Tempera 1.2.8 drops by

Tempera is not afraid; Tempera does not bow to pressure. Despite the outstanding Customizer-imposed options execution order, Tempera does a quick pass-by and drops in its monthly pack of fixes and improvements.

Be sure to check the changelog for the full list.


  • fixed responsive styling regression introduced in 1.2.3 affecting the presentation page columns width
  • improved headings font size option to apply to presentation page titles as well
  • fixed PHP notice in settings page when theme news are not available
  • fixed slides count limitation when using custom posts by ID
  • fixed category page with intro to follow category excerpt option, not homepage excerpt option
  • fixed some textareas/inputs line-height issues on Chrome and IE
  • theme now remembers the settings subsection you were on after saving (for easier navigation)
Tempera is a free WordPress theme, created by Cryout Creations, that is responsive and seriously configurable. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. is that when I pay 25 dollars, powered by wordpress and tempra disappear any pages? And 25 dollars every month or just once a year or just a faith for all, and thank you for the theme!

  2. Hello!
    I am somewhat new to running a website, and am muddling through trying to get my mom’s business site up and running. At some point, I accidentally moved it from my host server, and after managing to get it back, some settings, including the fonts, had been messed by by the retrieval process. Now, I can’t get any of the fonts to change, and the one that it is stuck on does not properly display all of the symbols built into the site. Do you have any idea how to get the font to change if it is not working by changing it in the Tempera settings menu?
    Thank you so much!
    (website is authenticme.biz)

  3. I really do love Tempera theme. But there’s one area i need answer. When I open my site on a smartphone or tablet, the MENU bar doesn’t appear. As a result it’s difficult to access other pages of my site. Please reply.

  4. I have a problem with Tempera .. My website is working Good with this theme in PC. But when it comes to mobile, it is not that much friendly.. it’s not getting opened in mobile browser……

  5. Can I just say, or rather write, I love the Tempera theme and all of it’s customization capabilities/ over-achiever and all! While reading through this Q & A, it makes me love it even more, the patience you have for every question is simply astounding. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into this theme and continue to put into this FREE theme. I have literally never had a problem I couldn’t work out on my own, so great job!

    1. Load speed isn’t the problem of a theme. We use Tempera and our site loads in under 1 second on average. You need the proper use of cache plugins and htaccess browser caching commands. Also look into a CDN. Primarily site load time issues are the result of too many plugins/outdated plugins, slow server response (inferior hosting service), or trying to have too many things load at once, or requesting too many resources outside of your site.

  6. Hello,
    Ever since the update, I have not been able to use the Tempera customize function, as rather than bringing me to a version of my webpage, the screen that shows up asks me to log in, and will tell me that my log in was successful, but then proceed to make me log in in an endless loop. I am not sure if anyone else has run into this problem but, as I relied upon the customize function to make live changes, it is becoming rather difficult to edit. Have you run into this and do you have any idea what a fix might be?

    Thank you so much!

  7. I’ve used Tempera on a site in the last few months and love it. Yesterday I used the template for a new client, quickly set it up and then had to make changes. No luck. I couldn’t make changes to widgets (including deleting them). I changed browsers (from Chrome to Firefox) and it worked… then last night I tried to change a widget again and nothing happened. This morning I have three different looks on three different browsers. One has the change, one shows the inbetween step (deletion of the widget text) and one is the old version. Any chance you know what the issue is and are working on it? I posted in forums… others are having similar issues, but no one has the answer. I did disable plugins. Site is therocksource.biz, but you do need to see it on different browsers to see the widget differences. Thanks. πŸ™‚

    1. I’m not sure where exactly your issue stands.
      Is the widget functionality in the dashboard failing or is that working correctly, but the site frontend fails to update to the latest changes?
      You are using a caching plugin. Disable it while making changes to the site, use its clear/empty cache functionality or simply wait for the cache to expire for the site to display the latest content/changes.

  8. hi! first a huge thank you for amazing themes!
    in tempera and parabola there are cool color scheme menus on right side, can i ask you which plugin did you use for it?

    thank you!

  9. I’ve been using your themes almost exclusively for a while now. Thank you! Suddenly, clicking the Select/Upload Image button in the theme settings just brings me back to the top of the page. It’s happening in Tempera, Parabola, and Nirvana on more than one site. I’ve had this happen in the past but it seemed limited to just Parabola and to resolve itself. Now it seems to be across the board. Do you have any ideas why this is happening and how to fix it? Thanks for your help!

      1. Hi! The problems have happened with the same hosting provider, but are not seemingly related to plugins. When I had the problem in the past, it was with just one site on the server, it was with Parabola, and was resolved by switching to tempera. This time, it happened to a site that has been up and running with tempera installed and fully functioning for a while now and suddenly stopped working in the Theme Setting panel and a brand new installation without any plugins other than the not activated Hello Dolly and Akismet.

