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    I’ve been meaning to update my actor/portfolio site for a while and I’ve been really loving the Bravada theme for its simplicity and ability to customize. However, I updated the theme and suddenly I have a header menu that I can edit in terms of location, but not remove entirely (via the Customize panel). I love have the hidden side menu that is accessible through the top right corner and I prefer to have a clean page without the additional menu across the top. Is this something that needs to be done through custom CSS or am I just missing something?

    Additionally, the animation on the landing page text has somehow vanished (though it is still working on the headings of the other pages).

    I’d love to know how to fix these! Thanks!


    Cryout Creations mastermind

    Hi Amart and thank you for the feedback!

    1. If no menu is choosen for the header menu it defaults to displaying all published pages. To go around that simply create an empty menu and assign it to the Header Navigation (create a new menu and don’t add any items to it, name it, then save).

    2. Thanks, you just found a bug. It seems that there’s an error when the landing page is empty (just the banner) and that affects the header text animation. We’ll fix this in the next update (a few hours).

    Good luck!

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