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    My site uses Foursquare and Taphunter. The drop down menus do not offer them. I have used the “about me” to add Foursquare and Taphunter to my social media settings. Is there a way to change the icons so they will be represented better on my site?

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Hi John!

    I’ve also replied to your question on the forums. Here’s that same reply again 😀

    The simplest way would be to replace 2 images from the /images/socials folder for some social networks that you would never use with images for the socials you need (making sure to keep the same file names). Then form the theme settings choose those Social Networks and your images will be used.

    Careful though as this solution does not use a child theme so your custom images will be overridden in case of a theme update.

    We will however implement custom social support in a future update. Stay tuned 😉

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