful if you can’t hold your liquor though, there are a couple more of these coming right up!

Join us after the jump for the full changelog.

Tempera 0.9.6 is in the zone

Welcome to yet another episode of the Tempera Theme Zone – the place where WordPress things do happen very often.

Join us after the jump to see what it’s all about. You’ll also get free popcorn and a changelog.

Show your WordPress theme some love

Are you happy with the WordPress theme you’re using? Would you consider yourself and your theme as best buds? Or do you think of your theme as sexy?

Themes are a big part of what makes WordPress great and the search for that perfect one is a long and winding road. Has that road come to and end for you?

Tempera wishes you the best

Just as we were crossing over into the new year, this week-old update became live and Tempera made its way into WordPress’ list of most popular themes of the moment.

This is also Tempera’s first official update post so all in all it’s a pretty big moment. Anybody got any champagne left?

Tempera is LIVE and waiting for you!

For all those of you that find it too much of a hustle to download and manually install themes, well, our latest theme Tempera is now live on so you’re really just a click away from it.

For those that manually installed it, you can now update to the latest version. Join us after the jump for the changelog and the LIVE celebration.