Tempera 1.3.3 has a temp

Tempera is tempted to read The Tempest but she’s been feeling very temperamental lately and blames it on the high temperature. She’ll hire a temp to do the reading for her while also massaging her temples in her underground Temple. But this is only a temporary situation until her temporal nerves stop being tempered with. Until then she’ll have a Tempura dish and just read the changelog.


  • fixed centred multi-line menu change in 1.3.1 breaking sub-menu alignment
  • added arrow indicators for sub-elements on sub-menu items
  • fixed magazine layout alignment on RTL
  • fixed sub-sub menu alignment for RTL
  • fixed category icon visible for pages in search results
  • fixed text inside footer widgets not covered by general text options (and using styling defaults)
  • corrected two untranslatable strings
  • fixed column links (rewritten in 1.3) not respecting “open in new window” option
  • fixed presentation page slider/column image alt attribute HTML handling
  • fixed font prototype function wrongfully localizing “general” font value
  • added theme information and settings page link in the customizer
Tempera is a free WordPress theme, created by Cryout Creations, that is responsive and seriously configurable. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. I am a newbie to WordPress. after 3 weeks of different experiments I have your theme tempera found.
    now I’m working two weeks with tempera and am really excited. Of the many topics that I’ve looked at, is solely your Theme with a really wide variety of layout settings. I want you to just say thank you for this great work. If I’m going to buy a theme, it is Temera and I can and it’ll be very happy to recommend. Bernd from Berlin / Germany (This is a translation from google translator)

  2. I love all of your themes. Having a heck of challenge getting csv file to display on mobile.. Same file and plugin looks beautiful with mantra theme. Client wants Tempra.. New to WordPress but enjoying the journey

  3. I agree with Gabriele. Tempera is indeed an awesome Theme. Just one question: Could you add the option to have Featured Images of Posts and Pages right above the Post (Where the Above-Post Widget area is)? I currently use the “Featured Image” Widget Plug-In for this, but would love to have this integrated directly into the theme.

  4. Tempera is an awsome theme! Thank you so much for it! However, could you check why there is blank screen when too many widgets are on? (Have to stop SEO YOST, Updraftplus backup/restore, W3 total cache & Site Origin Widgets Bundle to work on my site) I’m just at 13% of the total memory… This would be great if there could be a solution.

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