Nirvana broken on IOS Chrome and Safari?

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    Hi there,

    I’ve started building a personal blog using the Nirvana theme and WordPress and it’s looking great and as expected in Firefox and Chrome on Mac and PC, but when I view the site and pages on IOS using Safari or Chrome I get huge amounts of white-space and the content doesn’t appear. The site is . There’s no real content now because I’m just testing.

    I’m a software engineer by trade, however, I’m more of a back-end dev so playing around with CSS isn’t my thing although I can tinker to a decent level. Any ideas? It’s super hard for me to debug for ios since I can’t use Firebug… 😉




    Oops, for some reason the URL didn’t show correctly in my previous post, the site is


    It looks like this is something to do with the sidebar code… If I choose a one column layout, everything looks normal. If I add a right hand column, it breaks the site on Mobile and doesn’t show any of the main content part of the page.

    Is this a known bug?


    Cryout Creations mastermind


    This is a bug created in 0.9.5. Have a quick read here

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