Tempera 1.3(.1) becomes multilingual

Tempera decided to spend her entire vacation going to summer school. The most important feature she brought back is support for WPML and Polylang multilingualism. You will now find all of Tempera’s custom text fields in Polylang’s translations section (the same thing should work for WPML as well, but we haven’t had a chance to test that yet).

The second important change is the inclusion of the WooCommerce compatibility child theme code and styling. This should improve handling WooCommerce content, making the use of the separate child theme unnecessary.

Important: This update has an issue on servers running PHP older than 5.3. If you are sure your server’s PHP version is 5.3 or newer then it is safe to update, otherwise you’ll be better waiting for the next update where we will correct this. If you’ve already updated and hit the bug see this topic for a temporary fix.  – fixed in 1.3.1



  • fixed ternary operator usage for php <5.3 (introduced in v1.3.0)
  • fixed centred main menu alignment functionality for multi-line menus


  • preliminary WPML / Polylang support for custom theme options – presentation page content and socials (currently only tested with Polylang)
  • merged WooCommerce compatibility child theme code and styling
  • added title-tag theme support (for WordPress 4.1)
  • fixed header widget overlapping logo/title when no header image is used
  • fixed sup/sub styling resets
  • added slide title to slide image alt attribute
  • added presentation page column title to image alt attribute
  • made presentation page column images clickable links
  • moved pp column display function to includes/widget.php and made pluggable
  • updated Spanish translation
Tempera is a free WordPress theme, created by Cryout Creations, that is responsive and seriously configurable. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Tempera is a really great theme. One probIem, however: I am setting up a multilingual site using Tempera and Polylang. Although the cryout columns’ title and text fields do appear in the “strings translations” feature of Polylang, the translations I have inserted do not show in the titles and captions of the presentation in the alterantive language home pages (whereas menu,
    slider and head widget translation appear). Any help with this?
    Thank you

  2. Thought it was a good theme, but I’ve lost complete control of my site. I can’t find any way to edit my pages, or even login if I’m logged out. Kind of useless to me as is.

  3. Thanks for a great theme. Any idea why iPad3 will only show a black screen (found it out after i’ve already set the template to my needs. it works on all other devices i’ve tried [PC, iPhone 6+, LG G3, laptops]).

  4. The update also wiped out my site. I am running a network site if that makes any difference. Other than that, great work. I love the the theme.

  5. I just updated the Tempera theme and it completely wiped out my website. I can’t see any pages (just white screen). It’s happening to other users, who are posting on the WordPress Support forums. What’s happening? Can this be fixed?

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