Esotera 1.2.0 makes a colorful return


  • Added accessibility for mobile menu
  • Added Tested up to and Requires PHP header fields in style.css
  • Improved handling of font weights
  • Improved visibility of featured boxes images when no images are present
  • Code cleanup and sanitization improvements according to the theme sniffer rules
    • Fixed empty else statements in core.php, landing-page.php, styles.php
    • Added extra sanitization in includes/landing-page.php, includes/meta.php, includes/core.php, admin/main.php
  • Cleaned up and optimized frontend scripts, including for WordPress 5.5/5.6 jQuery updates
  • Renamed content/author-bio.php file to content/user-bio.php to avoid name collision with WordPress’ templating system
  • Fixed plural forms in comments count for more complex languages –
  • Fixed non-prefixed global variables in content.php and comments.php
  • Fixed logo using incorrect height after assignment in the customize preview
  • Fixed accessibility for side menu
  • Fixed malfunctioning preloader, header image and content animations with WordPress 5.6
  • Fixed (hopefully) printing on Chrome prints the side menu background over the site content
  • Fixed “Inherit General Font” option not working as expected
  • Fixed team members photos having a weird aspect ratio after Team Members plugin update
  • Updated to Cryout Framework
    • Improved JS code to remove jQuery deprecation notices since WordPress 5.6
    • Changed custom post type label in breadcrumbs from singular_name to name
    • Added echo parameters to cryout_schema_microdata() and cryout_font_select() functions
    • Fixed color selector malfunction since WordPress 5.3
    • Fixed Select2 selectors no longer working with WordPress 5.6 on Firefox
    • Additional sanitization and even more sanitization changes to comply with current requirements
Esotera is a colorful WordPress theme with a great set of features. For more info check out the theme's page.