Tempera 1.2.1 sweeps by

While everyone has their attention focused on the youngest sibling of the Cryout Creations themes family, Tempera manages to slip by a new version almost unnoticed.

Luckily we were awake enough to notice it and manage to find out the changelog just in time…

Tempera 1.2 is so great it skipped a number

It’s summer here in the northern hemisphere. And it’ll either be a hellish hot summer or a very wet one. So trying to keep you away from the Steam summer sale we are warming you up with a fresh new Tempera update.

First you might ask yourself where did the 1.1 version go to? Well, Tempera 1.1 went ahead and left for her summer vacation early. But Tempera 1.2 was nice enough to jump in ahead of time and take the spotlight. And right on queue, as this new version proves to be the largest update yet…

Tempera 1.0.1(.1) gets a bit shorter and then grows back again

They’re here – Tempera’s first (clumsy) steps after she has all grown up. On her own now, learning and adapting in this harsh cruel world of wild, user unfriendly, commercial themes, Tempera tries to make a life for herself by helping the world become a better place.

So, clumsy as they may be, Tempera took the first two steps (the second one mostly caused by a bad nudge we gave her at the first step) – but now she’s fine…

Tempera 1.0.0 brings preset color schemes

It’s that time again. It’s the moment one of our babies turns into a grown-up. Tempera’s not only responsive – it’s also responsible now.

The new preset color schemes carry a lot of weight in this new and important update. Find out more after the jump.

Tempera 0.9.9 is on the edge

The latest Tempera version has been available for some time now and as many of you have probably noticed, it brings some neat enhancements.

Find out what it fixes, what it enhances and what new ideas it brings to the table, right after the jump.

Tempera 0.9.7 is on the counter

Another round of tiny fixes and small additions! On the house, of course. Careful if you can’t hold your liquor though, there are a couple more of these coming right up!

Join us after the jump for the full changelog.

Tempera 0.9.6 is in the zone

Welcome to yet another episode of the Tempera Theme Zone – the place where WordPress things do happen very often.

Join us after the jump to see what it’s all about. You’ll also get free popcorn and a changelog.

Tempera 0.9.5 is halfway there

A new batch of fixes and small improvements meant to make Tempera more stable has been deployed. A few more of these small patches will follow in the next few weeks as we approach the glorious version 1.0.

Meet us after the bump for the full changelog.