Mantra FAQs

A. Legal

A1. Is the theme free?

A2. Is the theme released under GPL license?

A3. Can I remove the copyright text in the footer?

A4. But I really need to remove the copyright. I’m doing this site for my employer/company/grandmother and I have to. Is there no other way?

B. Compatibility

B1. What browsers does the theme work on?

See question E1 for specific theme information.

B2. Is the theme responsive?

See question E2 for specific theme information.

B3. What version(s) of WordPress is the theme compatible with?

See question E3 for specific theme information.

C. Functionality

C0. Pages? posts? presentation page?

Apparently you’re not accustomed to WordPress’ structure, so lets take this from the beginning…

WordPress allows you to display various… let’s call them areas, or sections.
In a particular area/section, you can display 1 ‘page‘, 1 ‘posts‘ or ‘a lists of posts‘ (the pages and posts are the content you add/edit/control).

Also, the menu items (created automatically by WordPress or manually added by you) link to these areas/sections.

What users see when they get to your http://url_here/ site is the ‘homepage‘. That’s just a particular area/section. WordPress lets you configure this to display either a ‘list of posts‘ or a ‘page‘.
The theme adds one more option here, letting you display the ‘presentation page‘ (not actually a ‘page‘ in the WordPress sense but more like another area/section).

As plain obvious as this sounds – you can only set one of these to be the ‘homepage‘ at one time. Your users will only see one ‘homepage‘, what you configured it to be: the ‘list of posts‘, the ‘page‘, or the theme’s ‘presentation page‘.

If you set the theme to display the ‘presentation page‘ on the ‘homepage‘, obviously, the ‘list of blogs‘ will not be visible anymore. Well, the theme takes care of this by providing another option (described in the C17 question) with which you can create a ‘page‘ (note the term) which will ‘list posts‘. This is not the actual ‘list of posts‘ used by WordPress on its ‘homepage‘ but rather a copy. Nonetheless, it provides the same functionality.

Now, to get to all these ‘pages‘, ‘posts‘ or ‘homepage‘ a visitor (or you) would need to know the actual links… and this would be crazy. This is where the menu comes in.
Wordpress will automatically list all your ‘pages‘ in its main menu by default. But at many times this is not preferred or liked.

This is where ‘custom menus‘ come in.

Using a custom menu you can add whichever ‘items‘ (buttons/links/elements) you want in your menu, each of those ‘items‘ linking to one area/section (‘page‘ or ‘post‘) or external URL.

Now, as a custom case scenario, you’d probably want one an ‘item‘ (button/link/element) to point to your ‘homepage‘ (which in this particular case is set to be the ‘presentation page‘), one to point to your ‘lists of posts‘ custom ‘page‘, and perhaps others to link to other ‘pages‘.

And depending on what content you add to your ‘presentation page‘, the ‘homepage‘ will also point to various ‘post‘s and ‘page‘s around the site… (or none at all)

Best way for you to get accustomed to all this is to first use WordPress’ built-in functionality (and leave the presentation page disabled). Once you learn how various changes/edits you make in the backend affect your visible site, you can move up to using the theme’s more powerful options.

C1. I cannot change the layout in the Theme Settings?

You’re probably using Internet Explorer. Try another browser and you’ll be fine.

C2. How do I use a different font than the ones that are available with the theme?

If you need any other fonts beside what the theme and Google Fonts offer, you’ll have to do it yourself by editing files or using plugins.

C3. How do I remove the paragraph indent?

There’s an option to disable that in the theme settings > Text Settings section.

C4. My post titles and headers have extra padding or spacing. How do I remove that?

There’s an option to disable that in the theme settings > Text Settings section.

C5. I want to disable a background colour / What happens if I delete the colour code inside a colour input field?

If it’s a background color field – that area will become transparent.
If it’s a text color field – the default color for that text will be used (either browser default or inherited from parent HTML element).

C6. How do I hide page titles?

There’s an option to hide them in the theme settings > Graphics Settings section.

C7. How do I hide the “Comments are closed” or the “Comments off” texts that appears on my site’s pages and in the post metas respectively?

There are options in the theme settings > Graphics Settings section to hide those.

C8. How do I hide the text under the comment form?

There’s an option in the theme settings > Graphics Settings section to hide that.

C9. How do I disable comment forms altogether?

We made a small tutorial about that, available here.

C10. How do I disable displaying posts on the presentation page?

There’s an option for that in the theme settings > Presentation Page.

C11. How do I use an image for the site header and also hide the site title & description? / Why does my browser displays a dash as the site title?

You can set the site header via the Appearance > Header section. Just make sure your image is the proper size, otherwise it will be cropped or distorted.

The “Site Title” option under theme settings > Header Settings allows you to chose between the classic “Site title and description”, the custom “Site Logo” (which you can upload separately from the background header image), the specific “Clickable header image” and the basic “Empty” (nothing at all).

No matter if you chose to display the site title and description or not, still make sure the “Site Title” and “Tagline” fields are filled in under Settings > General, otherwise you will see a stray dash in the browser title. This is no longer the case in the latest theme versions.

If you do wish to hide the previously filled in site title and tagline from the site header area, just set the option to anything but “Site title and description” – logo (if you have one), clickable header (if you’ve set a header image) or empty will all do.

C12. How do I make the site’s header image clickable and link to the homepage?

You need to set the “Site Header” option to “Clickable header image” in the theme settings > Header Settings section.

C13. How do I set my own favicon?

You can upload and use your own custom favicon. The option is in theme settings > Header Settings.

Make sure you take into account browsers’ limitations concerning filetypes and caching (some browsers don’t display a changed favicon instantly).

C14. Can I edit the style.css file to my linking?

You can but you shouldn’t –  all theme files are replaced on updates (added files are removed). You should place simple custom CSS in the theme’s Custom CSS input field found in theme settings » Miscellaneous section.

For heavy modifications, consider using a child theme.

C15. How do I set different layouts / sidebars on different pages/posts/categories?

The theme has a specific way of controlling sidebars:

  • the Layout option in the theme settings sets the general layout structure for the entire site (this applies to all sections, including categories, homepage, specific post, page, tag, archive, author, so on.); the layout option provides 6 layouts:
  1. one column, no sidebars – will display only the content area
  2. two columns, sidebar on the left – will display content plus the left sidebar
  3. two columns, sidebar on the right – will display content plus the right sidebar
  4. two columns, sidebars on the left – will display content plus both sidebars on the left
  5. three columns, sidebars on the right – will display content plus both sidebars on the right
  6. three columns, sided – will display content plus a sidebar on each side of the content

* the general layout option should be set to the layout most (all) of the categories/posts should use

  • each page can use a separate layout structure, by using a specific page template for that page; the available options are the same as the ones available for the general layout option; when creating/editing a page select the desired page template from the page templates list on the right to make that particular page look differently than the general layout.

Notes: the presentation page does not display sidebars; also, there is no way to set specific categories / posts / tags / author / archives to use a different layout than the general one.

C16. How do I add more than 5 slides on the presentation page?

You can define up to 5 custom slides, but you can also set the slider to grab the slides from:

  • latests X posts
  • X random posts
  • latest X sticky posts
  • latest X posts from category
  • random X posts from category
  • specific posts (by ID)

where X is a configurable count.

To make slider compatible posts it is required to add a post featured image (which will be used as the slide image). Make sure the featured images are of proper size (the same one as the slider is configured). The post title and post excerpt will be used for the slide caption if defined.

C17. How do I use both the presentation page and the blog page?

If you’ve enabled the presentation page and also want to create a blog page (like the default WordPress homepage), create a new empty page and choose “Blog Template (Posts Page)” as the page template.

Then add a link to that page in your menu(s) (if it isn’t displayed automatically).

C18. How do I re-order / rename / re-arrange my menu items?

This is not really theme-related functionality. To (absolutely) control your menu and menu items, we recommend using a custom menu.

We wrote a small tutorial on using custom menus here.

C19. How do I add my own styling/CSS? What is that ‘custom CSS’ you’re talking about?

We recommend to never modify the theme’s style.css file, as you will lose any changes you make to it at the next update (or you are forced to never update, losing out on all the bugfixes, improvements, features and new bugs added :) )

We have created a special input field dedicated for your own CSS right in theme’s settings page. You’ll find it by going to Appearance > [theme] Settings, then expanding the Miscellaneous Section by clicking on it. The Custom CSS field is a bit further down. (Screenshot)

As an extra feature, you can also type in your own custom JavaScript code (like Google Analytics or any other JS you need to load in your header) into the field right below, titled Custom JavaScript.

C20. I want to add my own HTML to the presentation page / Why is my custom HTML stripped?

The theme uses WordPress’ built-in sanitation function to strip potentially harmful HTML data. Each field in the settings uses the wp_kses_data() function to sanitize user inputed content. (WordPress Codex has a good explanation concerning sanitation usage)

This is required for the theme to achieve approval by the WordPress theme reviewing team.

For a list of (default) accepted HTML tags and attributes, see the header of WordPress’ kses.php file.

This default behaviour can be overridden using plugins, theme or WordPress modding.

As far as modding the theme is concerned, you can edit the theme/admin/sanitize.php file and inside the [..]_options_validate() function you can remove the wp_kses_data() processing on every field you wish to remove the sanitation from (the field names are pretty much self explanatory).

Keep in mind these changes can affect your WordPress security.

Note: The presentation page columns and the 2 text areas below support shortcodes. The two titles above and below the slider do not.

C21. Translations? Multilanguage?

The theme is “translation ready“. This means it supports WordPress’ built-in translations functionality, allowing you to translate it into your own language without editing a single theme file. If someone was kind enough to send us a translation in your language, you may be lucky to find it already there. Otherwise see our “how to translate” part I & part II tutorials.

Multilanguage” is a different notion. It means your site will have its content in several languages at once, being accessible to readers in various native languages. A theme doesn’t need to support multilanguage content since this is not its job. This functionality is only provided in WordPress by additional plugins. The theme should be compatible with all multi-language plugins, however, at the time of writing this, only one plugin is capable of translating the theme’s presentation page special fields – qTranslate – using its “quick tags” functionality. If you find other plugins capable of supporting multi-language translations of the presentation page fields, do let us know.


C22. My site is missing all/most of the colours / My site lost colours after modifying theme settings

This is most likely caused by a poorly written plugin that is loading it’s functionality on top of the theme’s own code.
First off, navigate and click on one of the theme’s colour fields – notice if two colour selectors pop up instead of one. If the answer is yes, then you will need to figure out the problematic plugin (by switching all plugins on/off) and disable it.
Secondly, check that all the colour fields have the leading ‘#’. If not, add it back where it’s missing and save settings. If the # sign is removed after the save, this may also be caused by a plugin. Switch all plugins off/on to check for the culprit and disable it.

C23. How can I center my menu?

You’ll find the left / right / center menu alignment option under Graphics Settings.

C24. How do I add another social icon?

See question E4 for theme specific information.

C25. Why is my site wider / have a scrollbar when viewing it in landscape mode on a tablet?

Our themes use the 800 pixels limit at which they switch between responsive and desktop mode.

Viewing the site on a screen at least 801 pixels wide will render the full width / desktop version (as configured in the theme settings); viewing the same site on a screen 800pixels wide (or smaller) will render the responsive site.

This number is not chosen randomly. This is usually the smallest value users would chose as general site width.

Using a bigger number for this limit (for example 1000px) would mean everyone who configures their site to a smaller with (for example 800px) will have their site enlarged (and most likely with broken layout) when viewing it on a mobile device with a screen resolution wider than the configured site width.

C26. Twitter/Google/Facebook/insert-social-service-here does not grab or grabs incorrect images from my site

Are you using one of our themes and Twitter/Google+/Facebook/insert-social-site-here grab the wrong featured image from your site (or don’t grab an image at all)?

Most social services use something called OpenGraph to grab content from your site. This is how they know to read the correct title, text and featured image from your posts. And when they don’t find this data they try to parse the source of your site and grab whatever they believe is relevant (such as the first image, even when it may not be relevant to the actual post).

We’ve considered adding code in your themes for serving OpenGraph data, but this is a grey area as far as WordPress rules are concerned. To receive approval into the WordPress directory, among other things a theme should NOT integrate plugin functionality.

Fortunately, this functionality is already included in existing plugins, one of which we found to work perfectly with our themes – WordPress SEO by Yoast – which we highly recommend (even though they pay us no money ;) )


D. Updates

D1. Are my hard-worked settings kept during an update?

Theme settings (together with the Custom CSS and Custom JS field contents) are kept during updates.
File modifications (changes to style.css, to theme files or newly added files) in the theme folder are lost on update (this is default WordPress behaviour).

Consider using the custom CSS / JS fields or resorting to child themes for your extra customizations.

Important note: Since you can never have enough backups – and just to be on the safe side – use the Export Settings button (in theme settings) to save a complete backup of all theme settings before updating.

D4. I just updated and all my customizations are gone. How do I get them back?

Unfortunately, you should have used the “Custom CSS” field, a custom CSS plugin, or a child theme to make your changes. Any changes done directly on the theme files (style.css, js files or php files) are lost after an update. This is default WordPress behaviour and cannot be changed.

Theme settings, including the contents of the “Custom CSS” field, are kept between updates.

The only way to get your customizations back is to grab the files out of a backup. If you do not have a backup, then you’re out of luck. Sorry!

E. Specific questions

E1 (B1) What browsers does Mantra work on?

Mantra is compatible with all major browsers. Mantra has been tested on and looks the same way in: Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari and… Internet Explorer 9+.
While the theme looks good on IE 8 we advise against it especially in the admin section of Mantra (the Mantra Settings). Older versions of IE are not supported and most likely don’t display correctly.

E2 (B2). How does Mantra look on mobile browsers?

We also tested it on a several handheld device browsers and it all looks good. We are still awaiting reports.

As of version 2.0.3 Mantra is completely responsive (if the “Mobile View” option is enabled) on all mobile browsers.

E3 (B3). What version(s) of WordPress is Mantra compatible with?

If you’re using a version of WordPress earlier than 3.3 then the last working Mantra version is 1.7.0 – download here.

If you’re using WordPress 3.3 or newer you should be fine with Mantra versions 1.7.1. to 1.9.8.

WordPress at least 3.5 is recommended for Mantra 2.0 and newer.
Mantra 2.x will also work on WordPress 3.4, but some features will be disabled or limited.

E4. How do I add another social icon in Mantra?

Extra social icons can be added or existing social icons images can be changed using a child theme.

For the purpose of the examples, lets assume you will be creating a “NewSocial” icon (Note: capitalization matters. Keep the same capitalization in all the occurrences).

0. Download the sample extra socials child theme[for Mantra v2.0.2 and older] or [for Mantra v2.0.3 and newer]

1. Find an image for you new social that fits in with the existing icons you will be using. Create a 37×37 pixels transparent PNG for it. Place that image as mantra-extrasocials/images/socials/NewSocial.png

2. Edit the provided functions.php file to define/rename your new social icon(s). Your new social icon(s) will then appear in Mantra’s administration page (Appearance > Mantra Settings) and once you enable it (them) also on the website.

3. Install the child theme via WordPress or manually upload the mantra-extrasocials folder to your wp-content/themes site’s folder. Using a child theme makes sure you will not lose your changes on theme updates. Use it as the basis for all your future customization or merge the contents of the functions.php file (and the images folder) with your existing child theme.

4. Activate the new child theme in Appearance > Themes. As you theoretically changed themes, you will need to re-assign the following things (if they were previously set): background image, header image, menu(s) association(s).

PS: If you want to add more than one custom social icon, edit the new socials array to include the extra socials array('NewSocial','NewSocial2') and so on.

PS2: You can use this child theme to only customize the social icons images, by adding all your custom images in the mantra-extrasocials/images/socials/ folder (using exactly the same name as the originals) and leaving the new socials array empty: array().

E5 (C18). Where are the menu font/colour options?

