Mantra 3.3.0 has something to comment


* Added mantra_mainnav_id and mantra_mainnav_class filters to ease support for mega menu plugins
* Added wp_body_open action introduced in WordPress 5.2
* Added required extra sanitization and tested/php headers
* Fixed pins selection and some hide meta attribute options not working
* Fixed main content text color option not applying to presentation page elements
* Fixed inconsistent header line height when header image aspect ratio is forced on
* Fixed comments list missing with WordPress 5.5
* Cleaned up some unused code and moved some settings page code to the companion Serious Settings plugin * Update the companion plugin to at least v0.5.11 to restore the settings import/export functionality
* Removed legacy favicon functionality completely as this is no longer allowed in repository theme

Mantra is a clean, highly configurable and totally free WordPress theme. For more info check out the theme's page.


  1. Caption Post thumb tacks cannot be set to None in Mantra Settings Graphics.
    On adding Image widgets to Second Widget Area-Sidebar 2, first image will display a caption, but stacking more images in same widget are will display the image but will NOT display the caption.

  2. When you are trying to set the Manta options, if you hover over the question mark, the help that pops up cannot be read because there is not enough contrast between gray and cyan. At least make it light gray and black text or white and cyan so it can be seen. I love this theme, but trying to configure it for a client is a PITA because I can’t SEE WHAT I’M DOING.

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