Tempera 0.9.5 is halfway there

A new batch of fixes and small improvements meant to make Tempera more stable has been deployed. A few more of these small patches will follow in the next few weeks as we approach the glorious version 1.0.


  • removed hardcoded fonts from the Presentation Page (they’re assigned the font set in the Headings Font setting)
  • the header widget is no longer behind the header image
  • the empty sidebar placeholders now show up properly
  • fixed import/export settings not working on some rare occasions
  • socials on ‘Left Side’ now show when enabled
  • fixed a small icon fonts issue
  • added an alert for variable limit reached
  • added French language
Tempera is a free WordPress theme, created by Cryout Creations, that is responsive and extremely customizable. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Getting frustrated with Tempera…. The sliders page just stopped working… I have no plugins… It works on my site when I go into admin… and reup the page from the dashboard… however when other people look at the site they get an an error saying sorry page does not work… no sliders…. I took off word press and updated tempera and get the same problem

  2. I have a doubt, i don’t know if this 6 columms that looks in the front page it’s gonna stay there when i finish my web, like. It doesn’t have nothing to do with my web, and i don’t konw how to remove it.

    And other thing is, can i change the text that start telling, “tempera is living…… and finish … remember to have fun” i want change tis text also, or if i can’t change it, i want remove it then.

    somebody can help me??

  3. This looks very promising indeed!
    Would it be possible to have some control over placement for the presentation slides’ text? – I am sure I could go into the CSS and change it but since you already have so many great options in the Tempera Settings page, I can imagine it being included there as well?

  4. Un thème parfait pour un site paroissial !
    Est-ce possible d’avoir la mise en page en multicolonne sur la page de présentation, pour que le slider n’occupe que 2/3 de la page ?

    A perfect template for a parish website !
    Is it possible to have the presentation page in multicolumns, so that the slider width be 2/3 of the width of the page ?

  5. Hello, im currently using Tempera for my website and its great! however I would like to use the presentation page as my home page but cannot figure out how to link it to a ‘Home’ tab in the menu.

  6. Hello,

    For some reason I cannot get the Tempera or Parabola Settings page to work. The buttons respond on mouse-over but there is no response when I click them. I love the themes and would like to start working with them!

    The information on the site now was brought over from another template when I activated this theme.

    I am aware that this issue may be due to my inexperience with WordPress, so I really appreciate your help here.

    1. First, try a different browser. If the issue persists, try disabling all and any plugins you may have (some break WordPress’ jQuery causing the theme’s settings page to malfunction).

  7. I am loving this theme! I’m in the process of designing a new website for my church and because I previously used parabola and mantra for past projects, I thought I’d give this one a try.

  8. Love this theme. Biggest thing on my wishlist would be greater customization (or even just a standard simplification option) for the homepage on mobile. My excerpts show up kind of funny, and from the presentation slider to all the bottom widgets, it’s quite a lot for a phone screen. The images in my posts (not excerpts) also show up sometimes within a sentence, which isn’t desirable. Like I said though, overall, awesome.

    My site is only soft-launched at this point, but here it is if you wish to check it out:


  9. Good day! Cool template! but faced with a problem: not Mac OS fonts are displayed as on the demo page, but they are different on Windows! (((how to fix it? Please help me!

    1. System fonts are dependent on the system. They may or may not be available. Use Google fonts or website fonts (the first font group) to make sure you get consistent fonts no matter the device.

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