There are no options to control the menu beyond its background colour. These options will eventually show up, but until then, you’ll have to use custom CSS (entered in the Custom CSS field in Miscellaneous options) to customize the menu:

- menu items background colour:
#access ul li { background-color: #aabbcc; }

- menu items colour and font:
#access ul li a { color: #aabbcc; font-family: Helvetica }

- active menu item background colour:
#access ul li.current_page_item, #access ul li.current-menu-item { background-color: #aabbcc; }

- active menu item colour and font:
#access ul li.current_page_item a, #access ul li.current-menu-item a { color: #aabbcc; font-family: Helvetica; }

- menu item background colour on hover:
#access ul li:hover { background-color: #aabbcc; }

- menu item colour and font on hover:
#access ul li a:hover { color: #aabbcc; font-family: Helvetica; }

- sub-menu items background colour:
#access ul ul li { background-color: #aabbcc; }

- sub-menu items text colour and font:
#access ul ul a, #access ul ul ul a { color: #aabbcc; font-family: Arial; }

- sub-menu items background colour on hover:
#access ul ul li:hover, #access ul ul ul li:hover { background-color: #aabbcc; }

- sub-menu items text colour and font on hover:
#access ul ul li a:hover, #access ul ul li:hover a { color: #aabbcc; font-family: Arial; }


E6. Why do my (child theme) page templates display the wrong sidebars?

There is currently a limitation concerning the ability to add new page templates (either directly to Mantra or using child themes):

One can override existing page templates in child themes (using the same filename), but any differently named templates will not correctly respect the sidebar settings.

We hope to fix and improve this behaviour in the 2.0 a later release.

E7. How do I define a link for the Skype social icon? callto:// doesn’t work

If you’re trying to use the callto:// link for the Skype social icon you probably noticed already that it doesn’t work.

This is a limitation caused by WordPress’ sanitation function that we have to use for all user inputed content (see question C20 above).

We thank Tracy for finding a workaround for this limitation:

  1. Go to (other common services didn’t work).
  2. Type callto:SkypeID and generate the TinyURL.
  3. Copy the
  4. Paste the URL into the Skype Social Media Settings field.
  5. Save and test.

Clicking the icon opens a TinyURL preview page, which displays the full callto:SkypeID. Click Proceed to this site to launch the Skype call process. (This assumes you’ve previously enabled the option to launch it from Skype Advanced settings.)

This workaround is no longer needed starting with version 2.0.3, which allows you to type in the skype ID directly and will properly display the callto://skype_id link on the frontend.

E8. Can I use Mantra with other blogging software?

The Mantra Theme package works only on the WordPress platform.
However a Blogger version of Mantra has been created (not by us) and you’ll find it here .
We don’t offer any kind of support for it as we develop only for WordPress.

E9 (D2). Where did my presentation page went to after the update?

If after updating from a pre-1.9 version you can’t see your presentation page, go to the WordPress admin » Settings » Reading and switch the Front page displays to its default value which is Your latest posts.

This is no longer the case since 1.9.7 as the presentation page is now visible when enabled no matter the WordPress setting.
If you need some other page to show your blog posts just edit that page and choose Blog Template as page template.

Make sure your “Frontpage displays” is set to “Latest posts” under Settings > Reading.

E10 (D3). After updating from a pre-1.9.4 version my sidebar is malfunctioning

This can happen because v1.9.4 changed the page template names. You need to edit all the pages that display the issue (the sidebar being out of place) and select the “Default Template” (or whichever other template you want to use for that page) and click Update. This will reset the page template to use the new template name.

E11 (D5). Why are my featured images gone after updating to

So you’ve updated to and your featured images are gone and you think this is a bug. Actually, it isn’t. It’s in fact a fix of a previous bug (which, apparently, you were using to make Mantra behave in a particular way).

The bug consisted in the fact that full posts used to display both the featured image and any images inside the post – which is bad.

The new behaviour is to display featured images only in “excerpt” view, not full post view. So in case you are using the <!–more–> tag, you are actually viewing full posts, not excerpt, so your featured images will not be displayed.

To resolve this, you need to either switch to “excerpt view” (and set the desired excerpts to posts) or insert the desired (featured) image at the beginning of the posts (specifically before the “more” tag), so it gets displayed on the website.

E12 (D6). Mantra Settings page no longer works after updating to 2.0

In version 2.0 we changed the behaviour of the Settings page to no longer display anything when jQuery fails as a lot of the elements on the settings page are dependent on jQuery functioning properly (otherwise a lot of unexpected behaviour can occur). We also added functionally that relies on the jQuery UI library version included with WordPress 3.5. As such, Mantra’s 2.0 settings page will to work on older WordPress versions.

If you are using WordPress older than 3.5, please update to the latest version. If you cannot update, use Mantra

If you are using WordPress 3.5 or newer and your settings page fails to function, you are probably seeing some interference between a plugin and WordPress’ jQuery, making Mantra’s accordion fail. If you use your browser’s web development tools you should see javascript errors. Try to figure out the plugin causing the issue.

Another way is to disable all your installed plugins (this should make the settings page functional again) and then re-enable them one by one until Mantra’s Settings page fails to work again to see which plugin is the issue.

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  25. Thomas says:

    Sorry but i can’t find where i can change the space between two lines when i’m writing someting on a page… i found nothing in “Mantra Settings / Text”.. Thanks.

    And when i put a picture, i suppose that’s it possible to write on her right side & center the text.. didn’t find yet how to do it.

    Thanks for all !


  26. camibrite says:

    There is a small bug with the social icon display on the current version – no matter what one selects for where to make the socials display, the checkboxes for top right corner and lower right corner will be checked after saving (including any other choices).

    Also, I noticed that the images for facebook, twitter, etc. are out of date – will the correct versions be rolled out in the next version? Thanks!

  27. gb67 says:

    I’m trying to get short codes to display in the widgets, but after I add the line
    add_filter(‘widget_text’, ‘shortcode_unautop’);
    to the functions.php the short code does not display. Do you have any restrictions on using shortcodes in the widgets?

  28. Assaf says:


    I would like to know whether this theme is RTL-compatible.


  29. fixitmommy says:

    I love this theme! Thank you! Here’s my dumb question. I added a table, but am not smart enough to get a background color to show up. On the back end, it’s pretty colored but when I publish, it’s all white. (it’s a huge listing of classes, I want to alternate a background color with white on every other row). Can you please point me in the right direction?

  30. met00 says:

    I have looked everywhere, but have been unable to find any pagination control. The bottom of the posts does not have a “see older posts” so that all that shows is the lst N posts without any way to get to older posts. This is true on the “splash” or “presentation” page but not in the archives page.

    Is there a way to have pagination within the presentation page?

    • met00 says:

      In addition, I have specific “post information settings” set as on (the default ones) yet my posts are not displaying the heading information.

      • met00 says:

        Looked at content-quote.php and noticed that the class differed from the class in content.php so I in content.php I changed:


        Now I am getting

        By [Author name] | February 12, 2014 – 4:04 pm | [list of categories]

        Which is good, except in the post information settings in the Mantra control interface I have set the time to not display. Which is a bad thing.

        So, it appears that this code in content.php is NOT being displayed because of the entry-meta class is either not being set or being set to display none. But, the time of the post being picked up when the time is set to not display in the mantra interface is still a problem.

        I also have concerns that the changes will be overwritten when the next release comes out and I update the theme.

      • Zed says:

        Make sure the “meta bar” is also enabled, as it includes almost all other meta information in it.

    • Zed says:

      The theme does not currently have such functionality. We may add it in a future version.

  31. stephan says:

    Is it possible to add a picture/thumbnail slider to the widget area in the sidebar?

  32. I am having an issue with not being able to uncheck the social media buttons on the top right corner of the header. Each time I uncheck it and save the settings it doesn’t work. Is there something else I need to do. I currently have social media buttons on my logo.


  33. Andrea says:

    I am happy with everything about this template except for the color of the drop down menu on the mobile version and the submit button on the contact page. Both are showing as white on light grey and are difficult to read. Do you know where I could change the colors? I have already tried the Tempera settings color options.

  34. srkraag says:

    Is there anyway we can put a video in the slider ?

  35. lgiacom121 says:

    how do I move the location of the text box that is located on the slider?

  36. Victor says:

    The sliders are gone. I know they are there some where but they don’t display. What do I do to make them appear?

  37. David B says:

    What’s new in 2.3.3?
    Is there somewhere where update details are announced?

  38. Andi says:

    Fantastic theme…I love it! One question: Whenever I want to post or pin one of my blog posts to Pinterest, Facebook, etc, I always get an “access denied” or “we cannot fetch the picture” message. Is there a setting in Mantra that will fix this issue? Thanks so much!

  39. J W Nelson says:

    Mantra is awesome. But how do I disable/turn off the menu tabs entirely? (My navigation is done via page listing in sidebar.) THANKS!

  40. Please let me know if there is a way to assign a featured image to the presentation page.

    Whenever someone mentions my site in a Facebook post, the header image is picked up with the link. It is a wide and narrow image that I would like to replace with a nice, square (201×201 px size) one. Thank you.

  41. tina says:

    I also had the same question as harold.. the site looks terrible on mobile, i was wondering if it’s possible to take the mobile format out of the entire site (i created a separate mobile app for this site) or somehow make it look..better?

  42. Kimberly says:

    Is there a way to make the white background on the presentation page (where the post images are) go away or at least be a different color?

  43. The theme is excellent. I have used it for several sites but I have one question regarding the responsiveness on mobile phones. The text in a message or on a page is viewing too large although the setting and view on a computer looks great. I do not like this and I notice that in some occasions the text is small (and nice) and sometimes it is large (not nice). Anyone an idea?

  44. – Tried entering Google Analytics code into Custom JS area, but Google would not verify. I installed the “Google Analytics” plugin, which only allows the ID number, which works, but I’d rather have the actual code working.

  45. Stephen T says:

    How can we add text over the header image? So if we upload a custom logo and a custom header image and would like to put custom text.. is that possible?

  46. jobes says:

    Zed, need to change the Page Column fronted, has as leaving there to add up to 4 columns, but having the option to add more lines?
    could you help me, or appoint someone to do it myself.
    I changed the files (and theme-settings.php frontpage.php) but do not have the patience of trying to solve it.

    Zed, preciso alterar Page Column da fronted, tem como deixar-lá para adicionar até 4 colunas, mas, ter a opção de adicionar mais linhas?
    você poderia me ajudar, ou me indicar alguem que faça isso.
    eu alterei os arquivos (settings.php e o theme-frontpage.php) mas nao tenho paciencia de ficar tentando resolver isso.

  47. Andrew says:

    What HTML code do I use to center text on the presentation page under the columns – extra text – Ive tried several and none work to center the text

  48. Ray McNamara says:

    How can I increase the Presentation Page Column items from the standard 4 to say 9?


    RaySparra Mc

  49. Heidi Bille says:

    I would like to add 3 or 4 images on Presentation Page – where to find exact measurements – I can see Hight but not Width?

  50. Q-Bert says:

    Thanks for the great theme. How can I change the footer to a fixed one which sticks to the bottom of the screen ?

  51. Muad_Dib says:


    I come again with a different problem this time. I selected the layout with 3 column, one sidebar on each side. I see that in the settings page you mentioned each sidebar will have half of the width selected in the settings. Is there a possibility to change this behavior and make each sidebar of a specified width?

    Best regards,

  52. Madebymaus says:

    Thnx for the great WP Theme.
    Reading about code changes disappear with updates, what is de best way to add Head changes for Meta tags?
    For example the adding of Facebooks OG tags.

  53. Jordan says:

    I love this theme! There are 5 social media icons, is there a way to add a 6th? I saw your response in adding your own image, but I just want an additional option. Is this beyond easy and I just cant figure it out?

  54. Nupsi says:

    “Read more” not working?!

    Hi, I can´t get the read more-function to work with the mantra-theme. I entered my phrase “Weiterlesen” in the mantra settings, but the link is´nt visible on the excerpts?! Any idea how to solve this?

    Thanks a lot and best regards

  55. Adam says:


    I’m running a 3 column layout and when I add widgets to the right-hand column a number “1” appears at the top of the right hand column. I can’t seem to figure out where this is coming from. Can you help?


  56. Heidi Bille says:

    How/where do I change the text in my “Leave a Reply”? I want to change the language to danish?

  57. Steve says:

    Is there a way to change the direction the submenus slide out from? I have a lot of submenus that slide out to the right but now they’re going off the page. Is there a way to make some slide to the left when they come close to the right edge?

  58. Irene says:

    How do I disable the image border for some images? I want the border around normal images, but for example for buttons I don’t want a border.

  59. Angelika says:

    How do I hide sub-categories? I just want them to show when I click on the head-category.

  60. Steve says:

    Loving this theme but having problems with a simple h2 font change. I can remove the text shading from #content .entry-title so figure I’m in the right place but when I add font-family:arial; the font doesn’t update. Any clues?

  61. Steve Fodor says:

    How do I change the footer on the post – not wanting to remove the Mantra copyright info but want to add my company name, address and contact details. Should be easy but either (a) it is not easy, or (b) I am dumb. Help!

  62. EZ says:

    Hi People of Mantra,
    Thanks you for the great theme…
    I am not having great experience yet, but will come hopefully and wondering if you could assist.

    I am trying to add some html with the to the header, however this didn’t work when I add the example.php and the header.php in the childfolder.
    I have seeking for the solution and found the question,
    I want to add my own HTML to the presentation page / Why is my custom HTML stripped?

    but I unfortunately I am not sure if I ahve understand it, could you please be more clear..?

    I want jusr to add some html.


    • Zed says:

      An “example.php” file would do nothing in a child theme. If you want to modify the header, copy the header.php file from Mantra to the child theme and then edit it (but make sure you don’t leave errors in the code or you’ll break your entire site).

      Not all fields on the presentation page support HTML; for example, the two titles above&below the slider don’t. They’re supposed to be a simple short text, not advanced HTML.

      You should be able to add most HTML into the columns texts and the two extra text areas below.

  63. Muad_Dib says:


    Is it possible to have a presentation page enabled, with blog grid below it and in the same time to show the site sidebar?

    Best regards,

  64. Mike says:

    I am testing Mantra theme on WP3.6.1 and it looks great. On Android mobile, the column images on the presentation page appear stretched vertically, but when I resize an IE browser to make it responsive, the images appear correctly.

  65. Rivhard says:

    Could someone help me to change the deafult language of Mantra Child from FRENCH to ENGLISH.

  66. Kenny says:

    The last upgrade has broken my blog page…
    I’m using the Mantra theme with a child theme, and after upgrading it, have this at the header of each post on the blog page. Warning: Missing argument 2 for mantra_more_link() in /home3/dawgsweb/public_html/wp-content/themes/mantra/includes/theme-loop.php on line 78

    I’ve switched back to the Mantra theme and have the same problem.

  67. The footer widget area doesn’t work in my WP 3.6.1. I already wrote. I tried to add qtranslate widget and other but nothing appear except the title bar (Language, Meta or similar) This happen whatever the footer area selected. I update to 2.2 but is the same, no widget in the footer area. Any hints?

  68. Sam A. Gallo says:

    I have used the plugin “Slick Slideshow” now some 12 times. For some reason, the latest time, didn’t work. Copied and pasted the scrip from a working website. No good. Images are all the right size because they are the ones being used in the working websites. Aim me, need help.

  69. Jo says:


    This one issue drives me bananas…

    Is there a possibility to get rid white space that meant for title and text under the slider images?

    Thank in advance!

  70. Kristine says:

    Hi there,

    How do I change the background color of the Extra Text on the Presentation Page?


  71. fly sky says:

    How do I change the background color here? The white place… I need it to be transparent

  72. HELP!!!
    Can you add a youtube video to the Mantra slider?
    Can i delete the mantra slider and upload a slider plugin to the homepage/presentation page?
    Many Thanks

  73. blueirisaustin says:

    Hi. First, I love how versatile and easy Mantra is to use.

    Do you think Yelp will ever be added to the Social Media Settings choices? I run a business and this could definitely come in handy. Right now, I have a Yelp icon and link in my sidebar.


  74. Eve says:

    Hi Mantra team,

    Thanks for a great product and the customization options. Two questions:

    I am not able to get my header to be responsive/look correct on all browsers. I have tried several options/methods/sizes, and it still gets wonky on some devices.

    Also, I cannot get the slider images to be consistent across devices. They are all cropped differently depending on if it’s a phone, ipad, pc, ect.

    Thanks in advance!

  75. John Roper says:

    I’m trying to change the background of the slides in the Parabol presentation page to my own pictures, I can’t get them to change, I go into slide 1 and browse to get picture from my PC or wordpress library, then when i try to upload it in place of the Parabol images it just freezes all the time, and ideas would be great on this resolution

  76. mazzy says:

    Hey there!

    Absolutely love the theme and I’ve managed to fix some probs that I’ve encounter thanks to the faqs but i’d like to find out if there is a way for the links in the slider to open in a new tab or window?

    Many thanks <3 <3

  77. Don says:

    Hi. Trying to change the font of the site-title but css doesn’t appear to have any effect. Can you help me out? -Don

  78. definitio says:

    In Parabola, how can I set the Tags NOT to appear in category/blog pages, but have them display only in article/post pages?

