Tempera wishes you the best

Just as we were crossing over into the new year, this week-old update became live and Tempera made its way into WordPress’ list of most popular themes of the moment. This is also Tempera’s first official update post so all in all it’s a pretty big moment. Anybody got any champagne left?

Anyway, the new update mainly patches up responsiveness as we tried to fix all the issues you guys mentioned. Thanks again for all the feedback, it helps make Tempera a better theme.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Presentation page columns now show text on mobile browsers
  • Fixed columns responsiveness when using data from posts
  • Fixed some text domain issues in the comments
  • Fixed the ‘Continue Reading’ button’s animation on Google Chrome and mobile browsers
  • Fixed logo and header upload inputs saving the same data in the theme settings
  • Added recommended size information for the column images inside the Columns widget area
Tempera is a free WordPress theme, created by Cryout Creations, that is responsive and extremely customizable. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. hey man, im an old school css/html coder trying to catch up on the wordpress bus with tempera.. I can alter the pictures in the “column” but i cannot change the header text or the sliding (grey) text…any help on what i should be looking for(so i dont look like a first day newbie) would be greatly appreciated , brothers and sisters..

    1. i.e. i still see “fully customizable”, “responsive”, , “endless fonts” even though my images have changed… (and of course the other text when i scroll over it) please help, i know its simple…but looking at the code…i confess im confused.

  2. Hi!
    Sorry I don’t speak english very well.
    Do you have any map of tempera theme?
    Because its dificult to do the settings of colors, size of texts.
    The words you use in the help aren’t always understood by me.
    If you could send me a map, I think it will help me.
    Or if you have a help in french, it would be better.
    Thank you by advance.
    And happy new year.

    1. There is no such “map”. The options names are pretty self-explaining, but in English.
      We are gradually adding more translations, but they are created and contributed by our users so we have no control over this.

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