Tempera 1.4.8 slides through


  • Fixed font names with spaces on Safari limitation
  • Added Fitvids on/off option for compatibility
  • Re-bundled de_DE, fr_FR translations due to WordPress’ 90% completeness requirement
  • Improved styling of the search box in main navigation on mobile devices
  • Added filters for slider post-based excerpt length and more text
Tempera is a free WordPress theme, created by Cryout Creations, that is responsive and extremely customizable. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Hello! When the site is opens in cell phone browser the presentation page does not appear but the latest postings. In this situation the presentation page can be activated only if the view full site option is used from the site footer. The settings are as follows: presentation page column, columns content = widget, and static front page = your latest posts. How to regulate the situation? Thank you.

    1. Sounds like there’s a limiting factor or some kind of filtering around the settings save step.

      Did you move the site to a different location (server/hosting provider) since things were working correctly? The provided could have also implemented some limitations since then (that you can’t really check).

      You can also try temporarily disabling all your plugin to rule out any interference from them.

  2. i changed my theme and then decided to change it back to tempura, however now the slider images that were on the front page are now gone and other photo box links and wording are also gone. i cant get them back even though i selected the slider images 10 times!

  3. Hello! I am trying to edit my presentation page in Tempera, however, when I try, there are NO options to do this. My presentation page is running but there are NO options to change/update anything. Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 10.52.27 AM

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