    Also, Is it possible to have the Previous/Next articles displayed above the post, instead of below it, in Parabola?

  79. Habeebi says:


    I am using Local News WP Theme. When I Post something it says

    Warning: Missing argument 2 for wp_kses(), called in /home/content/37/11636837/html/thasbeeh/wp-content/themes/localnews/functions/cutom_meta_boxes.php on line 122 and defined in /home/content/37/11636837/html/thasbeeh/wp-includes/kses.php on line 476

    Warning: Missing argument 2 for wp_kses(), called in /home/content/37/11636837/html/thasbeeh/wp-content/themes/localnews/functions/cutom_meta_boxes.php on line 122 and defined in /home/content/37/11636837/html/thasbeeh/wp-includes/kses.php on line 476

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/37/11636837/html/thasbeeh/wp-includes/kses.php:476) in /home/content/37/11636837/html/thasbeeh/wp-admin/post.php on line 222

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/37/11636837/html/thasbeeh/wp-includes/kses.php:476) in /home/content/37/11636837/html/thasbeeh/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 875

    Please tell me how to fix it?

  80. essd2013 says:

    Still cannot get header to go full width of page. How do I do it without using any CSS code?

    • Zed says:

      You cannot get the header to go full width of the page with Mantra. A lot of custom work is needed to accomplish that.

      • essd2013 says:

        But the same header was full width when I first set up the website with Mantra. Then I had problems with some plugins, and just decided to start from scratch again. Now it won’t go full width. Any ideas?

        • Zed says:

          Don’t confuse full width header with relative sizes. You’re using the relative size for the website and set it to 100%. That means the website is always as wide as the screen it is viewed on.
          Now you need a header image that will match all available screen sizes (resolutions) your visitors will ever have. A wide (at least 1080px) header image would probably fit most visitors. But note that this image will be cropped in width when viewed on smaller screens.

  81. shinzei says:

    Hello, I just downloaded the theme Mantra for use on my personal wordpress blog and I am trying to customize it. I uploaded a wrong header and would like to remove it from Header Settings > Define Header Image, but I cannot remove the specific uploaded header. I went into my file folder and deleted all the images of that header, but in Define Header Image, it still shows up (as broken image). What should I do to remove it entirely? I want to use Random Header option, but then this will make the broken image link be randomized to show up as well?

    • shinzei says:

      Also, is there a way to separately configure the tagline or description of the blog (in the Site Header). Now in Mantra Settings, I can only set “Header Spacing” which affects the title of my blog, but I have no way to move the description around. I want it to be under the title, not to the right.

      Thank you.

    • Kay says:

      The header image is changed or removed by going to Appearance Header. In the Mantra Settings you only upload a logo.
      Also, to move the site description underneath the site title add this to the Custom CSS area:


  82. I have Mantra version, and WordPress 3.6, and the Mantra Settings config page is not working. The buttons all show up reading “layout settings, header settings, etc” but are not able to be clicked. Please help, I have 5 websites running this theme!

  83. Hey friends,
    wonderful theme, many many thanx!
    Is anybody online who can tell me how to chande the OME Link behind the Custom Logo in the Header? The logo links to the homepage itself, but I want it to link somewhere else…
    We can’t find the phrases where to change it :-(
    Thank you so much for a response and have a nice day!

  84. Anthony Rooney says:

    Mantra CSS Issue
    I would like to change the font colour of the Site Title and Site Description in the Mantra theme via the style.css and editing the rules for the ID tags “Site-Title” and “Site-Description” is not having any effect on the colour displayed as expected. If I change the font size within this css section the size is applied as expected but not the colour. I cannot figure out where the Mantra Theme is getting it’s CSS rule and applying the font colour settings. When I open the site in Chrome and select the site description text from the header and chose Inspect Element it shows that it is getting a colour #999999 however if I search the style.css this colour is nowhere in the file. Chrome seem to see the css rule in :49 folder and the rule in the style.css has a red line through it. It appears that the Mantra style.css has many conflicts and how do I troubleshoot it is it is structure in this way? Shouldn’t the #Site-Description rule not apply and if not what is the point of this ID tag?

  85. Tracy says:

    I love your theme. I want only two menu tabs; home and about me. I want home to be running blog posts. I have posts there now, but they are in TWO columns on that page and I just want ONE, but I can’t see where change it. The flexibility this theme has is awesome. Thank you!

  86. Hi, my first post somehow didn’t make it onto the board. So here we go again. I have one question: I want to use a certain font from Google Fonts API. Tried to copy into “Misc.” “Custom CSS” section to no effect. Could you please point me in the right direction.
    Mantra is a great theme-keep up the great work.

    • Zed says:

      You cannot add extra Google fonts declarations (the

      If you want to use a particular Google font on the site, go to the Text Settings section and paste in just the name of the font in the field next to the area you want it to apply to.

      If you want to use a Google font in a very specific/custom way, you'll need to manually include the declaration into the header of the theme and then use custom css to apply that font on certain areas/elements. Just copy the header.php file from Mantra to your child theme (which you SHOULD use) and make the changes there.
      There’s probably some plugin out there for including Google fonts, but I don’t know any names to recommend.

  87. Hi there. I love the Mantra theme. I’m trying to use Google API fonts. Where exactly in the template do I have to copy the code (using theme editor) which should be in the header section, right? There’s no index.html file to copy to.I hope that makes sense. So to sum up, where exactly does the below code go?

    Again you guys are awesome and I want to thank you for all the hard and creative work you do.

  88. Ameer says:

    Dear Mantra Team, I have posted one request on “Free Forum >>> How To >>> Green Check” . Appreciate if you could look into it and let me know the solution
    Thanks :)

  89. Love the Mantra theme – THANK YOU!
    All was working well when all of a sudden, after updating, an extra slide appeared. Under appearance/ mantra settings/ presentation page/ slider settings, the number of slides is set to 5 yet there are 6 on the page. Changed it to 3 and there were four on the page. Can’t seem to find anyone else with this issue. Any advice, please?

  90. budthapa says:

    I am in love with Mantra theme. I just want to know if it is possible to add banner image or text around the slider in the presentation page because there are lot of available space. I don’t want to resize the slider image, default is ok. Waiting for your quick response. Thanks

  91. Robert says:

    Mantra is a very good theme. But I have a question. Can I set the Mantra theme display thumbnails in an RSS feed? Do I need to add a piece of code in the file function.php?
    Yours sincerely

  92. Humun says:

    My site has two column layout of which one is sidebar. But I want a page to be appear without the sidebar having the full width. Please tell how to fix.

  93. Justin says:

    Hi, i’m having an issue with the mobile version of my site. specifically with my “blog” page. It renders fine in my full site – but in the mobile site there is nothing, except the comments and share. Am I doing something wrong? Is anybody else having this issue. I’ve really loved mantra so far, but when I got to america and got a smart mobile device, I found out I’m not happy with its responsiveness. :( Looking forward to a Response.

  94. Boss Man says:

    I can get comments even with Jetpack. Help!! (Please)

  95. Inkan says:

    Hi! I want to change the height of the slider & featured image to 450px. I have changed the setting for the slider in the theme option, and also in defaults.php set:
    “mantra_fpsliderheight” => “450”,
    The featured images that shows up in the slider are still 250px heigh though – what did I miss?

    • Inkan says:

      Never mind, I solved it. Thumbnail size change and then re-upload the used image. Only problem is that the thumbnail size is too large now, the featured image size should be set separately in WP, really.

  96. Sharon says:

    Hi I love the theme, very easily to customize, thanks for making a theme that is so adaptable.

    I do have one question though about the slider on the presentation page, is there a way to open a link from the slider in a new window, I only want it for 1 image/page all the others i want to open in the original window.

  97. I just installed mantra and am amazed by the customization offered, one thing I was wondering though: is there a way in the presentation page settings under the bottom text 2 area to edit the font size?

  98. Luisa Fumi says:

    Clever theme!
    In the presentation page the columns shrink beautifully one after one on the mobile version. Instead using your columns shortcodes in the the other page templates it is not happening. On the mobile the page shrinks altogether and the columns do not slide.
    It is that true or make I something wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

  99. yamaryam says:

    Hi I just installed the theme and when I choose the option “header clickable” I get a J Query error and the header picture is all black. What are the dimensions recommended for the header and how can I fix this? thank you

  100. Jaroslav Pavlinec says:

    I would like to ask one question: I created my menu through Appearance-Menu and after I created this menu the navigation buttons to my pages appeared on the bottom of presentation page. How can I removed this menu from there?

    Thank you…

  101. Silvia says:

    This theme is by far the easiest theme to modify.

    My company previously had Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve which I felt was too “basic” and had no way of truly customizing as I felt with Mantra.

    As I continue to work on our site and “modernize” it, I just feel that Mantra really serves me best with all the awesome bells and whistles.

    My only request, a tiny one, is if somehow you would be willing to add Yelp to your social networking? It would be really nice if we can have that icon ‘floating’ at the top as well. Just a tiny request. I would add the icon via “NEWSocial” but I am truly a bit terrified of creating a ‘child’ theme (seeing as the last time I did this, the codes erased all my previous code and I had to build from scratch!).

    In the meantime, I love playing with the theme…here and there.

    Thanks for the great work!

  102. I feel in love with Mantra, and all its possibilities. However, the slider does not work, even with all plugins deactivated. So I can’t use the theme, since a slider on the front page is essential to my client. Hope you get this sorted and i will love using the theme. I think the concept is brilliant and it must be a huge amount of work. happy to pay for it when it is working correctly. Thanks.

  103. Cathy says:

    I love love love this theme!!! That said, when I change the First Sidebar Background Color using the Mantra Setting’s options, the change does not save.

  104. Good day,

    I have another question: I’ve added a couple of articles, with an image (all the way top left). The images appear fine in the full article, but not in the excerpt on the front page. I’ve tried using “featured image”, but that doesn’t do anything either.

    How do I get my pics to appear on the frontpage?

    Thanks for your time.

  105. Cristiano says:

    Hi, I´m starting now in site/blog creation, I really liked the Mantra Theme, I´l like to know if it´s possible to reduce the frame size ised to insert the image in the presentation page. Thank you!

  106. Quiero agregar musica cuando cargue la pagina principal de presentacion ¿donde lo puedo insertar?

    I want to add music when you load the main page of presentation where did I can insert?

  107. Vinay Mahipal says:

    how to add widgets in right sidebar for homepage in place of 3rd column

  108. vishwajay says:

    Loving Mantra so far! However, I’m wondering if there is a way to include the featured image on the blog entry page, since that doesn’t seem to be an option in the admin section.

    If you do happen to add the featured image on each blog post at a future date, could I request that the image be selectable between full-width (scale/crop), thumbnail (right/left/center float with/without caption), and completely off? It would be even more awesome if that could be controlled per-post for variety, but getting it working in general would be just plain awesome. As in: even more awesome than it is now.

    In the meantime, is there a fix? I don’t know even which template I should be looking at, and am having to rebuild a web site using a new theme (Mantra, of course… the old theme just didn’t cut it).

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  109. My navigation menu tabs are obscured by the header image. See: Where to fix?

    • Zed says:

      That happens because you added #access { margin-top: -25px; } to the custom CSS.
      Were you trying anything particular with this (like placing the menu over the header image)?

      • The webmaster who installed Mantra quit, so I’m having to learn fast. Anyway, looks fine and it has the same CSS, as:
        #header, #sheader {
        margin-top: 35px;
        #access {
        margin-top: -25px;
        margin-left: 90px;


        California has as its CSS:

        #header, #sheader {
        margin-top: 35px;
        #access {
        margin-top: -25px;
        margin-left: 90px;

        I just want the California navigation menus to look like Louisiana.

  110. Mwinuka says:

    I am designing a website with Mantra,But have a problem of removing contents of the first home page with four images and their texts,Could someone help me in this?,thanks!

  111. I’m loving my new Mantra, but I took a wrong turn at FAQ C24 (adding new social).

    I’m using WordPress 3.5.1 and Mantra 2.0.1 (viewed in Firefox 20.0.1).

    I thought I followed all of the instructions (creating child theme, import parent style.css, pasting code into functions.php, and activating child theme, etc).

    I get my new button with the other socials, but I also get linked text to the left of each button:

    ” title=”MiA”>MiA” title=”Facebook”>Facebook” title=”Twitter”>Twitter

    Quote marks were part of the text as copied. The second copy of each name (MiA, Facebook, Twitter) represents the button image.

    This process also removed my header image. I had to select my header image, again.

    Question: How do I get rid of this ugly linked text and have just the buttons?

    This is also a problem in Google Chrome (26.0.1410.64 m) and Internet Explorer (10). Mousing over the buttons lights up the linked text associated with each button.


    On closer inspection, it appears that the functions.php code has a flaw. Right around,

    ?>”mantra_social$i”}); ?>” title=”

    Notice the two php end tags and no start tag. I wish I had time to debug this. I look forward to the fix.


    • Zed says:

      Thank you for pointing that out. There was indeed an error in the example code, which I have now fixed.

      • New problem. I pasted the new code in my functions.php file and can’t see my blog or log in. I get a blank white page in both cases. If I scrub the code from my functions.php (zero bytes) then everything is “normal,” again, only no new social button.

        I made the change to “newsocial” (shouldn’t that be “Newsocial”?) to the name of my graphic file, so the error seems to be something added to the code.

        New bug? Help, please.

  112. bellememorie says:

    I’m loving the design thus far. The only issue I have is the spacing around my header. I want minimal padding around it, but can only change the top and the right side. How do I get 1px spacing on the right as well? Also, is there a way to get my social media buttons to line up horizontally under the header? Right now I am using a widget in the left column. Thanks!


  113. iaamradio says:

    Hi great theme, one serious question. Why do I have to use the default permalink in order for the links on this page to work. If we set it to postname the links come up as page not found. We change to default and no issue. It’s only these links which are hosted on our site they are previous recorded shows that have the issue. Thank you for your time.

  114. Andy Blaha says:

    referring to Updates D6:
    I had Mantra working perfectly well on my selfhosted blog on a Synology DS up to Mantra version 1.9.x. I upgraded to 2.0.1 last week and cannot get into any Settings ever since. Not being a developer, I have no idea what you mean by jQuery interference with plugins: I have disabled all WordPress plugins I’ve got and – for good measure – also my IE AddIns. Still no luck (and the same is valid for Firefox, Safari and Chrome). So I removed my entire WordPress blog and set it up from scratch (no way back, I created a blank new one). Unfortunately, still no luck. What is it I am doing wrong? Please advise!


  115. Hi,

    First of all thanks for this wonderfull theme! One small question; I would like to change the font color in white just for the sticky post. This is for the header text and the content. Could you tell me how to do this?

  116. Hello,

    Again thank you for creating this great design.

    I still have not managed to get this to work:

    I would really like the links in the bottom 4 colums on the presentation page to open in a new window or a pop-up window, but I cannot figure out how to do it. I have tried to “check” the box for pop-up, but it does not work.

    Can you help me?

    I look forward to hearing from you and thank you very much in advance!

  117. Teresa says:

    I am using the magazine style on this theme and on the front page, it shows all the text for each post. Does anyone know how to have it show only some of it, not the whole thing?

  118. Hello

    Here is my problem, being new at this I have no idea what to do. I created my first website using wordpress 4 months ago about it. Until now everything works perfectly, but this morning, can not connect to my site, the pages display the same error message:

    Warning: Division by zero in / homez.311/ludotheqt/www/wp-content/themes/mantra/admin/custom-styles.php on line 22

    Warning: Division by zero in / homez.311/ludotheqt/www/wp-content/themes/mantra/admin/custom-styles.php on line 23

  119. ianbyington2 says:

    You say “a) You can set the site header to use an image in Appearance > Header. Then hide the site title and description text from Mantra Settings > Graphics, the Title and Description option.”….I just updated to 2.0 & those options aren’t here….where do I go now? Did you leave them out?

    • Zed says:

      That option merged with the new header options under “Side Header” in the Header section of Mantra Settings. Hiding the site title and description is now as simple as selecting something other than them to display in the header.

  120. Devon says:

    Hi, I’m new to wordpress and mantra, and was wondering if I could get some help.

    I’m using the Presentation Page, and changed it so that the slider will display my latest posts. I’m wondering how to make a picture appear in the slider? Do I need to add a picture somehow in the post? How do I do that so it will show up in the slider, and not just in the post?


    • Devon says:

      Oh nvm, I figured it out.

