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    I’m having some trouble with basic functionality on my main page. I have a right/left sidebar layout. However, when I publish posts, they display across the entire width, not respecting the sidebars. The exception is the top sticky post, which displays correctly except for the “edit” link which appears above the left sidebar.

    See this image:

    If anyone can shed light on what’s going wrong here it would be much appreciated!

    Cryout Creations mastermind

    I don’t see the behaviour in the image so you must have changed something and fixed it…

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    I’m having the opposite problem at – I have the page set with no sidebars, but my content is squashing down to about a quarter of the content area.  In Preview, however the content spreads 100% of the content area.  Once published, nope.

    Can you please help?




    I just posted my first post. I want to have the comment/replay area visible and the share buttons. BUT even though I chose to make comments available (by clicking under the post on the edit page) and can see them on the preview page, they will not show up on the blog/main page. Please help.


    Cryout Creations mastermind

    @gingerleigh I see you have fixed that probelm.

    @kelly Try switching the theme. Do you still have that issue? Do you have comments enabled under WordPress dashboard >> Settings >> Discussion ?

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