Verbosa 1.2.0(.1) is endless



  • Improved list bullets/numbers alignment in content and on landing page text areas
  • Improved translations format for archive and search titles in breadcrumbs
  • Fixed meta icons missing since 1.2.0 due to styling overlap
  • Updated Cryout Framework to
    • Improved breadcrumbs compatibility with plugins that filter section titles and add HTML markup
    • Better cleaning of weights in font enqueues
    • Removed PHP and WP versions checks as these are now handled by WordPress


  • Added meta options for layout control – page templates for controlling layout will be deprecated and removed in a future update
  • Added verbosa_js_options filter for JavaScript options
  • Added WordPress 5.2 wp_body_open action call
  • Added option to disable default pages navigation and improved mobile menu functionality to hide toggler when main navigation is empty
  • Added support for both text domains used when translating with Loco Translate
  • Added support for custom/local fonts
  • Added outer #site-wrapper markup container
  • Fixed incorrect layout being used when unsupported meta layout saved by other theme is found
  • Fixed comments and page/category titles hiding options not working
  • Fixed breadcrumbs partially hidden when hiding page/category titles
  • Fixed plural forms in comments count for more complex languages –
  • Fixed erroneous breadcrumbs in bbPress forums/topics
  • Fixed non-prefixed global variable in content.php
  • Updated readme.txt and style.css headers for the current themes repository requirements
  • Improved main navigation usability on tablets by adding the option to force the mobile menu activation
  • Improved dark color schemes support for HTML select elements
  • Improved handling of font weights
  • Renamed content/author-bio.php file to content/user-bio.php to avoid name collision with WordPress’ templating system
  • Cleaned up and optimized frontend scripts
  • Moved theme’s styling enqueues from wp_head to wp_enqueue_scripts hook to improve child themes compatibility *** this will require updating the child theme if it uses the old hook – if you use theĀ  NoLink child theme, log into your account and download the latest version
  • Limited excerpt and more filtering to frontend only
  • Limited post meta display to default ‘post’ type only
  • Removed Custom CSS option as requested by the WordPress TRT team –
  • Removed options save/load functionality to comply with repository guidelines –
  • Turned off ‘not found’ block on landing page when no content is available
  • Code cleanup and sanitization improvements according to the theme sniffer rules
  • Improved keyboard navigation accessibility:
    • Added focus support for post featured images
    • Improved mobile menu to add accessibility support
    • Improved keyboard navigation support
    • Moved screen readers skip link from menu to wp_body_open hook (before all content)
  • Gutenberg editor tweaks and improvements:
    • Added styles for the new block horizontal separators
    • Added editor styles for the Gutenberg editor
    • Added support for theme colors and font sizes in the Gutenberg editor
    • Added wide image support
    • Fixed block embeds responsiveness conflict with Fitvids script
    • Fixed list margins improved general list appearance in blocks
    • Fixed margins on gallery blocks
    • Fixed caption alignment in blocks
    • Fixed cover block text styling
  • Updated to Cryout Framework v0.8.5.2:
    • Added the ability to inherit the general font on all other font control options
    • Activated searchable select functionality using Select2 library on font selector controls
    • Switched enable/disable options to use the new toggle control
    • Switched number options to use the new number slider control
    • Fixed RTL issues with color controls, toggle controls, number slider
    • Fixed home icon missing link on WooCommerce sections
    • Fixed ‘too few arguments’ warning in breadcrumbs on some Polylang multi-lingual sites
    • Fixed color selector malfunction since WordPress 5.3
    • Additional sanitization and even more sanitization changes to comply with requirements
    • Removed theme news from the theme’s management page
Verbosa is a customizable, responsive and free WordPress theme by Cryout Creations, designed for artists, authors and creators in general. For more info check out the theme's page.

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