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    Thank you for this theme – I love it and it has improved the look, feel and focus of our site immeasurably!

    I have some suggestions for your consideration:

    1. Reset to Defaults: Text & Colors
    It would be useful to have the functionality to return just the text and colors settings, without resetting all the other settings. When experimenting with colors and fonts it can quickly become a muddle – a reset for those settings only would be fantastic.

    2. Presentation Slider Excerpts
    a) Make the actual excerpt a clickable link to the post, either instead of or as well as the image.
    b) Provide the ability to write a specific excerpt for the presentation page slider.
    c) Provide the ability to align the text in the slider excerpt box.

    3. Presentation Page Extra Text
    In terms of signposting, it would be nice to have the option for the ‘Second Text’ to be above the most recent posts, and below the Presentation Page Columns (cryout widget)

    ~ Wayfarer


    Item 3: Second Text Position

    Hey Presto! As soon as I post it, I find that this is exactly where the text sits. Whilst I am sure I simply missed it, I shall instead believe that the support for the theme is fabulous and it was added in just for me!

    ~ Wayfarer

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Hi Wayfarer!

    It’s nice to see you all over the forums.

    1.That will most likely be implemented for version 1.0 when we’ll add Color Schemes. Something very similar already exists in Parabola if you want you can check it out. Loading a Color Scheme only overwrites the Color, Text and Graphics settings (and you can load the Default Color Scheme as well)

    2. a) We have plans to add a Continue Reading button for the slider as well
    b) You can add your own excerpts by using the Custom Slides option in the Theme Settings >> Presentation Page settings
    c) We’re considering adding 2 position variables (left and top) as well for the text box but at the same time we don’t want things to get too complicated.

    3. We are coding ninjas 😉 You don’t see us but we’re there.

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