      Just in case someone else has the same question…

      You need to add a featured image to the post, which you can do in the lower right corner when editing a post.

      • Ben says:

        I had a similar issue with a slider picture. And still do. After setting the image, the pic would appear in the slider…BUT…it was completely distorted. I tried more than a dozen times to fix the image size but it only made it worse instead of better! Finally I gave up, and now I just have the post preview text in there instead.

  121. I keep uploading a header image but it never shows on website, what am I doing wrong?

  122. Svetlana says:

    Hi! How to change the height of the header image in this them? Thanks)

    • globalusedtrucksalesElizabeth says:

      I have done it, but I cant figure that out where to do it in the site that I am trying to do now. Zed any feedback on this? I saw a previous response about editing the theme functions.php file, the HEAER_IMAGE_WIDTH but I cant figure out how to insert my new witdth. Please help. I cant tell you how frustrated I am, specially because I have done it before. Thank you very much

  123. Dani Montoya says:

    I am trying to use the really cool presentation page with my customer graphics. The graphics show up just fine. I have filled out all the other stuff, like title but it still displayed the “This could be a title” and “And this is a second title”. I have filled out the titles in the presentation config page.

    Any help would be appreciated

  124. Are there any site developers out there who will work for $50 – $75 an hour and are familiar with Mantra? I’m developing a static real estate site but can’t seem to make it look professional. I’ve got the content, it just needs polishing.

  125. Barbecue says:

    I love this theme.
    Will use it many times, buy you guys coffy and I will not remove the copryright nor links.

  126. Bill Fikes says:

    I have a black theme with white letters, the first paragraph is always bark gray, how do I change this?

  127. Weston says:

    Hey guys!

    I am new to all of this.. and have a question I can’t figure out!

    I have the homepage of my site ( as the default Mantra text.. It says I can edit it, but I don’t know how? I want to keep the format but put my own words..

    Help?? Thank you very much….

  128. Hello.

    I am nearly done creating a webpage using this great design :)

    But I would really like the links in the bottom 4 colums on the presentation page to open in another window or a pop-up window, and I cannot figure out how to do it. Is it possible and can you help me?

    I look forward to hearing from you and thank you very much in advance!

  129. Arial Burnz says:

    Is there a way of making the sticky background transparent or change it? The striped grey is really making it difficult for me to select a color that works well with the colors I’ve chosen for my theme and still stand out.

    • Arial Burnz says:

      I’m soooo rude!!! I forgot to say how much I love this theme! Sorry! It’s just wonderful and I’m having a great time customizing my site. :D

    • Zed says:

      Beside the built-in options, everything else design-wise can be changed with custom CSS.
      For example, .entry-meta { } for the posts meta bar, article.sticky { } for the sticky posts, #access ul li.current_page_item, #access ul li.current-menu-item { } for the current menu items (which is currently black text on dark blue bg)

  130. Hi.

    Love the theme, but I having problems finding where I can center the “bottom text” on the presentation page? Can you help me? Thank you very much in advance.

  131. GlowPotion says:

    Hi there, I’ve been enjoying working with Mantra for my wordpress site, though some hiccups are roadblocking.
    Problem #1: on wide screen monitors my background image is not filled up the entire window, there seems to be 1.5 inches of white space on both sides on every page; also the header image has like 3 inches of empty white space on each side…very un-aesthetic.

    Problem #2: Is it possible to have more than 4 Columns? Since there is a restriction, I’m tempted to find some sort of Pinterest html code to mimic the columns feature…unless Mantra has a way of doing this with the columns.

    Thank you!

      • Kay says:


        1. The solution is pretty simple actually. Use a bigger image. The image doesn’t stretch itself to fit the resolution. If you decide to use a background image you either use a repeatable pattern or you choose a big enough image to fit most screens (1920×1080 or more). Pretty much the same thing goes for the header image: use a big enough image to fill the width.

        2. Nope, for the moment there is no easy way to get more than 4 columns. It’s a limitation that will be surpassed in the future but will be added from version 2.0 onwards.

  132. Jon von der Heyden says:

    best theme…ever!

  133. Misti says:

    Hey there,
    Love the theme, but how can I get rid of the “share” buttons on the slider description?
    They are annoying.

  134. AndrewK says:

    Hi, very clean theme. Is it possible to change the appearance of the tabs (eg. Home)?

  135. artska says:

    Hello and thank for this theme, so sorry for the question but how do i change “This could be a title” and the “second title”???

  136. I’ve put widgets in the left sidebar and the right sidebar. The widget titles are not aligned in an aesthetic manner — how do I right justify the widget titles or at least center them? Thanks.

    • Kay says:

      Add this code to the Custom CSS area:

      .widget-title {text-align:center;}

      Also make sure you update to the latest Mantra version.

      And they are aligned in an aesthetic manner from our point of view ;)

  137. Paul says:


    I love the theme and am slowly but surely getting on with the job of making the changes to my site. However, there’s one thing I need help on. The access menu at the top of the site beneath the header needs some adjusting. At the minute, when I press either the ‘Home’ or ‘Blog’ tab, they remain connected to the page below. However, all the other tabs when selected seem to hove above the main page. How can I change this so that either they all hover or that they all remain connected?

    Many thanks.

  138. Jan VanSteenhouse says:

    Hi – Just starting, and it will probably be clearer later – but what is a ‘slider’?


  139. gingerleigh says:

    Hello! I love this theme, but am having a problem with the posts. In preview it will display an inserted image at its FULL width 100% in the content section of the post. But once I publish it and go look at the post, it compressed the image and content down to about a quarter of the content area. How can I fix this?

  140. Petr says:

    I need to hide the main navigation menu. It’s somehow? I have so far only one page.

  141. Jim says:

    Love the theme, but we have one problem. It appears that the presentation page slider is compressing the images. They look like very low quality. Is there a setting for this?

  142. Hi,

    I really love this theme but I’m having some problem with my header not showing up full-width on mobile devices, even though I have the settings enabled for mobile. I also have my layout settings set to “relative” instead of absolute. In conjunction with this, I notice that my main menu wraps when resizing the screen. Any thoughts on how to overcome these two issues?


    • Kay says:

      Update to version and you’ll have an option to make the header fully responsive. And could you be more precise as to what you mean by the ‘main menu wraps’ ? Could you also show a link to your site so we can better see your issues?

  143. definitio says:

    Do you know how one could add social sharing icons on the posts date/author bar?

  144. definitio says:

    It may sound weird, but for me Mantra messes up with the display of text in the WYSIWYG post editor…

    – If I use the default theme, the text in the editor occupies all the width available in the content area and the font is normal size
    – If I enable Mantra and create/edit a post, the text font is increased and the text is no longer occupying the whole width, but 3/4 of it.

    Has it something to do with the post text settings in Mantra and the WYSIWYG buttons added?

    It’s annoying…

    • Kay says:

      We really don’t get that. Try disabling all plugins and see if that still occurs. Except for adding a few buttons the Mantra theme really doesn’t touch the WYSIWYG editor.

  145. Jonas says:

    I’ve noticed that there’s no options for a header banner. Rather sad once you actually need one. So I’d like to ask, if there’s any way, hardcoding or pluginwise to add that. My current logo is 1150×75, with an awfull lot of white space, which could be at better use with a banner.

    Best regards, and thanks for an awesome theme.

    • Kay says:

      I’m not sure what’s the difference in your case between a logo image and a header image. What options would aid you? You can upload an image that you choose the size of and when you make that image you can make the background or any portion of it transparent. That way you can pretty much achieve anything you want.

      • Jonas says:

        I should totally get around here more often to see for replies. By ‘header banner’, I refer to an advertisement banner, of the size 468×60. What “options” would aid, could be an option to put in href of image and target destination, or a script (Adsense for instance), and then have it put in the far right of the top, eventually overlapping the excisting header image. In that way it would be above my large white spot :)
        I don’t know if it’s something worth considering. Like an enable/disable feature for people who’d like it.

  146. Rudolf says:

    Yep, now i grased through this page and still can’t see anything that points me to where the Frontpage text
    This could be a title and And this is a second title are embedded, did you hard code these two lines inside one of the php files (but i looked already through them, i use one column layout..
    I also see that your Comments form right here spans properly, while mine does not….

  147. Casey says:

    My last post didn’t seem to register. I’m trying to figure out how to get the text to wrap around a graphic or to have it run down the side of the graphic. Tried several things w/o getting it to work.
    Also, how do I get the editor that is more than just the basic WP Editor? The more comprehensive one shows up on one site but not another…

  148. Casey says:

    How do I get the text to wrap either around a photo or next to it? Also, how do I activate the more comprehensive editor that I have in one version for one site but not in another for a different site? I’m using WP3.5 on both…


  149. kevin says:

    Hi everyone can somebody tell me how to change the title and sub title in the home page ( the one above and below the slide show) thx be4

  150. Hi everyone great theme! but…I can not manage to import an image on my presentation top screen. The slider is split–the top screen features the infitinitely annoying spinning wheel and the bottom exhibits my blog text [which is fine]. I need to insert an image int the top section. I imported the fancy box plug in…doesn’t seem to help. Please advise!

  151. Keniv says:

    Sorry if there’s a double, but my previous comment doesn’t seem to have been sent.
    I have a problem on the pages of my website: the sidebar drops down instead of staying on the right side. Could you please help me? Thanks in advance.

  152. Keniv says:

    Hi. On the pages, the sidebar drops down and I can’t figure out why (see the link I gave).
    Could you help me please?

  153. renew says:

    I don’t manage to change the site title’s and description’s fonts.
    I tried to change it in the CSS but the changes are not taken into account, and I can’t modify it from Mantra Settings either.
    Any help?

  154. kabkab88 says:

    hello how can I change the image in the first column because it does not work with the library media or by moving it from the computer.
    Apart from this it is the best wordpress theme I thank you for trying to find my answer in the shortest time

  155. Matt says:

    I cannot seem to get the size of the page correct. I end up with a slide bar at the bottom of the page to move right or left, but when you slide over, there is nothing there? Thoughts?

  156. Patrick says:

    Hi. Awesome theme, the best I’ve found yet! My pages (tabs like “About” & “Contact” etc.) just below my header don’t seem to be managed thru my Menu Settings. If I make a new Page, it makes a new Tab. I’d like to be able to make Pages but not have them displayed until I say so. And in the heirarchy that I choose. Any help? Thanks so much.

  157. sumer says:

    Love the theme!
    I’m having problems with my sidebars though. I have my layout set with a sidebar on the left and the right of the content area. In my left sidebar, my widgets won’t center. They are all the way to the the left side of the sidebar. The widgets center fine in the right sidebar though. Help?

    • Mariah says:

      I have the same problem here… I’ve tried and tried to fix it, and no luck. Sorry I cannot help, just thought I’d let you know that you are not alone, I just got rid of what I thought was a widget causing this, but it didn’t help. *sigh* Good Luck and I will keep an eye out for a solution for both of us.

  158. Hello,
    When I have the mobil view enabled, the images I have added in the “Presentation page” under the folder “Bottom text 1″ is not responsive. The images are then cutted. How can I solve this?

  159. Andreas Torgersen says:

    I’m typing in html code for bullets in “Button text 1″ under “Extra Text” under “Presentation Page Columns” for the frontpage in the Mantra theme. But it doesn’t show up in the webpage, and when I going back to edit mode, the code I typed have disappered. The same thing in happening when I use the Html code text-align: center; to centre an image. I would appreciate if someone could tell me if there is any solution to this problems.

  160. GeriSoft says:

    I am using the the newest Mantra version and WP3.5, and unfortunately, none of the basic shortcedes working:
    If I try any of the WP’s built in shortcodes, nothing happens
    Is there any hidden enable function somewhere?
    The Mantra’s few shortcodes works well, but those not
    Please adise

  161. Medan din förlängning utvecklare arbetar med kompatibilitetsproblem det skulle vara trevligt om de skulle också göra det befintliga tillägget arbete tillsammans – i synnerhet de grupper / grupper Woocommerce Prenumerationer plugins att arbeta med rollbaserad Plugins som dynamisk prissättning och Rollbaserad Sjöfart och? betalningar – inte kan det vara lite mer samarbete?

    • Zed says:

      Which particular theme/module are you referring to? Nevermind that, it’s still a bit too early for me :)
      Unfortunately we cannot test all WordPress plugins out there for issues or incompatibilities. If you are using a particular plugin and you’re encountering issues between it and Mantra, do let us know. We’ll take a look and see if we can fix that issue.
      But please do so in English, as our language skills are not that broad and Google Translate can only do so much…

  162. Rahul says:

    Right now my full posts are showing on my search page/ or category page. I would like just a paragraph to show and then show a “read more” button. I tried looking in the Reading section under Settings but didn’t find an option for that.
    Can you please help?

  163. I know you posted some CSS for someone else regarding centering the menus on their site. I had the same luck they did and it didn’t seem to work…any other ideas on how to do this? Love the theme otherwise btw and donated :) Thanks!!! :)

  164. Chantrelle says:

    Any idea why the page content repeats itself? It loads multiple copies of the page on the homepage. I can send a screenshot if necessary.

  165. definitio says:

    The removal of the link to Cryout Creations in the footer is at least discouraged (and if this helps to keep Mantra free and/or the development ongoing I am all for it), but can we remove the WordPress link?
    Truth is I don’t care much for it.

    FYI I have checked Mantra’s code in W3C validation service and it located a redundant exactly at the place of this code, after the links to Cryout Creations and WordPress.

    If it is deleted, the error goes away

  166. Does anyone know how to change the Font on the Presentation page? Specifically I would like to change the “Top Title” which is found under Extra Texts on the Presentation Page Settings.

  167. definitio says:

    Error report:
    After making a clear Mantra installation on a new WP site (that is, no other theme version preceded it), when I attempt to customize the Header I get a 404 error link to a Mantra image:
    From this page/link

  168. ptjsf says:

    Wonderful theme!
    How do I replace text logo with clicable image logo?
    Could this option be added in the next upgrade, just like favicon.ico?

  169. definitio says:

    Would you consider using this awesome Jquery “Featured Content Slider” instead of the current slider in Mantra?

  170. I am tearing my hair out – love the theme and have it working great appearance-wise but it is the only theme I cannot upload images to using WP 3.5 and latest Mantra (1.9x 12/30/2012 Update) – i have to keep changing to another template to upload photos to posts or articles :(

    There must be one little thing I am missing as every other theme I have tried in testing has no problem with the uploads.

  171. definitio says:

    Can you help me out a bit? How do I make content area links and widget area links to become underlined ON HOVER (only) ?
    Been trying out but I am getting links underlined all the time.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    • definitio says:

      Ok, figured this thing out…Firefox’s embedded code inspection utility didn’t help me much, but I found the target with Chrome’s.

      a:hover, .entry-meta a:hover, .entry-utility a:hover, .widget-area a:hover {text-decoration: underline;}

  172. A question again:
    All posts inside my blog are using two language, each language has its own special font family, font-size, line height dan directionality.
    I have tried to insert a css class to display the text for each language using its own font.
    But when I make some texts bold (I use strong) and italic (I use em), those text are displayed using the general font. I have write the css class using !important but it fails.
    I’m sorry for my bad english and thanks for your help.

  173. definitio says:

    Suggestion: Is it possible to include an option to show or hide tags in category pages? I feel tags showing in blogs just take up too much space, would be nice to be able to have them display only on full posts.

  174. definitio says:

    This is just writing to let you know that the paypal-donation link located in your admin main.php file is being recognized by the plugin “Antivirus” as a possible threat

    I understand it’s nothing of the kind and the users can instruct the plugin not to report this alert in future checks, but it may scare some people away, because of that endless series of characters displayed.

    Maybe you could put a notice for users to read, so that they won’t be taken up in case they try the aforementioned plugin.

    Cheers, happy new year.

  175. Mariah says:

    I simply love the Mantra theme, thank you for providing such a versatile theme! I have one problem however, I can’t seem to figure out what I’ve done wrong causing this to occur, but my sidebars contents don’t appear to have a margin. My website is at:

    I am having fun however setting up my new blog location, it isn’t very pretty right now but I keep tweaking the header and the background images to get them “just right”… it’s the artist (me) not the theme. *wink*

    Oh one more thing, before I post this, is there a fix in the works for the odd spaces that appear in the magazine layout, or did I mess something up there too?

    Thank you again for such a wonderful Theme!

    • Zed says:

      They actually don’t have margins when you’re enabling sidebars via page templates. This is not so obvious when the content displayed in the sidebars has some padding or spacing of some sorts (like most of the built-in widgets)…
      Are you using page templates or did you enable the sidebars via the Layout option in Mantra settings?

