Tempera 1.2 is so great it skipped a number

It’s summer here in the northern hemisphere. And it announces itself to be either a hellish hot summer or a very wet one. So while trying to keep you from spending everything in the Steam summer sale we are warming you up (just a tad) with a fresh new long awaited Tempera update.

At first you might find this a bit odd and ask yourself where did the 1.1 version go to? Well wonder no more and get this right from the source: Tempera 1.1 went ahead and left for her summer vacation early. But worry not, Tempera 1.2 was nice enough to jump in ahead of time and take the spotlight. And right on queue, as this new version proves to be the largest update yet.

In short, Tempera 1.2 brings two new generic social icons, a mobile zoom option (finally allowing visitors to zoom on Tempera-based sites on their favourite devices), a new header widget area width option, an improved right menu alignment option (now split in two), better responsiveness support for custom colours schemes, “minify-able” javascript code, a lot of tweaks and fixes, a Spanish (frontend) translation and – la pièce de résistance* – the brand new entirely redesigned mobile menu.

Complete changelog:

  • added a brand new mobile menu
  • added “Contact” social icon (same icon as Email) – can be used to link to the contact page/section/form
  • added “Phone” social icon for callable phone number links on touch-enabled devices
  • added zoom option to allow up to 3x zoom on mobile devices
  • added header widget area size (can be set to: 60%, 50%, 33%, 25%; default to 33%)
  • added new menu right align option to correctly display the menu items in the same order as left/center; the old right align menu item was kept under a different name to better handle multi-line menus
  • added Spanish translation (frontend only)
  • added underline on links in slider captions
  • slides automatic excerpts length is now half of the configured posts excerpt length
  • fixed page templates to display breadcrumbs
  • removed unneeded continue reading link filter on slider posts
  • improved colour handling in responsive mode
  • theme’s javascript code files should now be minify-able
  • disabled code added in 1.0 which should have made the footer always stay at the bottom of the page (but malfunctioned)
  • improved the theme’s wp_title filter to avoid doubling of site title with 3rd party feed plugins
  • improved custom comments compatibility (thanks to phpcodemonkey)
Tempera is a free WordPress theme, created by Cryout Creations, that is responsive and seriously configurable. For more info check out the theme's page.


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