New site and other goodies

Our site has received a major overhaul. It has a brand new look, a new static front page, new theme pages and a lot more.

Everything is a lot more user friendly and things like support and theme information are a lot easier to find. Check it out if you haven’t already.

Tempera 1.4.2 has some new ideas

Despite unfounded rumours, there may still be some ideas left for Tempera. This new update brings all the additions, improvements and fixes the previous update forgot or didn’t even think about.

There are quite a bunch and wouldn’t fit in the intro, so for the full list…

Tempera 1.4.1 runs out of ideas

Normally, an update post would start with something grand (or something terrible) about what the new update brings. Unfortunately, Tempera has a lapse in new ideas so this time there’s nothing new (and nothing terribly wrong about it either).

This update exists simply to catch up on fixes with her siblings.