      The odd spacing in magazine layout is caused by posts not having the same height. This is improved in version (just out).

      • Mariah says:

        Thank you, so much, for your reply.

        To answer your question, I adjusted the sidebars in Mantra’s layout settings. I did however mess with the width of the page and overly increased the Header to some obnoxious width by mistake using absolute dimensions, then adjusted the width of the sidebars in relative dimensions. Maybe that messed with it?

        Thank you for the update on the theme… it’s is truly the best theme I’ve seen out there! :) And thank you for explaining the odd spacing to me, it makes perfect sense… and the update did make an improvement.

  176. Penny says:

    Hi, thanks for a great theme – it’s by far the best one for customising things how I like them. :)

    Just wondering though, is there any way of having the tabs/menu in the centre of the screen, rather than to the left?

  177. cmrsf1 says:

    Great Theme! I have been trying to use it for the last several days and am now getting this error message:
    Warning: join() [function.join]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/cmrsf1/public_html/wp-includes/post-template.php on line 296

    I identified the script in the file but don’t know what the solution is. Does it have something to do with tweaking the posts settings in the admin or what?

    Many thanks!

    • cmrsf1 says:

      I just noticed that this error message is right under the header picture and underneath every post where it should say Leave Comment or Comment: Tried tweaking some of the post settings but so far nothing has worked.


      • Casey says:

        I just reset the theme to default settings but that didn’t help, either. Any additional resources I might check on to find out the answer to this?

        • Casey says:

          Any other places to find help? Guess this one went right over your head as I haven’t heard any replies. I updated the theme hoping that would do it but it didn’t… Really like the theme. Hope I can use it!

          • definitio says:

            This doesn’t seem to be a general problem. Not in my site at least and several WordPress test installations I have made.

            I would suggest that you provide some more info about your server configuration (Mysql, php version), exact WP version, other plugins (try disabling them one by one), your exact Mantra options (if you have changed the default settings) etc.

            I think that when trying to get help its useful to try and give as much info as possible from the start, in order to avoid the back and forth of predictable questions and answers and catch the attention of the developer.

            A question in which the developer would have to resort to guesswork just to get the bug resolution process started, that is vague, can be passed by and eventually forgotten in the prioritization of every day tasks.

            My experiences from both free and paid the support.

          • Casey says:

            Thanks, Definito, for taking the time to reply. I did as you said and deactivated my plug-ins until the problem went away. I was thinking I had already done that but did it again at your suggestion. Seems to be working fine, now. Once one finds a plug-in is creating a problem, how do I go about getting that plug-in to work? It’s an important one.

            I appreciate the help!

          • definitio says:

            Good to hear your problem is resolved.

            What was the plugin that was causing the issue, by the way?

            You could inform both
            – Cryout Creations
            – The plugin’s developer(s) through their support form in WordPress (or their site if they take questions there)

            Mantra is quite a popular theme (deservingly so) and that should not leave the other developers uninterested.

          • Casey says:

            Hi, Definito,
            It is a wiki plug-in that seeks out and pulls in authority articles from wiki for whatever keyword you put in. I’ve had questions from these folks on another plug-in I bought from them and never heard back. It’s a good concept, I’ll see if I can get any help from them…

            Thanks, again…

          • Zed says:

            Does this plugin state that it is compatible with your version of WordPress? From that error message it looks like it doesn’t speak the same language like WordPress itself (do you get this same message if you’re using the Twenty-something themes?)

  178. Ruud says:

    Does anyone know how to accomplish what I like to do ? I’d like to adjust the content background opacity to 70% but leave the actual content text and images at 100%. Is it possible?

  179. Ruud says:

    Great theme

    I would like to change te content background opacity to 70% but leave the actual content text and images at 100%.
    Any idea how to do that (in te css code?)

    Ruud van den Bogaert

  180. tom says:

    First: My english is very bad, sorry.
    The theme is great but i have one problem. The first menu on top lists pages. For my website must work posts and not page. Where can i allocations this or make a change on the matra theme?

  181. It’s A Beautiful theme and many thanks for your amazing work. I am still trying it in my local computer.
    I want to center the blog title and its decription, all menu, how can I do it? How can I style it with custom css? Or can you add options to do that like the option to center the header image?
    I also want the post navigation section only link to the post in some category (and excluding sub category). The previous theme I used one year ago has the option to choose this. I has searched the plugin or tutorial to do that but unfortunately I can’t find it.
    Thanks again

  182. tomakrypodari says:

    First of all, thank you very much for this great theme; you have brought professional class and quality to the freeware theme section.

    I am facing only one small trouble so far.
    I am trying to set a header image (a logo actually, 180x112px) but when I choose it from the media library, I am lead to a screen where I am given the choice to crop the image – as happens with other themes – but with Mantra I am unable to choose the whole image by moving/sliding the dotted crop borders inside the chosen image.
    When I try to move these borders, the whole frame moves, preventing me from setting an height bigger than some pixels.

    This problem is limited to Mantra theme, as I said before, although it is a function offered by WordPress itself.

    Can you please check? Thank you very much

    • Swastee says:

      Hi, I am facing a similar issue. I want to add a logo on the top right of the site (above the slider where currently the slide title and sub-title are there. Is there any way to do this?

      Thanks in advance for your help!


      P.S: I agree with other comments above – Mantra is truly the most customizable theme I have seen so far. Fantastic work!

    • tomakrypodari says:

      It seems Mantra forces a particular width/height ratio on the image, based on the ratio of the whole header area.
      That is why even on a small logo one is prevented from making full use of it and cannot expand the cropping from or choose to publish the image without cropping it.

      Please, please change this behaviour.

  183. Rahul says:

    I am thank ful to you for creating this wonderful theme.

    I want to place google adsense banner of 728*90 at top (near header). Is it possible to do so? Please guide how i can do this.

  184. Suzie says:

    I love your theme! It has lots of amazing features but one problem I have found is that the drop down menu doesn’t work with pages/subpages when you use a page as your static home page instead of latest posts.

    The pages and subpages all get spread across the menu instead of dropping down. It would be grand if you could fix this!!!

    Thanks, again for the wonderful flexible theme and Merry Christmas

  185. Jay says:

    Hi, Great theme, very generous options!!

    I am trying to add more space between paragraphs. Tried adding the following to the custom CSS box in the misc section but this did not work?:

    p {
    margin-top: 0em;
    margin-bottom: 2em;

    Please can you suggest what I might be doing wrong (my paragraphs are too close together)

    Thank you.

  186. daniyal says: using this theme.. I’m facing problems with the slider… I have uploaded images in the mantra setting..with the option Custom slides…but the page doesn’t seem to display any pic in the just shows the loading icon..iv changed the setting to Show recent posts..but the same happens…Please help :(

  187. Pam says:

    Many thanks for a great theme — and for this support! Has anyone else had an issue with IE8 matching the width of all dropdown menus to only the widest menu tab which forces longer text to scroll off the submenu? Naturally, Mozilla shows the submenus perfectly. Unfortunately, a large portion of my target audience uses IE… I have tried to modify the css for .sub-menu, menu-item menu-item-type-post_type menu-item-object-page as well as for all variations of #access without success. Many thanks in advance.

  188. Basavaraj says:

    I am using it since two days. I have difficulty in moving pages like Copyright and privacy policy pages to down in footer. Can you guide me how to move those pages from header to footer? My site url is

  189. Kate H says:

    Quick question, I have a form on a page, but the radio buttons and checkboxes show the cooresponding text underneath the actual button, instead of beside. Like this:

    Will you need information about staying in a local hotel?

    It is confusing because the spacing looks correct, but the text option for the radio button shows up on the next line. Is there a setting that I am missing?

    Love the theme! Thank you!

  190. Chris says:

    Hi there, I’ve just installed your theme via WordPress and I’m unable to get any of the slides to show up. Any idea what could be the problem?

  191. Tina says:

    pages are running off at right side and bottom…help?

  192. Hello and thank you for such a terrific theme. I just converted our website and am excited about adding more to the site. I just finished a post using columns, and would love to be able to add some padding between the columns. Is that possible and if so, how? Thank you in advance!

  193. Does Mantra have the built in functionality to insert a “Search Box” to allow readers to search my site?

  194. robb says:

    Hello, thank you for the cool theme! I seem to be missing something though. The content text in Posts is stuck on one color (black) and I have set a dark background. t may be due to my selecting Heading 2,3, 4, etc. (instead of Paragraph) as Heading 2 does not resolve to it’s expected size in relation to the other Heading selections. Thanks, again, for the theme…very versatile.

  195. Karin says:

    Is there a way to make the parent page of the main menu not linkable? For instance, I would like my parent menu item “yoga” to just have the dropdown menus (submenus) without the ability to click on yoga. Thank you!

  196. Droxxy says:


    Im pretty new to this and are now trying out this theme, i really like it so far..

    But i would love to change the Sidebars size, independent from each other? Now the action button from search widget always jump down a row :( If i set it not to be static site i can get i work but then both sidebars will be really wide and site looks funny.

    Is there any way i can fix this? Use 3 columns theme with main to left and 2 smaller on right side..

    Very thankful for some help

    • Zed says:

      While independent sidebars sizes is a great feature idea, it is not possible at the moment (because of how the sidebars are coded at the moment). We’ll try to build this in for version 2.0…
      3 sidebars (+ main = 4 columns) will most likely never be implemented. The work for adding proper handling for another sidebar grows exponentially with each sidebar.

  197. Xavier says:

    Could you precise the parameters that have to be set if I want to change the background color and the font color of level 2 and level 3 menus?
    I assume they are inherited from different sources as they don’t appear the same way.

  198. Giuseppe says:

    Hi guys!! Congratulations for this amazing theme.. ;)
    I’m working on a web site where I need to use the presentaiotion page, but is seems not be working; selecting “Last posts” as slides, I can read the posts below the image, but I can’t see any images sliding. Which images it’s supposed to load? (I have an image at the beginnining of each post).
    Considering tha I have a side menu for this site, how to remore the main (horizontal) menu? Is there any way to get the side menu (widget) in one of the four column?

    Thank’s so much, I really appreciated your work as well as your help! :)

    • Zed says:

      You need to set the images as “featured images” on the posts for them to be used in the slider.
      You can use CSS #access { display: none; } to completely hide the menu (not that it still is there, just invisible). And you cannot display a menu in one of the columns without modifications to the theme files.

  199. Alyfne says:

    hi, I just download mantra theme, but like to know which file at the editor page can be edited?

    E.g. like you said before use anchors link text here in any of those text fields. but where should I insert this to? I try insert into the extra text/ top tittle but nothing no link appear?

    Please help as i’m new to this..

  200. Andrew Robinson says:

    Hi All, I’m trying to add a menu on the sidebar, but it seems that the presentation page doesn’t allow for this…Am I missing something?


  201. Arno Koch says:

    Yep I have this warm feeling now I donated for
    You did a great job so to all users: support these guys so they can keep up the good work!

    Now the little questions;
    1. To remove the standard texts in the footer: do I go to the source or is there a setting?
    2. Some versions ago, in the default header there was a vertical separator between the header and subheader text. I liked that very much. Is it possible to have it back??


  202. spacewriter says:

    How do I get dropdown menus in the header? I need to have six or seven of them.


    • Jonas says:

      Same as any theme. In the Menus section, make your own menu. Then place the pages/categories you want in the dropdown under it’s parent, so it’s slightly to the right. If done correctly, you will have the dropdown :)

  203. Carrie Falk says:

    Hi I absolutely love your theme… Have received many compliments on our website (

    I am wondering, can you tell me how to format the post titles For example, I would like to bold the titles and dark the grey background behind the post date. Where in the editor do I look?

  204. Jonas says:

    Can’t seem to find the answer here. How do I go around getting a logo on my site? I don’t want to use the custom header image, but rather just use my fine logo and keep it at that. :)

  205. I have enabled the presentation page and set some sliders and all and it’s not showing up.

  206. DK says:

    Is it possible to have more than 4 columns? Would love to have 8 if possible…

  207. jet says:

    On my Presentation Page Above and Below my Slider it says “This can be a title” and “This can be a second Title”
    I cannot find where to change this content

  208. Rob Trythall says:

    ref to Presentation page … Extras /Extra Text .

    How can one offer a link in the text entered to open the page on the website that this extra text may want to refer the reader to ?

  209. thatmtnman says:

    what a fantastic job. Truly.

    I’m having an issue that the columns on the index page are all lined up vertically instead of horizontally. They are stacked one upon the other, with only half of the column showing. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

  210. lanpartymania says:

    I am using Mantra, which I love at

    I have a problem when viewed with mobile browsers. It removes the banner completely, but it also adds a “Navigation” link to the dropdown box which doesnt exist on my server. If a user selects this link, they get an error 404 not found. Is there anyway to remove this link?

    • Zed says:

      I see you’ve disabled mobile view.
      The navigation link is actually a drop down menu copying of the site’s main menu. And it should work…
      The banner is hidden on mobile devices as it is not yet responsive (plus it eats up cpu for animations).

  211. Rox says:

    (Incidentally, THANK YOU SO MUCH for evening providing support. I’m coming over from Joomla and am having the worst time acclimating with WP. Near every free them I attempted to work with offer 0 support without fees. This forum really rocks of you, thanks)

  212. Rox says:

    Hello and thank you, great theme! I have a question, I have activated the Presentation page and added slides but nothing is showing. Is there something I missed?

  213. Am using three columns (with right and left sidebars). Where can I change sidebar widths, to say, right one of 250 and left of 180?
    The site:

    • Zed says:

      There’s no built-in option for that (yet). You’ll have to play around with custom CSS on #content (the main text body), #primary (left sidebar) and #secondary (right sidebar) to resize them.

  214. Rick says:

    Hey everyone, I seem to have lost my sidebar information. It used to be there and now it is not. Not quite sure where it went; I put some overriding CSS on my site to move a few things around and format them, but nothing that should be affecting the sidebar stuff. If anyone could help I’d appreciate it.

    • Zed says:

      Well, your sidebar is there, so the CSS isn’t hiding it. But it is empty.
      So go to Appearance > Widgets and make sure you’ve put the content to the right sidebar, as there are two sidebars and several sidebar areas…

  215. ppsalama says:

    Hi… firstly… awesome theme !!! Thanks
    I am testing it now for my new site under construction (
    I have 4 questions:
    how can I center the menu?
    how can I center the social icons?
    I don’t know what happen with my logo, when I test in mobile it disappears
    In mobile view the title of the drop navigation menu is Inicio (my home page), however the title “Navigation” is below (with link to a “not found” page)
    Can you help me specially the two mobile issues?
    Thank you very much (sorry for my english)
    and again… awesome

  216. editorbree says:

    One more question–is there any way to reduce the amount of space between posts on a category page and the padding at the top of the page (see this page: I’m trying to squeeze things together as much as possible. It says up top that there’s a way to disable padding in Text Settings, but I see no such option. I’m using Mantra


    • Zed says:

      On that page in particular you can use .hentry { margin: 0; } to bring the posts closer together. But other than that there’s not much you can do to squeeze things in…
      There are two indentation options and a line height option, but we can’t very well make up options for every css-controllable feature for every particular spot in the theme… that’s what custom CSS is for :)

  217. editorbree says:

    Hi there. I’m using Mantra as a theme for this webpage: For some reason, the text is not wrapping around images in blog posts, even though the images are set to either left or right with text wrapping. I’ve never had this problem before in any other theme–am I doing something wrong? Any help would be most, most appreciated!

  218. valentina says:

    I dont know why i cant insert the slider. i enable that but it dosen’t work why? what do i have ti do!?

  219. kwandrews7 says:

    Can you use an iframe in the extra info section? I tried to add a table with two columns on my site with some static information on one side at the bottom and a scrolling google calendar via iframe on the other side at the bottom. When I add this html code to the presentation page extra info settings and click save. It strips out my iframe code. Can I escape it some way to make it save?

  220. Magali says:

    I’d like to add social networks’ ‘share’ buttons on my Mantra-based website but I cannot find a way to do that… In Mantra settings, there are social media settings but to link a website to your own social media pages. I tried to use plugins but they do not seem to work on the homepage…
    Any similar experience? Help?

  221. Brian says:

    Hi Zed,

    How can I get a white box (height 250px) next to the slider? Rather then having that empty space I’d like to post reviews or qoutes or awards… anything. Visit I want a editable style box that I can put an image or text in to the right of the slider. Can this be done?