        The brand new install was a manual installation of the database and upload/install of WP 4.2.2, then I added all 4 of your themes through the themes installer, trying to get them to work. I made sure all plugins were deactivated, deleted them, deleted and reinstalled themes, one at a time. When they still didn’t work, I checked out what was going on with my existing, functioning installations since I’d had the problem before. When I found one I was just working with a week ago having the same problem, I got in touch with my hosting tech support. They were having the same problem. So, they installed a new WP 4.2.2 using Installatron on the same server and one of your themes and got Tempera to work. I was able to duplicate and do the same. However, even with all of the plugins disabled, then re-enabled, I can now get the image button to pull up the media library in the theme settings on the existing/functioning before site, but it displays the media library as empty. I CAN upload an image there, or I can type/copy paste the URL above the button, but it won’t display the actual contents of the library.

        Gosh, that was windy. Sorry! Thank you for your help!

        1. Use the browser developer tools (F12 on most browsers) and inspect the console for Javascript errors.

          For the Media Gallery it would also help to debug the AJAX output WordPress is returning.

          1. Thank you for your continued assistance. Yesterday, I was getting a bunch of errors, but I wasn’t sure what they meant. Today, since I deleted the broken site checking those is no longer an option. The existing site I’m working around in now has the buttons working again, so they’re not returning the errors anymore. They’re just rendering the empty media library, even though it’s full. I haven’t been ableto generate an error with f12 though. Thanks!

          2. If you’re using Firefox, try to look in the Console tab as well and check the AJAX Answer for the library POST request.
            It should have some erroneous or invalid content in the JSON data (perhaps hinting to the cause of the issue).

  10. Hi
    I am trying to put adds in my website on the right sidebar. I try to put the text or banner language into the sidebar and the right sidebar does not show up. In the layout section. My website is http://www.romayasoundhealthandbeauty.com

    I try to set a different page set-up to allow for a right sidebar there, but I can’t move it. It seems that my only option, failing being able to use a sidebar is to put the ad banners in columns below my site’s other columns. I would rather not do that.

    I am working with the “CPO Widgets” Plugin. Let me know if that plug-in may be an issue and I can always change that to something else.


    1. The presentation page is a special purpose section and does not display sidebar(s). This is by design.
      For the rest of the site, sidebar(s) is/are controlled via the Layout option.

  11. Hi…any way to center text on the “extra” areas of presentation page? Old html rules like center don’t work on most browsers..how to center stuff please?

    1. body #front-text1 h1, /* first title */
      body #front-text3 blockquote, /* first text */
      body #front-text2 h2, /* second title */
      body #front-text4 blockquote, /* second text */
      text-align: center;

  12. How do you change the size of the Top Title Text under the Extra Texts of the Presentation Page?
    I have tried everything including editing the style-frontpage.css to no avail.
    Every change made to the font-size does not reflect on the Presentation page.

    See css below:
    #front-text1 h1, #front-text2 h1{
    display: block;
    float: none;
    margin: 0px auto;
    text-align: center;
    font-size: 35px; (this is the one that never works)
    line-height: 5px;
    clear: both;
    font-weight: bold; }
    Please how do I take care of this?

  13. I’m trying to get “PopUp Maker Plugin” to work on site and cannot get it to work. I can see it as admin if I enable Admin Debug, but no one else can see it. I tried a few other popup makers and they don’t show either. Can you suggest a popup plugin that will work with Tempera Theme? I really like “PopUp Maker Plugin”, it is easy to use and would really like to use that one. Thanks.

  14. I just updated to the latest version of WordPress and the header won’t show up on a single page. I have everything set for it to work properly and even a custom logo uploaded for the header. It was showing up just fine and now won’t work. Can we please figure this out and get it fixed? I put a ticket in and have heard nothing back and need this done for a client by tomorrow.
    Thank you!

  15. there is an issue with the footer on post pages. when you try to hover over footer images, icons, and whatnot a large see-thru black screen slides over all the footer content and prevents you from clicking on anything. I cant figure out which setting disables this. the site i am working on is getgreenmedia.com.

  16. Dove incominciare, dopo l’ultimo aggiornamento a Tempera 1.2.8 fa letteramente schifo, elenco i problemi:
    1) Aspetto >> tempera settings >> {presentazione del layout di pagina, impostazione della pagina, pagina presentazione, impostazione dei testi, ect, non funzionano.} il mouse pointer do not see the hand, it does not work.
    2) nel creare una NUOVA PAGINA opzione source code it does not work.

    Si prega di sistemare al piΓΉ presto

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