Tempera 0.9.8 is all about the presentation page

By far the biggest change this update is the new ‘More Posts’ Ajax button that replaced the pagination on the Presentation Page. So far it seems to behave well so we’ll probably add an option to replace pagination on blog pages with Ajax as well.

There are a few other Presentation Page fixes in this update and you can check them out in the full changelog:

  • Replaced Presentation Page pagination with Ajax ‘More Posts’ button
  • Fixed ‘Continue reading’ button on all browsers
  • Added support for HTML and shortcodes inside the Presentation Page columns
  • Fixed spacing issues on the Presentation Page when certain components were enabled/disabled
  • Fixed line height for slider titles
  • Fixed site title font size not reducing on mobile
  • Fixed giant smileys in captions 😉
  • Added Italian and Polish languages
Tempera is a free WordPress theme, created by Cryout Creations, that is responsive and extremely customizable. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. That’s funny most people like the slider but they don’t care much about the “fancy” cryout in the presentation page and don’t have the freedom to do anything in the page because the cryouts are in the way. No way to get rid of those and just keep the slider?

    1. Hi. You must have missed all the presentation page settings in the theme’s settings page under Appearance > Tempera. You can disable or define your own content for everything visible there.

  2. Hi! How Can I connect presentation page for my home page? Anyone can help me?
    So I started creating page for home and then ? I set up costum slider and widget column and I didn’t find any instruction how I can connect to my home page…I really need help, please!

    1. The theme’s presentation page (which includes the slider and the columns) is enabled by default and it replaces WordPress’ homepage.
      If you’ve disabled it by accident, you can re-enabled it in the theme settings: Appearance > Tempera Settings > Presentation Page.

  3. Anyone know how to get the favicon to show when posting to Facebook? It shows in the URL line at the top of the address bar when http://www.CharityWishList.ca is typed into a Facebook post, but a blank white square appears to the left of the website description in a Facebook post. No image. Is there a trick in Tempera to get the favicon (.ico) file to show the image?

    1. My managed WordPress web hosting company suggests that the image that appears on Facebook posts when you type a URL into your post is taken from the far left of the website theme’s header bar, and not pulled from the favicon image. She thinks that because my logo only appears on the far right of the header, that is likely why there is no image showing up next to the website blurb when I type a URL into the post. Anyone know if there is an alternate way to get the logo to show up when a URL is typed into a Facebook post? Thanks

  4. Is the ‘More Posts’ going to be optional? I preferred the page numbers myself.

    If the answer is ‘no’, where can I download version 0.9.7 again?

    1. Nevermind about the download. I found it and have rolled back to 0.9.7 already.

      I do still want to know whether ‘More Posts’ is going to be an optional feature.

      You can edit my original post to just the initial question and delete this one if you like.

  5. I have just completed translation to Hebrew. Few notes:
    1. Missing text to translate:Tempra homepage, support, admin entry (Tempera setting), COFFEE BREAK, Columns content,
    2. More interesting issue is RTL.
    Most left/right words are translated to the opposite right/left and also must be supported in CSS (which I take care of).
    3. The admin page have some problems in RTL. Input fields are confusing, especially in presentation page (current HTML has float:left & text mixture that is impossible to RTL properly).
    4. Cannot define languages in child theme
    Upgrade to 0.9.9 removed my translation… (we do have backup…)

    I hope to here from you soon.

  6. I do not want to display posts at the bottom of the presentation page. I have all the “Post information Settings” set to ‘Hide’ yet it is still at the bottom of my page.

    1. Just a guess, but maybe try Dashboard, Appearance, Presentation Page, and the second option is “Show Posts on Presentation Page” – you have a choice of Enable or Disable (if you don’t want them to show). If you hover over the help “?”, it says that if you make a post Sticky, then what you select here will be ignored. Maybe you made your posts sticky? Or maybe you need to and haven’t selected “Disable”? You can also adjust the quantity (default is 10 posts to show.) Hope this helps. I am new at figuring out WordPress and Tempera too. Good luck 🙂 – Michelle, http://www.CharityWishList.ca

    2. Post information settings control post meta fields (author, date, category), not post display.
      You’ll find the option to turn off posts on the presentation page in the Presentation Page section of the settings.

    1. mira.. en APARIENCIA > WIDGETS > CRYOUT COLUMN AÑADIR > Y PONES TU INFO Y DONDE DICE Selecciona la barra lateral y la posición en la que irá el widget.

      ELIGES: Presentation Page Columns Y AHI SELECCIONAS UN NUMERO

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