    Thank you for your help :)

  222. Hello, I installed Mantra theme too in my wordpress blog but I I have the same issues as “fastspeak”:

    I want the slider to show the latest posts so I changed the settings for the presentation page for slider to make it show the recent posts. But after that the slider get’s the title and a small excerpt of the post but does not show any images. Note that if I use custom slides it works. I did not remove any copyright or something. I just changed settings to this:

    Select the content you want to load in your slides: Latest Posts
    Number of posts to show: 2

    Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

  223. Hello,
    first -so i mean.. it wanna be a more effective support to with a FORUM.. ;)

    How can i put some Text about the listet Blog- Content (Blog-Site) ..?

    And: How can i use the (Homepage-) Slider on differnt Sites, like the Blog..?

    THX! ;)

  224. fastspeak says:

    Hi, i cant get my slider to work. It wont show any image – it just loading, ?!?

    • Zed says:

      Since you disabled the slider I can’t see what’s wrong.
      Make sure the image links are right and make sure no plugin you are using is overriding WordPress’ included jQuery version.

      And I see you’ve removed our copyright. That’s very nice of you…. NOT!

  225. I want to hide tags from my frontpage but not from inside the posts? How can i make that happen?

  226. mohshag22 says:

    hi. i published 8 posts but only 5 posts can be seen. what do i change to have all my posts visible?

  227. frank says:

    Hello, can you please tell me how to set up a drop-down menu.

    Thank you, Frank

  228. Valery says:

    Can I customise the post separator to my liking? I couldn’t find it in de style.css

    • Zed says:

      The post separator is a grey border at the bottom of the posts/articles… You can customize is as much as you can customize CSS borders:, { border-bottom: 3px solid #EEEEEE; }

  229. wilcochris says:

    Can someone please tell me how to add the meta back to the sidebar. I added like I had in previous versions and it looks awful. It is not aligned like the widgets like it used to be. Please help me as this is driving me to distraction

  230. I tried to submit a support request but the captcha on that form seems to be broken (so I used the contact form instead).
    I also provided the paypal transaction ID.
    Please reply to me or fix the form (the captcha on the support form behaves fine)…

  231. wilcochris says:

    I love this theme – as you guys know. But with all the updates, it becomes a huge chore to change the code to keep it to what I want it. I made a couple of suggestions that would benefit the theme and you seem to have ignored them.

    Do you not listen to your users and implement good changes? I fear I may have to go elsewhere to get a theme that allows my changes to be kept intact. It is hard work to make all the changes so I don’t lose my edits and you don’t have many hooks to make a child theme work.

    I beg of you to look back at the changes I was offering and implement them,

    Please get back to me you lovely people

  232. Mr Pitts says:

    Does Mantra support WordPress shortcodes? I ask as I’m looking to use it to embed Scribd documents. If Scribd can’t be used, do you recommend any other app to embed documents with previews? See for an example.

  233. Tarun says:

    Hi everyone at cryout creations,
    Thanks for this absolutely wonderful gem of a theme. I’m actually proud to have you guys in my footer.. !
    I had a small problem wherein I was using the ‘presentation page’ for my site and as of now I have configured 2 posts to be shown in the slider using the custom posts function in theme settings. Both slider images are sadly linking to the same post! What can I do to make them link to their own posts?

    • Zed says:

      This is a known bug caused by a change to make the slider more compatible with IE (thanks a lot, IE!) – the link of the last slide is applied on all slides. This issue will be fixed in the next update.

  234. Derek says:

    I am a total newbie so please excuse the stupidity.
    My site is not yet online, i am editing it from the server.
    I have just installed the Mantra theme. Its Great!!!
    Just what I wanted, Well almost.
    My first question is :-
    Is there a way I can add more slides to the presentation page. I love the slides but i would like to add a lot more.

  235. Jun says:


    I seem to be having problems with the links in the presentation page slider. I chose to show custom slides for the slider and have 5 different pictures pointing to different links in my website. However, when the slider is clicked, the site goes to the last link in the slider. No matter what picture I click, they all point to the link of the 5th slide.

    I really don’t know what to do to fix this. I hope that there will be somebody who can help me with this. =)

  236. erik says:

    I have a litte problem with displaying my static page’s titel (not your themes presentation page) in my browser tab. It simply says “-“. The other pages on my site will show their titles in the browser tab (also followed with “-“; I guess that’s some kind of default option……in your theme……?????
    I would like to show my static (home)page-title in the browser tab. As with the other pages I put in a title, but is does not show?
    How to resolve this?

    I am using the “Mantra”theme al over my site now and changing to “Twenty-Eleven” or some other themes seem to solve the problem, but I do not like the Twenty Eleven theme or the other themes. So the problem seems mantra-theme related……(also would like to remove the default “-“……)


    • Jenne says:

      Go to Appearance, and select Customize (beside the Mantra theme). Fill in Site Title and Tagline. This populates the fields. Then, to turn off the text (so it doesn’t display over your header image, go to Mantra Settings – Graphics Settings -Title and Description and select Hide.

  237. Hi – I am having problems with my presentation page – – is there something I am doing wrong that the images are not displaying properly? I have tried altering their size in my posts and the time lapse but with no luck.. I love this theme and really don’t want to stop using the presentation page..

  238. Rick says:

    Looking for a way to make my post excerpts include the videos/picture I put at the top of my posts. Currently not working. Tried looking in the excerpt settings and didn’t see anything for this option, it just defaults to putting the first text of the post in my excerpt.

    My sidebar information is also missing and I’m unsure how it disappeared or where to get it back, so any help there would be appreciated. Don’t see an option under appearance to get rid of it, so not sure what happened.

    • Zed says:

      Hmm… the first image in the post is included in the excerpt if the option to do this is enabled (Mantra Settings > Featured Image Settings > Auto Select Images From Posts). Videos… not possible without modifications to the theme.

      You can disable the sidebar completely if you set the layout to no sidebars (Mantra Settings > Appearance > Layout). At the moment your site doesn’t work… so I can’t do more checks.

  239. Arno says:

    Hi! My site is a FAQ site and I would like the after the excerpt to read
    Would be nice if that could be done in the settings. I guess now I have to modify it in the source.

    Does anybody know where to find it?


  240. ^^TnT^^ says:

    Hello, if i want to add an ad before the first post which .php do i need to edit to add my code?

    Thanks in advance !

  241. Trevor says:

    Dumb question here,

    If I update the theme to the new ( will I lose all customizations I have made to it? There is a note that suggests that but I was unsure and don’t want to update it if that is the case!

    However, the theme is amazing, I have tried a ton and found this one to easily be the most sleek and customizable one around!


    • kandasa says:

      If you have done changes in theme files, it will be lost. If you have done it in Misc -> custom – it should not be effected. But just in case, just do a “export” of settings on right side there.

  242. epccoach says:

    I’m looking for some help regarding customizing the main menu text color. I can’t find an option to choose the menu text specifically. Can anyone provide me with the Custom CSS code I should use to set the menu text color? Thanks!

  243. I want Mantra to display comments by default. Some searching suggested this code:

    I added this to the loop in index.php but it has no effect. Can anyone explain how I can enable comments on every post?

    Thanks in advance.

  244. kandasa says:

    I just wanted to tip ppl about that i have tried to made a Mantra style for comment system.
    You can see it here – (and the css)

  245. Kris says:

    Not sure where to leave requests for future releases…could you make it so we can change the bullet image both in the content and the sidebar?

    Also it would be great to see a page of examples….like a page of sites that use Mantra theme to see all the different ways people use it.

    • Kay says:

      You can change the bullets in the sidebar. In the content you can only hide the bullets. And it will probably stay that way.
      The page of examples is not a bad idea and we might do it i the future. Until then you can click on people’s names right here in the comments and most of the times you’ll see their sites.

      • Kris says:

        I actually meant to change it to a custom bullet, one that would match the style of the website.

        Could you at least allow the content bullets to match the sidebar ones?

        I did figure a word-around to replace a custom bullet, by adding the file to the bullets folder and renaming it one of the bullets you have already. But the size has to be exactly the same as before or it won’t work. Just seems there could be an easier, more effective way.

        • Kay says:

          Nope there isn’t. Since it has to fill the same space it has to have the same dimensions. You can however play with the padding of it. Replace the bullet again and we’ll give you the custom CSS code to make it fit.

  246. I’m new to the mantra theme, and I’m having problems embedding a youtube video. The video will not show. I have my setting set to allow embed.

  247. Hello!
    Tnx for the Mantra-theme! I like the adjustablity of this theme but two things I cannot seem to change.
    1. is het backgroundcolor of the “date, category, comment” line above each post. It has a white background and I would like to change it to grey, like the background of the sidebar (see: and you will see what I mean).
    2. I would like to change the size of the header (height). As you can see I am using the blog in a Iframe so I have no use for a header


    • Kay says:

      Real sorry but you removed the copyright link from our theme and we don’t offer any support to people that do that. You can read more about that right at the legal section of this page.

      Good luck!

      • Eh…? I am not awere that I have. It still says powered by Mantra and WordPress and it links to your newwebsite (which is not in use yet). When the blog is in iFrame it only opens in the iFrame (i have to figure out how the link opens in a new page). When the blog is outside the iFrame there seems no problem:
        Or are you refering to another copyrightnotice?

      • Wizzud says:

        I’m sorry to be picky Kay, but … in v1.9.9 at least, $mantra_defaults['mantra_copyright'] is set to an empty string (in admin/defaults.php). Isn’t it therefore a bit difficult to accuse anyone of having “removed the copyright link” when that link (for them) never existed?

        • Kay says:

          Really nice of you to go all that way. That variable actually stores your copyright text. The text that actually goes under the mantra copyright. Like ‘Copyright © 2012 YourSite’ and stuff and it’s an editable field in the Graphics settings.

          We would have no reason to make a constant text like the ‘Powered by’ text into a variable anyway.

          • Wizzud says:

            Yep, figured that … and it makes perfect sense.
            Just for my edification then (though possibly others as well), when you refer to “removal of copyright”, do you actually mean the “Powered by …” link in #site-info (produced by mantra_site_info(), and overrideable by child themes)?
            My main reason for asking is : since you have done so much to enable easy child theme support, and you recommend using child themes, could you not supply an example of how you would like people using a child theme to pre-define the mantra_site_info() function in such a manner that the Mantra theme still gets mentioned? Because as soon as a child theme is activated, the site info becomes that of the child theme, not Mantra, and “Powered by Mantra” becomes “Powered by [name of Mantra child]“. The inference then is that support requests made here (and where a specific website can be viewed) will be refused … very politely, of course!
            [ An alternative could be to enhance Mantra's mantra_site_info() to cope with child themes in a manner that suits you? While still leaving it overrideable? ]
            Oh, and thanks for the quick response btw. A really nice theme!

          • Erik says:

            “Really nice of you to go all that way. That variable actually stores your copyright text. The text that actually goes under the mantra copyright.
            Like ‘Copyright © 2012 YourSite’ and stuff and it’s an editable field in the Graphics settings.”

            As far as I am aware I only made my copyrrightsettings in that form in the graphics settings and have not changed any other copyright-settings, As I mentioned in this topic before there is still the “powered by mantra and wordpress” text and link above my copyright-notice.

            There may be some misunderstanding (or jumping the conclusions) if you have looked at the other pages then the blog-page on my site for your copyrightnotice. Those pages are not built with your mantra-theme nor with wordpress. Those pages are (my own design and) built with the wysiwyg web-editor studiowebdesign/webplus. I did not like the blog-possibilities of that software. WordPress and your theme filled my needs for a blog. I could match the mantra-theme with the rest of my pages (made before I built the blog), that’s why I like your theme so much. That’s also the reason why the blog is in an iFrame.

            I did not know anything about php/css and html so that’s why I wanted your help with the header and the meta-text-bar-background-colour. I am a fast student, I think, cause I managed to do the changes.

            Nevertheless, if I have removed any copyrightnotice that I was not suppossed to, let me know and I will place it back.


          • Kay says:

            Hi guys!


            Yes we mean the ‘Powered by’ text.
            And yes we enabled child support but we don’t constantly check it out.

            The fact that the function is override-able is not an issue but the fact that we use a WordPress variable to get the theme’s name is. When a child theme is created that child theme’s name is used there by default. We will fix that in a future release.

            And we never ‘politely refused’ anyone for some other name appearing instead of the word Mantra there. People usually delete the whole text (including WordPress) and replace it with their own. That doesn’t just happen.

            Anyway, thanks a lot for the heads up on that ;)


            My bad here. We check sites in great speed due to the large number of support tickets and other projects so I just looked at the front page, saw something else and you know the rest. Now I see that you’re using Mantra only on your Blog page. Sorry about that.

            Sooo, wanted to reply to your issues but I see you figured them out in the meanwhile.

            Thanks a lot guys and good luck!

          • Erik says:


            My bad here. We check sites in great speed due to the large number of support tickets and other projects so I just looked at the front page, saw something else and you know the rest. Now I see that you’re using Mantra only on your Blog page. Sorry about that.

            Sooo, wanted to reply to your issues but I see you figured them out in the meanwhile.”

            No prob Kay. I am glad we have figured that out in a nice way.
            And good luck to you too!!

  248. Jason says:

    Love this theme. Anyone know how to add a third sidebar?

  249. Jymer says:

    Your theme is simply the best I’ve found as far as number of options and easily resetting them! Great job!

    I do have some problems, though.

    The main one is the top menu (the one at the bottom of the top banner). Is it possible to disable that? I need to compartmentalize the contents, and that menu defeats my purposes.

    Also, this probably can’t be done, but it doesn’t hurt to ask — it’d be a great help if I could have different menus in the sidebars of different pages, i.e. main page has menus A, B, and C. Another page has menus A1, A2, and A3. Another has menus B1, B2, B3, etc.

    Any help appreciated!

    • Zed says:

      These are actually more WordPress question than theme-dependent.
      You cannot disable the main menu (there’s also a top menu which can be enabled above the header). What you can do is hide it with CSS:
      #access { display: none !important; }

      As for separate menus (placed in widgets) for different pages… that’s not possible without editing around the theme files.

  250. Gary Oo says:

    I’d like to be able to add another slider on the presentation page, specifically in the “bottom text 2″ field. Silder size would be different to that for the top slider and would be useful to scroll through sponsors or other content not as important as that in the top slider. Is it possible for this field to be modified so that it could be used for another slider? Thanks for a great theme.

  251. Luke says:


    Looked through all the comments and cant seem to find an answer to my query.

    Pretty simple really, on the main presentation slider, is it possible to set it to “Latest Posts from Category” but also insert an image aswell? I had it set to custom where it toggled through some links to other pages with images, then decided I would like to set it to “Latest Posts from Category”. It is currently set to that but as the box is quite large, it displays a short intro of the post with a read more link and just has a black background with a round buffer icon :/
    In the settings I cant seem to find how to add an image anywhere.


  252. I can’t figure out how to change the font on my page tabs. Can you help me? Thanks!

  253. Arno says:

    Hi! Great Job you do! Tnx!
    Some remarks: I love your ‘white-Light’ strategy. And I would like to have it ALL(most) white, background and all. Then there is just one little issue: The selected menu-tab is plainwhith with no shade or lining. Also the other tabs now hang a little lose and lost in the sky. I solved this for the time being by colouring the header light gray. So how about the following suggestion: If the selected tab would have a shade, or a tiny liitle line around, and the whole menu-component would ‘stand’ on a tiny – left and right side fading- line (so on the top of the contentpain) the menu would gain body and still be very subtile light.

    Another thing I noticed: In earlier versions, in the text version of the header, there was a vertical bar between the title and the sub-tiltle. This disapeared somewhere before the current 1.9.8 …. and I liked it so much…. Can you give it back please…

    Thanks Guys!

  254. Stella says:


    First of all thank you for this theme, it’s awesome.
    I have two questions, I looked for solutions here and there but I didn’t find anything.

    1/ I wish my featured images could appear on the “single” post, as a normal first image. As a “post header”, if you want (not the blog header !)
    I do not want to do it manually for each of my posts : I’m sure there’s a code but I’m afraid I’m no expert, and I don’t want to do anything wrong… Can you help me ? (By the way, this would be a nice option in the “Featured image” settings.)

