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    Cool theme, but I have a weird issue.

    Under the “Presentation Page” settings, I expand the “Extra text” field and under “Top Text” I type in an HTML <script> </script> block and click save.

    I receive a notification that everything was saved successfully, but as soon as I expand the Extra text box, nothing is saved.

    If I then just type in normal text “ABC”, it does save correctly.
    The little “?” pop-up next to it says the box accepts HTML tags, so I’m confused.


    I was hoping this issue was resolved in v0.96, but it isn’t.

    You can enter some html tags, like <font color=ff0000>testing</font> and it will save, but if you enter a script block like:

    It will not save.

    Cryout Creations Team

    You cannot enter scripts in the titles. Actually you can’t and shouldn’t enter scripts anywhere except the Custom JS area under Miscellaneous settings. It’s just not safe. In 0.9.7 we’ll give you the possibility to add shortcodes in titles as well but that’s all.

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