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    Hey Zed
    I am a Mantra happy user .. but now I saw Tempera and already fall in love with it ,, only I have tiny problem .. Mantra used to support Arabic menu (right to left) when using polylang plugin but with Tempera this is not working .. the arabic primary menu still shows like the english [left to right]!! how to fix that to make it like Mantra? is there update in the future for that?

    I really appreciate all your hard and wonderful work on these wonderful themes

    Best regards


    hi safaa , i have the same probles but in english ..if u will use the theme as arabic website only u should try modify the css to rtl ( text-align:right;) in body tag ….i do that and now it’s arabic fine but english still rtl …i’m trying to link english to others css sheet …. i’ll let u know for any progress


    I have started RTLing Tempera.
    I am using child theme.
    The top menu required change is:
    #access ul li {
    float: right;



    Thank you very much Mulli. It works fine for me.

    Cryout Creations Team

    The menu doesn’t change automatically when going RTL because in Tempera, under Graphics Settings there’s an option for menu alignment. You don’t have to edit any code.

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