    2/ There are some strange large dots in the “sharing zone” offered by Jetpack, in the lower part of each post, just before every icon. First, it’s rather ugly, and then, you can click on it, and it opens a windows with an error inside, so this is pretty annoying… Is there a way to fix that ? I saw that issue on my blog, but also there, for instance :

    Thank you very much (and sorry for my English…)

  255. Jan Lazo-Davis says:

    The Mantra WordPress Template is Fabulous – EXCEPT…. I have designed the same website three times. First to see if the template was one I wanted to use. Second to create a test site. Third to create the actual site to go public. When I created the Third site – the scroll feature did not work properly and still does not. Some pages scroll and others do not. Some pages show the “leave comment” area and others do not. The second thing to break on the template was the field for SEO at the bottom of the blog area. Instead of remaining confined to it’s space – it extended out further to the left blocking some of the area needed to select blog categories. It these are bugs – they need to be fixed. It they continue I will need to change templates – as it is – if they work well I am ready to put some money on the line because you deserve something for your marvelous effort. But as the template stands now – not so much!!! One further comment – I copied verbatim the settings from the test site to the actual site so I am not sure where the problem occurred.

  256. Jason McCoy says:

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY need an answer to my question right away. My client is getting madder and madder at my inability to deliver the website. The site was developed 100% with mantra, which I love by the way, but the issues I outlined above must be solved. If you go to, you will see the problems that I am having.

    • Kay says:

      We cannot provide an answer right away since we don’t know the cause. Does a fresh copy of Mantra work? If yes then you must’ve edited something in the theme. The $matnra_options variable that you are getting the errors for is actually the array in which all the settings from the Mantra settings page are saved.

      If you still need help start a support ticket and give us temp access to your WP installation.

  257. Josh R. says:

    Quick question. How can I input a custom text color for my main menu font? I want the text on most of my site to remain the color it is now, I just want my main menu font to be white. Thanks!

  258. Jason McCoy says:

    These lines of code/functions seem to be what is causing the problems:

    /* Code/Function #1 that is causing problems */

    /* This retrieves admin options. */
    $mantra_options= mantra_get_theme_options();
    foreach ($mantra_options as $key => $value) {
    ${“$key”} = esc_attr($value) ;

    /* Code/Function #2 that is causing problems */\

    // Getting the theme options and making sure defaults are used if no values are set
    function mantra_get_theme_options() {
    global $mantra_defaults;
    $optionsMantra = get_option( ‘ma_options’, $mantra_defaults );
    $optionsMantra = array_merge($mantra_defaults, $optionsMantra);
    return $optionsMantra;

    $mantra_options= mantra_get_theme_options();
    foreach ($mantra_options as $key => $value) {
    ${“$key”} = $value ;

    Every error message I am getting on my page has to do with this variable $mantra_options or the foreach loop that uses the $mantra_options variable or an array_merge that uses the $mantra_options variable. Bottom line: this variable $mantra_options is what is causing my problems and I need you to research this issue and find out what this variable is supposed to do and what I can do to fix this problem.

    Thank You,
    p.s. Please send me an email so I don’t have to keep checking back here to see if you have answered this question.

  259. Jason McCoy says:

    Ok…so I am STILL having this problem with the mantra theme!!!!!!!!!!! (See my post September 10th, 2012 at 11:30). I have done NUMEROUS clean installs, database backups, restore databases, delete everything except wp-content, and wp-config.php. You name it, I’ve tried it a hundred times!!!! Every other theme works just fine but when I activate mantra, all hell breaks loose. I love the mantra theme and I want to use it. I designed my site using mantra and have the site 100% ready but I can’t launch the site because mantra breaks everything. PLEASE Cryout Creations. Help me fix this. And before you ask: Yeah, I tried that. Nothing has worked. You need to figure out what is wrong and fix it.

  260. simdim67 says:

    Folks, love Mantra theme, however trying to figure out how to prevent menu (UberMenu) from left side panel to go under main panel – I know it has to be done with z-index: , but what element I need to apply it to?

  261. OH … and is there a way to center my page tabs? Thanks. :)

  262. Hi! I am in love with this theme … I just updated and now my sidebar loads below my content. It loads fine on my home page, but the issue is when a specific post or page is selected. How can I fix this? Thanks a ton!!

  263. Jason McCoy says:

    I have installed the site that I created using Mantra and I transferred the wordpress files to my root directory so that I could set the URL to instead of Anyway, after doing this and going to my domain, I get a LOT of errors that are basically the same (I have posted some of them below).

    This function below seems to be the one causing all the trouble:

    function mantra_get_theme_options() {
    global $mantra_defaults;
    $optionsMantra = get_option( ‘ma_options’, $mantra_defaults );
    $optionsMantra = array_merge($mantra_defaults, $optionsMantra);
    return $optionsMantra;

    This foreach() loop is also causing lots of errors:

    foreach ($mantra_options as $key => $value) {
    ${“$key”} = esc_attr($value) ;

    Here are some of the errors when you go to my page (my URL is if you want to go there and see the errors if that would help):

    Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array in /home/ccss2012/public_html/wp-content/themes/mantra/admin/main.php on line 24

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/ccss2012/public_html/wp-content/themes/mantra/admin/main.php on line 29

    Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array in /home/ccss2012/public_html/wp-content/themes/mantra/admin/main.php on line 24

    Thanks, Jason

  264. Hi guys! Just downloaded and have been tricking it out. Very easy to use and love the customizations. Is there a way to disable the shadow behind my photos? Thanks!

    • In the “graphics” section I’ve enabled the first setting which looks like no border what so ever, but there’s still a grey drop shadow on each image.

      • Kay says:

        Hi Chris! Love the art that you’re making!

        What you want to remove is the caption shadow. To do this go to the Mantra Settings Page >> Misc Settings >> Custom CSS and paste the following code:

        #content .wp-caption {

        Good luck!

  265. Ok, 3 questions basically about the same thing: 1) I’m trying to have the “Extra Text” Titles on the presentation match the font and shadows automatically applied to my page and post titles. While I’ve found how to un-do the italics on the titles, the font is showing up bolder than the rest and without the shadows. 2) I would also like to remove the italics on the extra text content so the font matches the rest of the content on my site, and 3) is there any way to re-position the extra text so the title’s and text on the presentation page are above/below the slider, the columns, or as a sidebar etc..? Any help would be much appreciated!

  266. kandasa says:

    Just testing if it’s possible to post here. Didnt work last time i tested. If it’s posted, feel free to remove it.
    Last time the message was “You put the wrong thing in the circle , Please try again”

  267. CK13 says:

    Could you make a shortcode for the slider to be used on any page of the site?

  268. Thanks for this great theme. I’m trying to disable the shadows on post titles but I haven’t been able to. On mantra options, I go to text settings > text shadow > disable, but nothing happens.

  269. Yon says:

    Hello ,
    One question.
    Is it possible to add a widget area on the header in Mantra? Thank you in advance

  270. Steve says:

    Chrome appears to have a minor css flaw in version Does anyone else see this? I took screen shots of this website from Chrome and FF. Here they are

  271. Josh R. says:

    Three questions.

    1) How can I adjust the size/font/color/style of the extra text sections on the presentation page? Both for “Bottom
    Text 1″ and “Bottom Text 2″?

    2) Is there a way to adjust the background color of the entire sidebar? Right now it’s plain white, like the rest of the content, but I’d like to be able to set the sidebar apart by using an off-grey color. I can see where I can adjust the sidebar header or text color, just nothing for the sidebar background.

    3) I’ve set the “text shadow” setting for headers and titles to “disable”, but my page titles are still showing a text shadow.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Michael Bain says:

      The “text shadow” bug is true for me as well

    • Michael Bain says:

      Josh, regarding #1: I’ve tried inline css styling, and that didn’t do it. HTML is recognized in that box, so I got desperate and tried the deprecated font-color tag, and that didn’t even work.

      • ConservativeintheCity says:

        I asked a similar question not too long ago about the “Top Title” and “Second Title” boxes. The text I put into those boxes was coming up in italics and I wanted them removed. I received a reply with the following code that I was instructed to insert in the “Custom CSS” box under “Miscellaneous Settings”. It did in fact work, but I’m not a coding expert (or even a novice) so I don’t know if this will or won’t help with my current issue.

        Here’s the code I was told to use:
        #front-text1 h1, #front-text2 h1 { font-style: normal !important; }

      • Josh R. says:

        I had a problem previously with the “Top Title” and the “Bottom Title” text boxes displaying in italics. I got a response that had me add the code below to the “Custom CSS” box found under “Miscellaneous Settings”. Now, I’m not fluent in code in the least, but perhaps someone else can figure out how to edit “Bottom Text 1 & 2″ using the same idea?

        #front-text1 h1, #front-text2 h1 { font-style: normal !important; }

        • Michael Bain says:

          I tried inline CSS styling again this morning, and it works. I guess I had made a mistake yesterday. So, putting the style in the stylesheet instead of inline will work as well. Do you know how to apply a CSS ID or class to text? If not, give this webpage a look:

          • Josh R. says:

            You are the man! I did NOT know how to apply CSS before, but after looking at the link, I think I’m starting to get a grasp of CSS. I’m not a complete loss, I have built several computers of my own, I just never got much into programming/coding. I’m starting to pick up on some of the CSS language/format, but this is a great resource I can use now. I just have to learn where to find various things within the code itself to make further adjustments (I want to change a lot of the widget fonts/styles on the sidebar, along with changing the background color of the sidebar.). Should help clear up a couple other tweaks I wanted to make on my site. Thanks again!

  272. I need to create more templates but even if I copy the page.php file and name it clients.php and just change the code at the top of the file from

    * The template for displaying all pages.
    * This is the template that displays all pages by default.
    * Please note that this is the WordPress construct of pages
    * and that other ‘pages’ on your WordPress site will use a
    * different template.
    * @package Cryout Creations
    * @subpackage mantra
    * @since mantra 0.5


    Template Name: Client

    Then set the page to use the Client template then the sidebar breaks and suddenly becomes half the size! Any ideas what might cause this?


  273. Tomas says:

    In downloaded Mantra theme are two more language(FR,IT). How i can switch to other language? I can not find that options.

  274. Mary says:

    Hello I love this theme thank you mantra creators!.
    How can i keep the site title from showing up on the header image?

  275. kandasa says:

    Think i have same problem as Bain? (i just updated – my bad i didn’t read here first, but as the update didn’t give any info what the update was for, i guessed it had some security issues involved)
    See: “Hund -> Lure Coursing -> LC-trening Trøndelag” – Not just wrong position, but impossible to hit/navigate to the side.

  276. Michael Bain says:

    I’ve got 2 problems:

    (1) I don’t know if this is a problem with the Mantra theme or not. I’m trying to create accordian-style menu widgets. I’ve tried several different plugins, and they all behave in this way: the menu will not slide open like an accordian menu should. All menu items are always open, no matter what settings i choose. I don’t know if jquery is the issue, because I can’t find an accordian menu widget that doesn’t use jquery.

    (2) This weekend, I set up a nav menu that has one primary and 3 sub-levels.
    The first sublevel is fine.

    The second sublevel doesn’t open to the right of its parent, but instead, aligns at the top of the first sublevel menu.

    The 3rd sublevel has some sort of z-index problem. Every other 3rd sublevel menu item appears to be layered below the page content.

    • Zed says:

      Item (2) is a known bug; we’re currently hunting the bug down hoping to catch it pretty soon.
      (1) Mixing plugins that use a lot of javascript with themes that use a lot of javascript is never a great idea (and something usually fails). If you could list the plugins you tried, I’ll give them a test and maybe find a solution.

  277. Frank Crispo says:

    If you’ve enabled the Presentation page how do you get a blog page? I tried setting it in Settings->Reading but you lose the presentation page. Am I missing something?

  278. Steve says:

    I love the custom css option, but where can I edit via ftp? I poked around for a bit but couldn’t find the file.

  279. Zombini says:


    I cannot get the tabs in the order I prefer, they automatically get sorted alphabetically. Can I change this?


  280. Charla says:

    it seems to only be happening in chrome and IE so I guess it’s just a browser issue, it’s a local site so I can’t really send a link

  281. Charla says:

    While using the wp e commerce plugin, the product image on the products page malfunctions while using the mantra theme. Despite changing the size multiple times and testing the cropping of the images both on and off the images appear in a scrolled window that is only about 5 pixels smaller than the image. Any suggestions?

  282. Angela says:

    How can I make the body of mantra less wide? I would like to show more background and make the body smaller.. is this possible?

  283. Hey all, first time making a website and I stumbled upon your theme and just had two quick questions about the presentation page. I was hoping to center my header image on the page, as well as the navigation bar.

    I pasted this code to my custom CSS to try and center the header:

    #header { background-position: center center !important; }

    It doesn’t seem to work/do anything. At a loss for how to do it, and center the navigation bar as well; only got a real basic grasp on the HTML and CSS coding. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Zed says:

      The header image is applied to #branding, not #header.
      Also, your uploaded image is 1100px (100%) of the header width, so there’s nothing to center. You need to upload a shorter image.

      You can center the menu by adding left-padding to #access (350px should do it). Just remember to set #access’ new width by subtracting the padding from the existing width (1100 – 350 = 750px), otherwise it will drift offscreen and create a scrollbar in the browser window.

  284. Michael says:

    How do you enable trackbacks?

  285. Chris says:

    Hi – can you please tell me the pixel size of the main slider on the presentation page?


  286. ali says:

    I have translated the mantra to Persian and was using it on my site till two weeks ago when the php version on my server was updated to 5.3. Due to this change, the plugin that I was using on the wordpress to make the wordpress language as persian stopped working and I had to disable that plugin.
    Now Mantra detects the blog language as English and so does not use the Persian translation.
    Is there any way that I force the Mantra manually to use the Persian translation instead of autodtecting the language?
    Or is there any way that I set a flag in wordpress files so mantra detects the language as Persian?

    • Zed says:

      If I understand what you’re pointing at correctly, that’s not a gap, that’s the header background.
      You cannot remove the background, you can however remove the background colour (leave the corresponding colour field empty in Mantra Settings)

  287. Carisa says:

    On the presentation page “columns”, the ability to adjust the image size height is clear, but how to adjust the width?

    The default setting of 120 is way too large, and reducing it to the aesthetically correct height leaves the width looking ridiculous.

    By the way, I paid the 20 Euros and I didn’t get the 24 hours service promised for another question I had.

  288. Judith says:

    How can I enlarge the text size of the post meta? Increasing the text size generally does not seem to affect that, it enlarges post body text but leaves the meta (tags, date, author) at 12px and I’d like to make it a touch bigger.

  289. Jeanine says:

    I have the current Mantra theme (8/17/12). On the Presentation Page, how do I make the custom slides and columns open to a new page or tab?

  290. Luke says:


    I’ve only just noticed that the comments section is coming up with a white background, and a different colours when you hover over it.

    Just wondering what the classes are that I should change?

    I’m assuming it’s ‘.commentslist’, but what about for the hover?


    • Zed says:

      I recommend using a browser extension like Firebug (for Firefox) to tinkle with CSS :)
      .commentlist li.comment is for the standard comment section, .commentlist li.comment:hover for on hover.

      Anyway, love what you’ve done there. Hope you won’t mind getting inspiration from your site when we’ll get to creating colour presets for Mantra.

      • Luke says:

        Ahh, I had “.commentlist, li.comment:hover” in the quick test I did, which didn’t work right. Got it now though, thanks. I’ll probably play around with the colours again in the future, but for now it’s at least decent.

        And thanks for the compliment! I’m more than happy to share what I’ve done if you like =]

        Firebug looks pretty in-depth. Since installing and customising Mantra, I’ve been using Chrome’s “Inspect Element” function to work out what’s what, which has been incredibly helpful.

  291. Gill says:

    Can I add music to the Presentation Page of Mantra? It’s great in appearance but have a nice mp3 file (with permission) that I’d like to use.

  292. kandasa says:

    I like two columns, sidebar has the correct width. With 3 columns side bars are too narrow.
    Here is the challenge. My site is gonna have two (or three) main areas it covers / be about.
    1. Lure coursing (dog race)
    2. Tech support

    As I said, I like two columns, but then I get the same widgets on both areas. Is it possible to create one or more templates with “Two Columns, Sidebar on the right (2)”, “Two Columns, Sidebar on the right (3)”?

  293. Mary says:

    Hi everytime I do theme update i lose the content_slide on my home page. I always have to add the code back into the how can avoid this in the future.

  294. musduva says:

    I really appreciate you-the creator of MANTRA- for the excellent work you’ve done for nothing in return! I hope you’ve been getting enough donations for it. (For my part, I’ll donate as soon as I overcome my credit card probz)
    My question is about the presentation page: Is it possible to use “Presentation Page Columns” as ads widget or can we show “random posts” in these columns? And how? Thanks!

