Codex – Roseta had a child… theme

Codex is our first official WordPress child theme for Roseta. It makes Roseta look more stylish, with a bit of an eCommerce vibe going on. So you can totally use it a storefront if you want, as WooCommerce is fully implemented.

Arcanum – Our second official child theme

Arcanum is an official child theme for our latest WordPress theme – Esotera. It retains all the features and settings from Esotera as well as its everlasting love for gradients, adding just a bit more… roundness.

Fluida 1.8.2

Changelog: Updated fixed menu styling to account for WordPress admin bar responsiveness breakpoints changes Improved socials placement when mobile menu …

Esotera 1.0.0

Changelog: Added option to enable/disable the static slider title animation Fixed sub-submenus under-menu indicators being always visible on the right …