    • Zed says:

      The four presentation page columns only display (configurable) static text at the moment. I don’t know Kay’s plans on extending this, but he might drop in with a comment later.

  295. xavier says:

    Great work, but I want the layout bigger than 1050, how can I change that?

  296. Josh R. says:

    Love the theme. However, I’ve really only been stumped by one thing.

    I’m using the Presentation Page, with extra text above and below the header. However, this text seems to be coming up in italics, and I can’t figure out how to format it the way I want. Am I missing where these options are? I’ve tried coding within the text box itself, but it doesn’t seem to work.

    Thanks in advance.

  297. kandasa says:

    Hey again!

    I found two buggs in template “Category page with intro”

    1. I make a page named same as the category i want in page. So far, so good. But when i hit “edit” from that page, i get the content from post in that category there too. So i must edit those pages using that template by admin side.

    2. It’s not possible to add comments in that template.

  298. Cindy says:

    I want to add another slide to the presentation page, can you tell me how?

  299. kandasa says:

    I got a problem. Was trying to add noscript in header and use custom CSS settings to style it. Obviouse some bugg or i did something wrong in CSS, because my site got like 0 width.

    I removed noscript tag and removed all custom CSS and even reuploaded original style.css. (sadly enough i have not saved theme by export – i have learned now)

    Obviuse is width settings gone to 0 px for some reason, so i try to move the setting to where it was. Problem is that i can’t move it. (i guess it’s because content icon is on top of sidebar icon) How can i fix, so i can adjust this?

    • rawrmind says:


      #wrapper, #access, #colophon, #branding, #main {
      -> width: 50px;

      width: 50px; <– disable that, you'll have your site full-width again. Change it to something like "80%" to leave some side space. You could even use max-width or min-width, depending on what you're going for.

      Oh, wow… i just looked at the screenshot…
      Idk what you did, but it looks like you messed with the editor-style.css.

      Did you mod a template? Did you insert custom CSS in the "mantra settings?" Did you add your own CSS rules to a child theme?

      Use a tool like firefox web developer feature, or firebug, to help determine where your mistake is, if you can't remember what you did, where you did it.

      Also, Mantra apparently relies on scripting for some of its layout, and if you disable that, you'll have to compensate for it via complex CSS architecture. Doing that kind of thing with CSS is hard enough that lots of developers just go ahead and use scripting, instead… though /almost/ everything presentation/layout-related, can be achieved without. Almost.

      • kandasa says:

        I tried to add style on noscript tagg i added in header.php. I used mantras custom CSS.
        I added
        .javascript_alert {
        color: red;
        text-align: center;

        I removed it and tagg in head.
        I uploaded both style.css and header.php (original)
        Så obviouse something have been changes another place due to this. I thought as i removed custom css in settings and saved, it should be ok, but no.

        So i dont have edited anything else than header and custom css in mantra settings – and removed changes after this problem.

        • kandasa says:

          I did have noscript addon for FireFox active when i saved the settings in theme – maby that was a bad idea and bugged up the theme somehow? (i had it active because i needed to se message on site)

      • kandasa says:

        Ok, this is realy strange.
        Tried other themes and 0 problem, so i deleted Mantra theme. Then DL it again and installed it. The problem still there. (even tried another browser)
        I cant see any in DB related to layout, but somewhere this settings have to be …

      • Zed says:

        That value is automatically computed based on the site width defined in Mantra Settings, so editing it is not an option.
        50px is kind of a failsafe value when something goes wrong (particularly when the site width sliders in Mantra Settings do not work).

        Getting the sliders to work is the path to go…

  300. BK says:


    please, it is possible to align center a banner (html code) at the Presentation Page Extra Text Bottom Text 1? And if it be possible, how could I manage this? Thx in advance.


  301. Any way to use “custom” images to replace the white tabs with something else? (same size pic, actually same pic, just color “inverted”)

    When i tried the most logical way (change pic, upload to same folder as original, custom css pointed to new pics, which /should/ be overwriting the native css rule, but /isn’t/…), it didn’t show my pics, but prevented display of the original default tabs.

    I also did this with the “back2top.png” button, with the same result.

    BTW- Kudos on finally making the /image/ in the featured “nivoslider” responsive, to match the slider itself. Now, if only i could make Mantra read /my/ css (height: 100%;), instead of overwriting my css with a 2nd copy of it’s own…

    Which brings me to the original reason i posted here.

    I’m seeing a lot of .js “shenanigans” in the source.
    There is /wayyy too much inline styling/ happening, and lots of repeated stuff. Too much reliance on scripts, in general. This is complicating things for me, probably others, and probably putting more work on client devices than necessary.

    Pretty much anyone who would know to attempt to use mantra, already knows enough simple html/css to make a wordpress child theme and make simple adjustments in that way.

    Might i be “so bold” as to suggest using the “mantra settings” section as a place to adjust things that are too complicated and inaccessible for “typical” people?

    Example: You have an option to disable “the white,” but no option to alter the white /tabs/, which will be clearly visible, and look /very/ out of place.

    Have a look at Blaskan and Catchbox’s menus, and then consider an easy “bootstrap/Kickstrap” integration with Mantra.

    I /really/ like what you guys are trying to do, here… but there’s a few critical annoyances countering the effectiveness of having “over 100 options” available in the settings.

    I’m trying to offer constructive criticism. I really want to use this theme, because i think it’s actually “the best.” Every theme i’ve ever seen, has problems. This one does too, but it also has /solutions/. I’d like to find a different solution than “use something else.”

  302. Lola says:

    Hi again! This time I think I might have a real problem :P

    I wanted to use a custom top menu for my site. So I made one. But when I view the page the menus are messy, the sub-menus are not the same length and some of the short ones shows up beside eachother. Here are some screenshots to show you what I mean. The first one is of the automatic generated menus. The second is my custom menu.

  303. KAV says:

    We’re trying to get a wordpress version of our site up and running, and I am wondering if there is a way for me to center the header image? ( Or at least give some padding on the left? A number of folks view our site from a in-game browser, and it cuts off the left margin somewhat so we don’t want the image left aligned.

    Thanks :)

  304. CD Smith says:

    Love the theme! How do I get an additional social media icon? By that, I mean you have the ability to display 5 social media icons, but I need to be able to display at least 6.

    • Chris Wilcox says:

      Hey CD Smith, this involves changing core files for the theme. You will need to add the ability to add an extra social icon in the settings and then add the ability to display this in the functions.

      What version of the theme do you have as they are in different files depending on the version

      • CD Smith says:

        I just upgraded to the newest version. I found a workaround (manually added the code into header.php), but would love a solution that won’t break with each update. My menu tabs have also disappeared since the update.

  305. Chris Wilcox says:

    Hi Luke, you just need to find where it has blog_title() – I think or similar and then it will have the – after it.

    I forget which one it is

  306. Luke says:

    Hey guys. I’ve just tonight made the jump from Blogger to WordPress and it’s all because of this amazing theme. Thank you so much!

    I’ve been tweaking and playing all night [minor colour and border changes in Custom CSS] but one thing I’ve noticed it that the site title doesn’t appear to be displaying correctly on the home page. It starts with a hyphen, as though it’s expecting it to say “Home” or something. At the moment, on the home page, the title seems to display as ” – play / pause / play – an Adelaide music blog + podcast.” while on the first post, entitled “Migratin'”, it displays as “Migratin’ – play / pause / play – an Adelaide music blog + podcast.”.

    On the home page, I’d like it to just be “play / pause / play – an Adelaide music blog + podcast.”. Is there anything you can recommend?

    Thanks again! Will be donating when I can!


    • Chris Wilcox says:

      Hi Luke, I had this problem and it is a case of going into the theme functions file and changing it in there

      You need to look for this function: function mantra_filter_wp_title( $title ) in your functions.php file and change it in that function.

      If you go to appearance > editor you will find the file there.

      Hope this helps

      • Luke says:

        Hey Chris, thanks for the advice!

        I’ve found it, but what do I need to change it to?


      • Luke says:

        Ahh, I’ve found the issue!

        The problem is that I had “play / pause / play – an Adelaide music + podcast” entreily in the site title and the description was blank.

        The code for generating the site title has the following check:

        if ( (is_home() || is_front_page()) && $site_description )

        I believe this is saying “IF you’re on the home page OR the front page AND a site description exists, THEN” title = ‘site name | site description’.

        However, since I didn’t have a site description, it was loading the title as if I wasn’t currently on the home or front page, as ‘article title – site name’. BUT since it was actually on the home page, the ‘article title’ part was blank.

        The fix required was to simply move “an Adelaide music + podcast” into the site description field!

        However, set as the default, the theme doesn’t put the site description into the title, so I’ve played around with the code a bit to get it how I want – adding the $site_description part to the $filtered_title, and – most importantly – moving the “Get the Site Description” part to ABOVE the first $filtered_title calculation.

        Thanks heaps Chris, I couldn’t have done it without you!

        • Luke says:

          Here’s the change if anyone needs it:

          // Get the Site Name
          $site_name = get_bloginfo( 'name' );
          // Prepend name
          $filtered_title = $title.' - '.$site_name;
          // Get the Site Description
          $site_description = get_bloginfo( 'description' );
          // If site front page, append description
          if ( (is_home() || is_front_page()) && $site_description ) {
          // Append Site Description to title
          $filtered_title =$site_name. " | ".$site_description;

          My change:
          // Get the Site Name
          $site_name = get_bloginfo( 'name' );
          // Get the Site Description
          $site_description = get_bloginfo( 'description' );
          // Prepend name
          $filtered_title = $title. " | " .$site_name. ": " .$site_description;
          // If site front page, append description only
          if ( (is_home() || is_front_page()) && $site_description ) {
          // Append Site Description to title
          $filtered_title =$site_name. " | ".$site_description;

  307. Chris Wilcox says:

    You need to add it as a column or slider and put the page link to get to your posts. If you look at my blog, you will see I have a column that goes to it

  308. Lola says:

    Hi! Love the theme!

    But I have a problem. I want to use the presentation page, as a welcome page with pictures sliding. So far so good. But I also want a tab in the menu to link to my blog-posts. But where are my blog posts? When setting pages in wordpress you can choos what page to put your posts in, but I can’t seem to find that option i mantra? I hope you understand what I mean, and that you can help :-)

  309. Ciaran Cryan says:

    love this theme however i do need a bit of assistance.
    My presentation page show a background that I want to show on all pages of the site, unfortunately when I go to another page the site there is a solid block of white where the image should be. I can see the extreme outside edge of the image but not the actual image itself.

    I have set the page width to 970.



  310. Chris Wilcox says:

    Hey you lovely people, just wondered if you had a chance to look at some changes I proposed and whether you want to implement them.

    I want to upgrade to the new one, but don’t want to lose the customisations.

    Here are the links: – social media changes – slider target options


  311. Robert says:

    I would like to translate the theme Mantra. How can I do?

  312. Hi,

    I like this theme, very much. But since I installed it, I’ve had problems posting media (images). I can upload them to my media gallery but when i try to post them it freezes up.

    What could i do to fix this problem?


  313. Shuvo Nasir says:

    Great theme indeed. But I’m suffering with some issues. There are a lot of tutorials where they taught about showing different menu to logged in users and non logged in users. I can’t implement that codes in ” Mantra “. Can anybody tell me how to implement these codes. I’m a php novice. So please tell me in breif.

  314. LeahStorm says:

    More slides please!! How do i add more than 5 slides?

  315. Georgi says:

    I updated to Mantra 1.9.3. this morning and since then the Presentation Page settings haven’t been working at all. I cannot change any of the Slider pictures, can’t access them at all.

    Is this a 1.9.3 Mantra bug of some sort?


  316. DV says:

    Thanks for the answer to my header size question. I recreated my sites logo exactly to the dimensions of the header and it looks great now!

    I’m still wondering if there’s a way to move the “leave a comment” tab to the bottom of a post instead of the top. I tried doing it myself but I’m pretty much a newbie at coding. Anyone have any suggestions?

  317. Hello!

    Is it possible to make the header “hide” beneath the page buttons? As for now, the header is on top of the buttons, and since they are looking like tabs popping up from the content box, it would look really nice to get the header beneath them.

    Thanks! Mantra is by far the best theme I have tried since I installed WP.

  318. Josh says:

    Hi there,

    I’m trying to change the background color for my comments so that it matches pages without comments. In other words, I’m building pages and using comments to insert variable information, but would like to have no background on the comment boxes. Thanks! Love the theme.

  319. Parnell says:

    I’ve been trying for days now to get the sidebar transparent.
    I placed this in the miscellaneous section provided in the mantra settings:

    #primary,#secondary {background: transparent;}

    ^this lines allows me to change the color I can make the sidebar and color I want but trying it to be ‘transparent’ shows no change, in that the sidebar turns a dark opaque grey.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    This theme is great!!

    • Zed says:

      That should be #primary, #secondary {background: none;}. If this still does not work right, add an !imporant: #primary, #secondary {background: none !important;}

      Also note that Mantra has options to hide the site title and description, so leaving them blank in WordPress is not necessary (plus it hurts SEO and a title-less window looks wrong in the browser)

      • parnell says:

        #primary, #secondary {background: none;}
        #primary, #secondary {background: none !important;}

        These do not work:(. The only way i found the sidebar to become transparent is to set the entire #wrapper to transparent. The issue with that means I have to go into everything other place and set it to a color. <<that doesn't really feel ideal.

        Any further help would be greatly appreciated.

  320. Ken says:

    How can you change the size of the header that is allowed? It is a little too skinny for my needs.

  321. DB says:

    Hi. Really like the theme. Two questions:

    1) is it possible to relocate the “leave a comment” button to the bottom of a post, instead of the top?

    2) Is it possible to upload a full image to the site’s header, instead of being forced to take just a thin crop? I want my header to display my company logo, but try as I might, I’m always forced to crop just a rectangular section, instead of the whole thing.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • Chris Wilcox says:

      Hi, there is a setting in the mantra options to specify the size of the header. Change it there and you should be fine

    • Zed says:

      1. requires modding the theme.

      2. The header image size is controlled by the header width (same as site width) and header height (configurable in Mantra settings).
      If you create an image with exactly the same size, you will no longer be asked to crop it. You can leave parts of the image transparent if they have no content, so the image matches the required size.

  322. Chris Wilcox says:

    Hi guys, I have noticed that the cryout creations copyright stays intact on the slider page but when you go into the posts it disappears even though in the footer.php file it is there. Any idea what could be causing this. I just don’t want you to think that I am trying to take away from what you have done

  323. Ginger Leigh says:

    Is it possible to put the Nivo Slider in the header? If so, how?

    You rock.


  324. Andrew says:

    The page tabbed “home” does not show up on the pages list in my dashboard (I’m using Go Daddy). The page did, however, have an “edit” button at the bottom and so I could add text and graphics. I linked the graphics to other pages. Now, the edit button at the bottom of the “home” page is no longer there and I have no way to delete or edit this page.



  325. Krissie says:

    I made a german translation of the theme, based on the pot-file in the language-folder. But there are many strings appearing in english in my options although I translated them and uploaded the fulltranslated .po and .mo. What’s going wrong?

    BTW: I like your theme! :-)


    PS: I found some typing errors in the english strings. How can I correct them?

  326. Hi, i am trying to override the standard drop down menu in the theme with the plugin (commercial) from uber menu. It seems after parsing the code inside the header.php, the drop down doesn’t override in the mantra theme and i displays double menu’s. I have made a separate menu but it seems not to disappear,. What did i overlook ?
    Here is what i have added in the header.php from mantra theme:
    wp_nav_menu( array( ‘container_class’ => ‘menu-header’, ‘menu_id’ =>’prime_nav’, ‘theme_location’ => ‘primary’ ) ); ?>

  327. Keith says:

    Hi, Great Theme, just started playing but I can’t get rid of the image in Presentation Page Column, if I leave it blank I get an area where the image was. Is there are way to remove the image?

  328. Treb says:

    Heya, Complete noob here [sounds of disgust acknowledged], working on my first WP site. I understand the principle of the child theme, and why its needed, having digested the relevant documentation. (No need to refer me back to the codex page.) Question is: May I take it that my Mantra theme options, as selected in the dashboard, will be saved and carried over to a future Mantra update (i.e. that they won’t be overwritten as non-child html/php changes would be)? If so, and out of curiosity, what file are they recorded in, and referenced from?

    Thank you for what appears to be your uncommonly generous support for Mantra. If I use it, I’ll definitely buy y’all a few cups o’ joe.